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You can now order your health smart home!

You can now order your smart health home!

Have you always dreamed of bringing health home automation into your health home but you don’t want to take care of it? Well know that now it is possible! It is even possible to have your health smart home built; with an integrated and turnkey health home automation system.

The promoters have understood the appetite of households for the smart health home and all these small smart health connected objects. I found a great example in the Bas-Rhin, a company offers an apartment delivered turnkey and including the latest innovations in terms of health home automation, offering the complete management service of your health home remotely (heating, alarm, blackout).

You can now order your turnkey smart home

Health smart home: a growing market

The Internet of Things (IoT), the connected smart health home market, already represents a market of over $ 20 billion. By 2020, it is expected to represent more than $ 60 billion; according to Product-Trend estimates. Others observing the constant and exponential arrival of new products estimate that the market could weigh several trillion billions by the end of the decade. But then, what do these billions correspond to?

The smart health connected devices market is dominated by health home automation systems that control lighting, health home security and health home entertainment systems. Surprisingly, since 2014, security has overtaken the health home entertainment segment, which accounts for around 25% of the global market.

Other very high growth products: smart thermostats. The sector alone could weigh $ 1.4 billion by 2020.

Health smart home: everyone gets started!

Either way, most experts agree that consumer adoption will only grow. According to Forrester Research, nearly 20 percent of homeowners use at least one automated device in their homes today. Almost half (46 percent) of consumers believe it is important that their current health home or the next health home they buy is health home automation. The study also indicates that 91% of new health home buyers want energy efficient property; to save on energy costs.

Other good news for the sector, according to a HGTV survey, 51% of consumers would consider installing health home automation technology in their homes to encourage resale. This figure shows us that health home automation is becoming a criterion of choice in real estate.

Health smart home: still some brakes… but not for long

We have the demand. We have the products. The main obstacle today is fragmentation! It is sometimes complicated to operate all these objects smart health connected together. Companies like Apple with its HomeKit and Samsung with SmartThings are developing “ecosystems” that allow all devices to talk to each other via a smartphone or another hub. We could also cite Google and its Google health home. Or Amazon and its Amazon Echo. Likewise, builders of new houses work in close collaboration with hardware builders.

Another brake: the price. According to a JBREC study, only 25 percent of those questioned are ready to pay for a health home automation installation, the sum of which exceeds 6000 euros; about the current average price for a complete system.

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