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The best electric surfing board guide

Surfing is a sport with ancient roots, but now we see that technology is giving the sport a modern touch. With progressive technology nowadays, people are starting to switch to electric surfboards. If this is the first time you’ve heard of this invention, here’s what you need to know about electric surfing board.

Surfing is naturally one of the most popular water sports. These days there are international tournaments and competitions for surfing, including what was to be the start of surfing at the 2021 Olympics.

The best electric surfboards: choosing the one that’s right for you

Nowadays, several stores sell electric surfboards. You can even find electric surfers online, thanks to the internet. However, there are many brands available in the market which can leave you undecided. To help you out, here are the best electric surfboards for you to consider.

Liftboard e-Foil – High-end gliding, An electric surfboard to fly over water

Lift is a company born in a garage in Puerto Rico ten years ago, created by a band of surfers passionate about foils. The e-Foil is an electric surfboard whose foils and float are made of carbon and the mast of aluminum. It is controlled using a wireless remote control allowing adjustment of three power levels, depending on the rider’s weight. The e-Foil can go up to 40 km / h and has a range of around 1 hour with a recharge time of 2h1 / 2. Luxury Water Toys, which distributes the brand, offers a half-day training course for beginners.

Who has not dreamed of one day having the overboard, the flying skateboard of Marty McFly, hero of the “Back To The Future” trilogy. It’s almost possible when you see this video of the LiftFoil brand. We literally see a man moving smoothly over water thanks to an electrically propelled foil, the Lift eFoil. Control is done with a grip you have in your hand sending information to the silent motor.

We are really at the cutting edge of technology and it shows the extent of the possible with hydrofoils. We hope to have the chance to test it very soon.

This innovative board is equipped with a foil, a fin allowing the board to be taken out of the water to gain speed, and has a lithium battery as well as a powerful electric motor. With a 2.5 hour recharge time, you’ll be able to fly over water for over an hour at a speed of 25 km / h! The Lift eFoil electric surfboard is in production, and available for pre-order if you are willing to shell out $ 12,000 …


The Bluefin Cruise Carbon

This is the best inflatable paddle there is and it is without a doubt a must! The package is incredible and, in addition to the paddle made of very sturdy materials, you get the best accessories and an incredible 5 year warranty that ensures you will have peace of mind for a while.

The list of advantages of this paddle is very long: an incredibly strong and rigid board, a convertible carbon paddle, a kayak seat, a triple action manual pump, a backpack, a spiral leash, 14 D-rings, a large deck pad and kick pad, a GoPro mount, 5 carrying handles, 3 fins (the large one is removable), incredible customer service and 5 years warranty… Anything you can imagine!

Whether you are already experienced or a novice, this board is the best choice for anyone who wants the best in versatile inflatable paddle boarding. The endless list of benefits and the 5 year warranty prove that Bluefin fully backs its product.

It’s also one of the best paddles, if not the only one, to include a convertible carbon paddle and kayak seat. If you prefer to sit on your paddle or have to because of physical issues, the Bluefin Cruise Carbon is also perfect for you.

Its price of $ 899 is not the lowest on the market, but it still lags far behind the premium paddles with which it easily rivals. For such quality and a package that leaves nothing to be desired, this is an exceptional price. Customer reviews and a 5-year warranty certify that you weren’t ready to get rid of this board and that it’s worth the investment. The Bluefin Cruise Carbon is the best inflatable paddle on the market, regardless of the price range.

BluefinSupboards Free Shipping

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BlueFin Trading Company bluefinsupboards.com

Bluefin Cruise review: The best SUP board 2021

Brief overview of electric surfboards

Electric surfboards are battery dependent floating boards. The motor allows the board to move even in the absence of waves. All it needs is plain water to function. It may seem like a recent invention, but these boards were already around in the 1930s.

Inventors tried to build power boards in Australia in 1930, calling the invention “Surf Scooters”. It hit the market, as well as the news headlines. In 1940, the United States also created their version, thanks to Joe Gilpin. His invention was a motorized surfboard, but it didn’t meet much popularity.

After three decades, power boards became popular again, from the 1960s to the 1980s. In the 1990s, the Neil Jetski Powerboard hit the market, with minor technical issues. Finally, from the year 2000, these products existed with assured efficiency and optimization. From there, high speed boards became famous, and electric surfboards are one of those successful inventions.

Things to consider before buying an electric surfboard

If you’re more and more curious about electric surfboards, there are a few things to consider before buying a brand new one. Whether you are skilled enough or not, you need to know the type of board you need. Some products are fit for a particular purpose, and buying the right one you need will save you time and money.

Consider the type of board

When buying an electric surfboard, you need to determine the type of board you want. Here are the main types:

1- Electric paddle “Paddleboard” or “Standup-Paddle”

“Paddleboard” or “standup Paddle“. As the name suggests, stand-up paddle boards are used with a single paddle (with motor assistance, in this case).

2- Electric foil or “eFoil”

The Electric Foil or E-Foil is the type that may look like a typical surfboard, but it comes with an additional hydrofoil riser exterior. There is an attached propeller, in which it lifts the board from the surface of the water about 1 meter high.

3- Electric surfboard

The electric surfboard, sometimes referred to as an electric jetboard, also looks similar to standard surfboards. However, this type comes with a lot more power. What’s more, it can provide you with a maximum speed of over 40km / hour.

Choosing between a hard or inflatable electric surfboard

You also have to choose whether you need an inflatable electric surfboard or a hard design. If you choose the inflatable electric surfboard, you should keep in mind that it has a slot for its battery. On the bright side, you can store your inflatable boards easily and hassle-free, plus this type of electric board is lighter than solid construction boards.

Speed ​​and electric surf

Since you are about to invest in an electric surfboard, you need to know how fast it can go. The speed should vary from 30 to over 50 kilometers per hour. If you are a beginner, you can start with a low setting. Additionally, some cards have remote controls, which will allow you to speed up and slow down while using it.

Consider battery life

Battery life is crucial, especially when you don’t like to paddle. You should therefore determine the speed you want before you jump on battery life. Higher quality boards will last around 45 minutes or even up to an hour. It will depend on how fast you want to go. Electric surfboards with weaker batteries can last about 20 minutes.

Take into account the length and weight of your electric surfboard

When it comes to electric surfboards, length and weight are crucial. If you are a tall person, you need to choose an electric surf size that is suitable for you. However, some people, even though they are not that tall, consider buying longer ones because they are easier to handle. On the other hand, some choose small sized boards because of the stability.

Make sure your electric surf is guaranteed!

Never buy a board without a warranty. You should keep in mind that you are purchasing an electrical device, which is prone to damage or malfunction. There should always be a guarantee. Otherwise, you better look for other sellers who can offer it.



Let’s put aside the surfers, wakeboarders, snowboarders and windsurfers who will be almost instantly at ease on electric surfs (without foil).

Others will face a fun or exasperating period of learning depending on their own ego.

A first choice is needed here because some boards are easy and others downright difficult at first.

My advice: start flat on your stomach then sit down, on your knees, accelerate, slow down, turn tighter and tighter, stability comes with speed.

This step will allow you to feel the reactions of the machine.

The next step is to stand on your feet, here more recipes you have to go frankly and resist as much as possible before falling: correct the position, lower yourself, fight to the end, do everything not to fall but without getting hurt.

Watch out for the foil and do not put your fingers in the faired propeller … yes if it has already been seen.

During the fall the board will stop because the circuit breaker will cut the engine, the inertia can then drag it for a few meters before the leash gently brings it back to you.

Never be discouraged, and remember that we never do anything but experiment during the sessions on the water but that it is at night while sleeping that we learn everything and that the neural connections are made, it is not. beautiful life?

The next day is very often better than the last and the first successful standing station suddenly comes as a surprise.

In the end, normally in two or three sessions you will be up and happy even if you have a lot of sensations to discover.

When it comes to electric foil surfing, it’s another world and apart from a few experienced surfers everyone is starting from scratch.

The learning is the same, neither easier nor difficult, the reactions are different that’s all, the method to follow is the same, period.

In conclusion, even if learning can be difficult for the first few minutes, it is accessible to everyone without exception, the result will live up to expectations, electric surfing is an extra and addictive toy, incredibly enjoyable.

The conclusion on Electric Surfing

By choosing the type and brand of electric surfboard you want, it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are on a tight budget, you can always consider looking for inexpensive electric surfboards that are of decent quality for riding. What is important is that you improve your balancing skills despite speeding up or slowing down.

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