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Blix Bike Vika+ Review  Save $100 on Vika+ premium ebikes

Blix Bike Vika+ Review  Save 0 on Vika+ premium ebikes

Blix Bike Vika+ Review . Blix focuses on producing well-designed and functional electric bicycles for today’s commuter.

Blix bikes are influenced by historical European design with clean and classic appearance, and were developed in light of our Swedish history.

Blix is based in Santa Cruz, California, and collaborates closely with partners and suppliers who have been supplying the Scandinavian market with some of the most popular electric bikes since 2006. Blix is able to provide quality and design at some of the most competitive pricing on the market as a result of this.

We know what it takes to make amazing electric motorcycles, which is why we have complete control over the process from product development through manufacture and distribution to respected dealers and end users.


Blix Bike Vika+ Review

The Blix Bike Vika+ can be stored and transported because it is an electric bike that has a small form and offers an efficient design.

Electric bikes have gone from being a fringe element to a serious contender in the last few years, thanks to a combination of technological advancements and consumer interest, which has resulted in a virtual explosion in e-bike offerings, with models being launched for a wide range of cyclists, from casual riders to commuters. It’s also critical to have the correct bike for the job, since there’s no better way to ensure that a bicycle collects dust instead of road grime than to get one that doesn’t match the rider’s demands.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time carrying your bike, it’s worth considering a folding bike. While electric bikes are the best option for some people, regular folding bikes could be just what the doctor ordered for others.

Although I’m not the target market for this bike, the staff at Blix Bike asked if I’d like to try their Vika+. The e-bike is said to be the result of more than 9 years of development and continuous technological improvements. I wasn’t prepared for how much I liked the bike, but eventually, it was clear that there were a few areas where it wanted from. While the design is well thought out, it can use some updates.

The Vika+’s stepover frame (which is really convenient, but not my typical) and smaller wheels (20″), both of which led me to believe that the bike wouldn’t be as stable or smooth on the road, were the first hurdles I had to overcome. After the first ride, I changed my mind because, while it wasn’t the same exact ride as I’d get on my road bike or mountain bike, those bikes also wouldn’t fit in the trunk of my small automobile, so it’s a reasonable trade-off.

The weight was the second issue with which I had to come to terms. The Vika+ weighed roughly 48 pounds (21.8 kg), which was quite a little more than any other bike I routinely ride, and at almost double the weight of my favorite bike, I expected the Vika+ to receive low grades merely because of that. The thrill of rolling along the highway at speeds of almost 20 miles per hour while barely peddling forced me to really ponder it after the first few practically effortless trips up the long steep hill near my house. I would feel differently if I lived somewhere where I had to physically carry the bike up and down numerous flights of stairs every day, but the effort of lugging it in and out of a trunk, or transporting it small distances, was outweighed by how fast and easily I could go around with it.

The Vika+ is also quick and easy to fold, thanks to two simple mechanisms – one on the frame and the other on the stem and handlebars – that allow it to fold practically in thirds for storage or transit while maintaining the bike’s rigidity and stability. My previous experiences with folding bikes led me to believe that all folding mechanisms had to sacrifice frame stability and strength, but riding the Vika+ has convinced me that this isn’t always the case, as the bike didn’t appear to suffer any negative consequences as a result of its folding nature.

Blix Bike Vika+ Review

The bike features both a front and back LED light, which are ideal for morning or evening commutes, making the rider visible while riding. The padded saddle is durable and comfortable and the handlebars have rubber handles that make it easier to grip. It also comes with a kickstand and chain guard, so you can park your bike without worrying about getting clothes dirty or being too close to the wheel.


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The Vika+ can be used with a pedal-assist mode which is easy to use, but there is also a throttle on the handlebar for manual pedaling for those who want to take it off. With the power options that are available and the different types of terrain you may come across, it can be hard to know when the power will cut in, but it’s designed to stop you from crashing into something.

The bike includes a 350 W electric motor in the rear hub that is powered by a 36V/11Ah Panasonic lithium-Ion battery that lies under the seat tube directly beneath the rider. It has a range of up to 35 miles, a top speed of roughly 18 mph, and a charging period of about 3 hours. The transmission is completed by a Shimano 7-speed gear system, puncture-resistant (definitely true in my experience, and I live in real goathead territory), reflective stripes on both sides for safety, and front and rear V-brakes.

The bike’s weakest points, in my opinion, were the lack of a catch or tie system to keep the folding parts securely together, which allowed the bike’s segments to knock against each other in transit (the team says a magnetic system is in the works for the 2017 model), and the motor cut-in, which seemed a little abrupt. Neither of these issues would be deal-breakers for me, since the first could be solved with a rubber bungee chord, and the second is more of a question of getting acclimated to the bike than anything else.

You can purchase a Vika+, which is said to fit riders from 4’10” to 6’3″ (~147 cm to 190 cm) tall, for US$1,650. The Vika+ is available in black, cream, and British racing green. I spent time riding the Vika+, and I believe it’s a well-priced and well-built e-bike that you should consider if you’re looking for a folding electric bike solution.

Blix Bike Vika+ Review  Blix Bike Vika+ Review  Blix Bike Vika+ Review  Blix Bike Vika+ Review


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