Perched atop the bustling area of 19-21 rue Boyer, 75020 Paris, La Bellevilloise’s new rooftop has swiftly become the talk of the town. This oasis in the heart of the city invites Parisians and visitors alike to experience a unique blend of urban charm and serene relaxation. With its strategic location and panoramic views, the rooftop promises an unmatched summer experience.

The opening hours are tailored to maximize both mid-week and weekend enjoyment. From Wednesday to Friday, the rooftop welcomes guests from 4pm to midnight, offering an ideal post-work retreat. On weekends, the venue extends its hospitality from 12pm to midnight, encapsulating the essence of a perfect summer day. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun or revel in the twilight hours, La Bellevilloise’s rooftop is the place to be.

The excitement surrounding this new addition is palpable. As the sun makes its anticipated return, the rooftop emerges as a prime spot for both relaxation and social gatherings. Its ambiance is designed to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring that each visit is a memorable one. Lounging with a refreshing drink, engaging in lively conversations, or simply absorbing the vibrant cityscape, the possibilities are endless.

Set against the backdrop of Paris’s iconic skyline, La Bellevilloise’s rooftop encapsulates the spirit of summer. It offers a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment, making it an essential destination for those seeking a unique urban escape. As the season unfolds, the rooftop stands ready to host a plethora of unforgettable moments, inviting everyone to bask in the warmth and delight that only summer in Paris can offer.

A Historical Gem: La Bellevilloise

La Bellevilloise, steeped in rich history, stands as a testament to Paris’s cultural dynamism. Founded in 1877, it was initially conceived as a cooperative movement aimed at providing cultural and educational opportunities for the working class. Through the decades, La Bellevilloise has evolved, yet it has consistently maintained its role as a vibrant hub for the arts. The cultural significance of La Bellevilloise is undeniable, as it has hosted an array of events ranging from art exhibitions and live music performances to film screenings and debates, fostering an environment of creativity and intellectual exchange.

The architecture of La Bellevilloise adds to its unique charm. The building is a blend of industrial and modernist styles, featuring expansive spaces that are both versatile and welcoming. High ceilings, large windows, and exposed brickwork contribute to its distinctive aesthetic, making it an ideal venue for a rooftop destination. The historical essence of La Bellevilloise permeates every corner, offering visitors a sense of stepping back in time while still being in a contemporary setting.

In its latest iteration, La Bellevilloise has transformed its rooftop into a quintessential summer spot, seamlessly integrating its historic charm with modern amenities. This new rooftop offers panoramic views of Paris, providing a picturesque backdrop for any event. Whether you are looking to enjoy a casual evening with friends or attend a cultural event, the rooftop at La Bellevilloise promises an unforgettable experience. The blend of historical significance and modern allure makes La Bellevilloise not just a venue, but a cultural landmark in the heart of Paris.

The Rooftop Experience: Sun, Views, and Vibes

As you step onto La Bellevilloise’s new rooftop, you’re greeted by an enchanting blend of sun, views, and vibes that epitomize the essence of Parisian summer. The panoramic views of Paris from this vantage point are nothing short of breathtaking. Whether it’s the iconic skyline or the charming rooftops that characterize the City of Light, the vistas provide a picturesque backdrop to your visit.

The decor transports you to the South of France, with its Mediterranean-inspired design elements. Think terracotta tiles, rustic wooden furniture, and vibrant, patterned cushions that evoke a sense of relaxed elegance. This carefully curated aesthetic is complemented by an abundance of plants, from lush greenery to fragrant blooms, creating an inviting and serene atmosphere. The rooftop is a verdant oasis amidst the urban hustle and bustle, allowing visitors to feel a world away while still being in the heart of Paris.

The ambiance on the rooftop is one of relaxation and enjoyment. It’s the perfect setting for socializing with friends, unwinding after a long day, or simply soaking in the sun. The gentle hum of conversation, the clinking of glasses, and the soft strains of background music contribute to a laid-back yet vibrant vibe. Whether you’re lounging in a cozy corner with a good book or engaging in lively banter with companions, the rooftop offers a versatile space that caters to a variety of moods and occasions.

The rooftop at La Bellevilloise offers an experience that is both quintessentially Parisian and uniquely tranquil. It’s a place where the beauty of the city meets the charm of the countryside, providing an idyllic retreat for all who visit.

Events and Activities: Exhibitions and Screenings

Throughout the summer, La Bellevilloise’s new rooftop will be a hub of cultural activities, offering a diverse array of events designed to enrich the visitor’s experience. The rooftop will host a series of exhibitions, featuring works from both emerging and established artists. These exhibitions aim to provide a platform for contemporary art, showcasing a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and digital art. By bringing together a mix of artistic expressions, the rooftop will serve as a dynamic gallery space, fostering creativity and dialogue among attendees.

In addition to the exhibitions, the rooftop will also be the site for regular film screenings. The curated selection will include independent films, documentaries, and classic cinema, catering to a wide range of tastes and interests. These screenings are designed to create a communal viewing experience, allowing visitors to enjoy film under the open sky, adding a unique charm to the cultural offerings of La Bellevilloise.

The schedule of events is carefully planned to ensure a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Special themed nights, artist talks, and interactive workshops are also on the agenda, providing opportunities for deeper engagement with the artworks and films presented. These activities not only entertain but also educate, offering insights into different artistic processes and cinematic techniques.

La Bellevilloise’s rooftop is set to become a significant cultural space in Paris, where art and cinema enthusiasts can gather, share, and celebrate their passions. By hosting a variety of exhibitions and screenings, the rooftop promises to be a lively and inclusive venue that enhances the cultural landscape of the city. Whether you are a seasoned art lover or a casual visitor, the events and activities on La Bellevilloise’s rooftop are sure to provide a memorable and enriching experience.


Socializing and Refreshments: The Perfect Summer Hangout

La Bellevilloise’s new rooftop in Paris emerges as an ideal summer hangout, where socializing takes center stage. The ambiance of this elevated space is specifically crafted to foster connections, making it a hub for both friends and strangers to mingle. With its comfortable seating arrangements and open layout, the rooftop encourages lively conversations and shared experiences, all while offering breathtaking views of the Parisian skyline.

An integral part of this social experience is the diverse selection of refreshing beverages available. Patrons can savor expertly crafted spritzes, which have become synonymous with summer relaxation. For those seeking variety, the rooftop bar also offers an array of other seasonal drinks, ensuring that every guest finds something to their liking. The availability of these thirst-quenching options enhances the overall atmosphere, making it easy to unwind and enjoy the vibrant setting.

Complementing the drink offerings is a thoughtfully curated menu of light bites and snacks, perfect for sharing among friends. Whether it’s a selection of artisanal cheeses, charcuterie boards, or freshly made tapas, the food options are designed to enhance the communal spirit of the rooftop. These culinary delights not only satisfy the palate but also provide the perfect accompaniment to an evening of socializing.

The rooftop’s design further amplifies its appeal as a summer destination. With a blend of modern aesthetics and cozy touches, it creates an inviting environment that feels both chic and relaxed. The strategic placement of greenery and ambient lighting adds to the charm, making it an enchanting spot to spend long summer evenings. Whether you’re reconnecting with old friends or making new acquaintances, La Bellevilloise’s rooftop offers a seamless blend of social interaction and refreshment, epitomizing the essence of a perfect summer hangout.

Practical Information: How to Get There and What to Bring

La Bellevilloise, a cultural and historical landmark in Paris, is now home to a vibrant new rooftop that promises an unforgettable summer experience. To make your visit seamless, understanding the best ways to reach this popular destination is crucial. Located in the 20th arrondissement, La Bellevilloise is easily accessible by various modes of transportation.

For those using public transport, the Paris Métro is a convenient option. The nearest station is Ménilmontant (Line 2), located just a short walk away. Alternatively, you can alight at Gambetta (Line 3) or Père Lachaise (Lines 2 and 3) and enjoy a leisurely stroll to the venue. Buses also provide excellent connectivity, with lines 26, 61, and 96 stopping close to La Bellevilloise.

If you prefer cycling, Paris’ extensive Vélib’ bike-sharing network offers numerous docking stations nearby. For visitors opting to drive, parking can be challenging in this bustling area, so utilizing public transportation or ride-sharing services like Uber or local taxis is advisable.

When planning your visit to La Bellevilloise’s new rooftop, it’s essential to come prepared. Given the rooftop’s open-air nature, bringing sunglasses and sunscreen is highly recommended to protect yourself from the summer sun. A hat can provide additional shade and comfort. Don’t forget your camera or smartphone to capture the panoramic views and vibrant atmosphere.

Comfortable attire and footwear are also suggested, as you may find yourself exploring various sections of the rooftop or dancing to live music. Lastly, consider carrying a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your visit. By following these practical tips, you can ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience at La Bellevilloise’s new rooftop in Paris.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit

Visiting La Bellevilloise’s new rooftop in Paris can be a memorable experience if planned well. To make the most of your visit, consider arriving during off-peak hours. Weekdays, especially late afternoons, tend to be less crowded compared to weekends. This will give you more space to relax and enjoy the stunning views without the hustle and bustle of larger crowds.

For the best panoramic views, head to the western edge of the rooftop. This spot offers an unobstructed view of the Parisian skyline and is perfect for capturing breathtaking photos, especially during sunset. If you are keen on photography, planning your visit around the golden hour can result in some spectacular images.

La Bellevilloise often hosts special events and promotions, which can enhance your rooftop experience. It is advisable to check their official website or social media channels for updates on upcoming events. These could range from live music performances to themed parties and can add an extra layer of enjoyment to your visit.

Another tip is to make reservations if the rooftop allows it. While walk-ins are welcome, having a reservation can ensure that you get a prime spot, especially during busy periods. Additionally, inquire about any exclusive deals or promotions that might be available when making your reservation.

Lastly, don’t forget to dress appropriately for the weather. Parisian summers can be quite warm, so lightweight clothing and sunscreen are recommended. However, evenings can get cooler, so bringing a light jacket might be a good idea. Comfortable footwear will also enhance your experience as you explore different areas of the rooftop.

By following these tips, you can maximize your enjoyment and make the most of your visit to La Bellevilloise’s new rooftop, ensuring a memorable and delightful experience.

The Summer at La Bellevilloise’s Rooftop

As summer unfolds in Paris, La Bellevilloise’s new rooftop emerges as a vibrant oasis, offering an unparalleled experience that blends culture, relaxation, and stunning views. This unique venue provides a refreshing escape from the bustling city below, where visitors can immerse themselves in the diverse atmosphere that La Bellevilloise is renowned for. From the captivating performances and art exhibitions to the delectable food and drinks, every aspect of this rooftop is thoughtfully designed to create memorable moments.

The panoramic views of Paris from La Bellevilloise’s rooftop are a sight to behold, adding an extra layer of charm to the already enchanting ambiance. Whether you are looking to unwind with friends, indulge in delicious cuisine, or simply soak in the artistic vibe, this rooftop has something for everyone. The fusion of cultural richness and leisure makes it a must-visit destination this summer.

We invite you to experience the magic of La Bellevilloise’s new rooftop and create your own unforgettable summer memories. Share your experiences and photos on social media to inspire others to join in the fun. Tag your posts with #BellevilloiseRooftop and connect with a community of enthusiasts who appreciate the unique blend of art, culture, and relaxation that this exceptional venue offers. So, ready, fire, summer, and let La Bellevilloise’s rooftop be your go-to destination for an extraordinary summer in Paris.

Rendezvous at the new rooftop of La Bellevilloise
19-21 Rue Boyer, 75020 Paris
Wednesday to Friday, 4pm to midnight and weekends, 12pm to midnight


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