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The connected watch Linkoo Seniors cares for the elderly

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Keeping in touch with elderly relatives is not always easy, especially when they are isolated or living away from them. There is a tendency to worry about them, to wonder where they are and if they are well. So much reason to equip them with a connected watch for senior! As its name implies, the Linkoo Seniors smart watch is intended for the latter category. Its features have been specially designed for the tranquility of seniors and their families.

Linkoo is a manufacturer of connected objects, a French start-up, created in 2014 that specializes in objects for the whole family. After the connected watch for children, it is therefore to people of a certain age that is addressed Linkoo Seniors connected watch. The watch places special emphasis on the health and safety of seniors, a population that may suffer from memory problems, cognitive disorders or any other health problem that affects their autonomy. This device offers features that will help these people on a daily basis while reassuring their families.


You thought the connected watch is for geeks or sportsmen? Think again ! Some models are specially designed for the elderly. These include reassurance about the health and safety of their user.

Depending on the level of autonomy of the person, some functions are more or less useful: geolocation, emergency call button, fall detection … The advantage of the connected watch compared to the connected bracelet is that it allows to know the time. Thus, some seniors reluctant to new technologies but attached to the wearing of a watch will no doubt more easily opt for a connected model.

Linkoo seniors citizens look after the elderly

The Linkoo Seniors smart watch is a classic watch with a circular dial. It does, however, include a color LCD, displaying the time permanently, and small connection icons at the bottom. Side connectivity, the device is complete since it is equipped with Bluetooth, Wifi and 3G. In addition a GPS is integrated.

Its use is quite simple, with 2 buttons on the edge. The screen is tactile. The user of the watch can make calls to two registered numbers, while relatives can contact her directly via the watch. The latter can also receive SMS. As for safety, the Linkoo Seniors is equipped with a fall sensor. Thus in case of detection of an accident or a fall, an SOS message will be automatically sent to relatives indicating the GPS position of the person who is a victim.

Senior GPS senior linkoo watch

The GPS can locate the user of the watch within 5 meters. It will also be possible to define an area beyond which a warning message will be sent. In addition, all the data recorded by the GPS will be sent to the dedicated application and the Linkoo web platform. From there we will have access to all the travel history.

linkoo seniors watch smart healthActivity sensor and virtual pillbox

In order to monitor a possible treatment, the Linkoo Seniors watch also acts as a virtual pillbox. So, the watch will vibrate when it’s time to take the medicine. The user will validate this decision and a message will be sent to a relative to warn him that the medication has not been forgotten.

Since it’s important to stay active, the Linkoo Seniors recorded the daily activities of the wearer, ie the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, the calories burned. The watch will also measure the heart rate. All this information can be consulted remotely on the U-Care home web platform or the dedicated application, available on iOS and Android.


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