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World premiere: an LED lamp without blue light from Xiaomi

World premiere: an LED lamp without blue light from Xiaomi

The famous Chinese high-tech brand is recognized for its many cutting-edge technological innovations. Proof of this is with this Xiaomi LED lamp that does not diffuse any blue light, light known to be harmful to the retina.

The led lights, if they are a guarantee of savings and respect for the environment, can cause damage to the retina. To overcome this problem, Xiaomi has launched the first LED lamp without blue light thanks to crowdfunding. The idea is to keep the many advantages of LED lamps while protecting the eyes of the users. This challenge does not only concern lamps but also smartphone or TV screens from major manufacturers.

Features of Xiaomi LED Lamp

Xiaomi temperature LED lamp without blue light

Scientists from Nanchang University in China have developed this innovative light. The 8 watt bedside lamp has been specially designed to use no blue light. Called Midian Zero-blu-ray Bedside Sleep Aid Lamp, it has a Yellow led high efficiency as the main element. And an Red led completes the whole to bring a soft light without phosphorus which favors falling asleep.

The Xiaomi bedside lamp therefore offers a muted yellow light thanks to a 1800K temperature. But it is possible to diffuse a white light of 5000K thanks to 12 white LEDs of 0.5 watts each. An ideal light for use in desk lamp because white is known to improve concentration.

Design and application of the bedside lamp

Xiaomi LED lamp design and functions

Regarding the design, the Xiaomi LED lamp takes the best of the brand’s visual identity. He has also been awarded several prizes including the iF design award. Suspended, the luminaire is therefore minimalist and is perfect for a bedside table. The icons on its front face allow easy management of the lamp. And Xiaomi lamp requires, it is Smart Health Best Wellness connected to the Wireless et al’MIJIA app. Thus, among the features of the app, we find the ignition planning lamp at a given time. Or the playback of selected music at such and such a time. Finally, the luminaire is compatible with theXiaomi XiaoAI voice assistant.

Availability and price of the Xiaomi LED lamp without blue light

The Xiaomi LED lamp is currently only available on the Youpin crowdfunding site where it was launched. Regarding the price, it amounts to 199 yuan so around 25 dollars. But the actual marketing price is expected to exceed 40 dollars.

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