Absurd goals to denounce gender inequalities in football

With the start of the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand this summer approaching, the competition’s official brand partners are stepping up their efforts to highlight the teams they support. Recently, it was the banking group ING which unveiled an unusual campaign to denounce the inequalities that persist in football.

Initiated with the agency TBWA\NEBOKO, the operation entitled “Objectives for equal opportunities” aims to illustrate the inequalities faced by Dutch female players in an original and creative way. For this, ING has designed football field goals with more than singular shapes but which do not deter players from confronting them (successfully).

The atypical forms of these goals are, in fact, a metaphor for the challenges that female players must constantly overcome in order to be considered in the same way as their male counterparts. And as surprising as it may seem, the goals were actually used during a demonstration match between two mixed teams against Dutch content creators on June 28th.

With this initiative, ING hopes to draw more attention to the Dutch women’s team and eventually overcome its differences between teams of opposite sexes. This observation is also shared by many people, as revealed by a recent study carried out by the banking institution, which showed that 80% of those questioned believed that the women’s teams deserved better media coverage.

The perfect opportunity to (re)share you Orange’s malignant ideaofficial partner of the French women’s team, to break down the prejudices associated with women’s football.

Credits: ING
Credits: ING

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