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Comparison : smartwatch compatible with iphone – which ones to buy?

Comparison Review: Smartwatches for the iPhone – which ones to buy?


Apple iPhone certainly has the idea of ​​getting a current smartwatch and thus expanding and expanding its mobile communication and range of functions. But are the parts good for anything or are they just an eye catcher? The fact that smartwatches not only serve as accessories, but have also proven to be helpful in everyday life, is shown by the following four watches in this buying guide. The comparison of smartwatch compatible with iphone explains which smartwatch is the right one .
Fossil Q Explorist

The fashion group Fossil Group has around 50 models from different brands such as Diesel, Armani, Michael Kors, etc. A distinction is made between large and small smartwatches for men and women. There is something for everyone. It is particularly striking that the watches from Fossil have a uniform, round design – a well-rounded affair! Optics always remain a question of subjective and aesthetic feeling. However, the technical equipment is identical for every smartwatch – which makes it easier to make decisions. However, if you absolutely want to have a heart rate monitoring integrated in the watch, you should choose between one of the sporty watches from the Misfit brand.

As in the past, the Fossil smartwatches were mainly developed for the use of Android smartphones. With an iPhone, the full range of functions can only be used to a limited extent. For example, text messages or incoming messages from WhatsApp cannot be answered by voice. This works much better on the Google platform. Integrity and interaction speak against the purchase of a Fossil watch. A possible purchase argument is and remains the design as well as the extremely high-quality processing made of metal and glass.


Fitbit Ionic

The brand new Ionic smartwatch from the California manufacturer Fitbit is a hybrid device: Basically, it is a potent fitness tracker with all kinds of sensors in the guise of a wristwatch. For the price of 309 euros, the Ionic offers the best battery life with up to 4 days. The integrated GPS under the brightly lit display connects quickly and is used to record sporting activities such as fast walking, running or cycling.

Even if the Ionic has a compact and simple design made of materials such as glass and metal, the watch does not look primarily like a classic wristwatch. The plastic straps supplied serve their purpose, even when sweating or swimming. But it is worth mentioning that the design looks more sporty and légère than classic and chic. Alternative tapes with their own mechanism are available from Fitbit for an additional charge. Fossil, on the other hand, remains true to the 22 mm standard.

The Fitbit Ionic is the complete opposite of the first Fossil watch: in addition to the conventional functions such as displaying notifications or remembering calendar entries, the Ionic scores particularly well in the fitness area. This area also forms their focus and thus acts as the main motivation behind the purchase. By the way: hands-free calling is not possible.


Fossil Q Explorist with Link Bracelet (Silver)

Fitbit Ionic (gray) "class =" a-pvgs__img

Fitbit Ionic (gray)

Fitbit Ionic (silver) "class =" a-pvgs__img

Fitbit Ionic (silver)

Apple Watch 2 (42mm, dark gray, sport) "class =" a-pvgs__img

Apple Watch 2 (42mm, dark gray, sport)

Apple Watch 2 (42mm, dark gray, nylon) "class =" a-pvgs__img

Apple Watch 2 (42mm, dark gray, nylon)

Apple Watch 3 LTE (42mm, dark gray, sport) "class =" a-pvgs__img

Apple Watch 3 LTE (42mm, dark gray, sport)


The most compatible smartwatches come from Apple and are called Watch Series 2 and Watch Series 3. Both models have an integrated GPS and are ideal for running. Hands-free calling also shows its positive side time and again in the Review. Difficulties only arise in noisy environments.

The third generation can be identified by a red dot. But there are also differences under the hood. So the Apple Watch Series 3 goes online without the iPhone and works completely independently. This is made possible by an embedded SIM card, which unfortunately only works with Deutsche Telekom in this country. The own Internet access is explicitly intended for long jogging activities where you don’t necessarily want to have your smartphone with you. Together with the Apple AirPods true wireless headphones (review), the music can be received and listened to wirelessly.

The Apple Watch also has no typical watch appearance. The display is always slightly rounded. The weight is optimal for this: neither too heavy nor too light. There are various points in favor of buying an Apple Smartwatch: stable value, high workmanship, very good fitness functions and more. Wireless charging makes the battery full for around 1.5 days. At this point, Fitbit’s Ionic seems more appropriate when sport is in focus.

Even if Fossil has beautiful and fashionable smartwatches in their range, they really can’t do much with the iPhone. If simple notifications on a small round display are enough, you will certainly find a high-quality design at Fossil. Especially since the products of the different brands do not cost much and are between 200 and 350 euros.

If the watch should look less good and have a rational role with sport functions, then a detailed look at the Fitbit Ionic is worthwhile. One of the big advantages is and remains the battery life. In addition, the watch in this buying guide is the only one that works with a continuous heart rate monitoring. But all of us Fitbit trackers can do that too …

The most expensive smartwatches come from Apple, but they can do almost anything. If you want to be reachable even without the iPhone, you can go for the Apple Watch 3, which can cost not only once but also monthly. The Apple Watch Series 2 is still an absolute buy recommendation: affordable, with GPS and optical heart rate measurement, full compatibility with apps and services, and hands-free calling also works well.



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