There’s so much to do in Paris, so many reasons to love the world’s most beautiful city. Of course, there are the must-sees. Then, far from the clichés, there are the original things to do in Paris…

Paris Like Your Cartoon Heroes

Paris Like Your Cartoon Heroes 巴黎原创活动 不落俗套的家庭探险活动

Paris Like Your Cartoon Heroes                            Credit  photo Funbooker

💰 Price: from €19
📍 Location: Paris Ve
⏱️ Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
🔢 Number of participants: up to 25 people

For families seeking a unique way to experience Paris, exploring the city through the lens of beloved cartoon characters offers an enchanting adventure. Paris has served as the backdrop for numerous animated films, making it a magical playground for fans of movies like ‘Ratatouille’ and ‘The Aristocats.’ These iconic films provide a whimsical entry point into the city, with themed tours, interactive exhibits, and dining experiences that bring these animated stories to life.

Begin your journey with a ‘Ratatouille’-themed tour, which can take you through the charming streets and hidden corners of Paris that inspired the film. Guided tours often include stops at authentic Parisian markets, where you can sample the fresh ingredients that Remy the rat would have adored. For a truly immersive experience, visit Disneyland Paris and head to the Ratatouille: The Adventure ride. This 4D experience shrinks you down to Remy’s size, whisking you through a whimsical kitchen where the scents and sights mirror those from the movie.

The magic continues with ‘The Aristocats,’ another timeless classic set in Paris. Families can embark on a self-guided tour of the picturesque neighborhoods that echo the film’s romantic and artistic spirit. Areas such as Montmartre and Le Marais are perfect for this adventure, offering cobblestone streets, vibrant art scenes, and quaint cafes. Additionally, the Musée d’Orsay, with its impressive collection of famous paintings, can make you feel like you’ve stepped into the artistic world of Duchess and her kittens.

Dining in Paris can also become an animated experience. Several restaurants offer themed dining that celebrates these beloved cartoons. One such venue is Bistro de Rémy at Disneyland Paris, where the decor and menu are inspired by ‘Ratatouille.’ Here, you can enjoy gourmet French cuisine in an ambiance that mirrors Gusteau’s restaurant from the film.

To make the most of these whimsical adventures, consider planning your visits during off-peak hours to avoid crowds, and be sure to book any guided tours or dining experiences in advance. Bringing along some themed merchandise or costumes can also add an extra layer of fun for the little ones. By exploring Paris through the lens of your favorite cartoon heroes, you create a memorable and magical family experience that goes beyond the usual tourist activities.

The Quiz Room in Paris 6

The Quiz Room in Paris 6 Family-Friendly Adventures 巴黎原创活动 不落俗套的家庭探险活动

The Quiz Room in Paris 6                              Credit  photo Funbooker

💰 Price: from €20
📍 Location: Paris VIe
⏱️ Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
🔢 Number of participants: from 4 to 18 people

Paris offers numerous family-friendly adventures that go beyond the conventional tourist attractions, and the Quiz Room in Paris 6 stands out as a prime example. This interactive quiz experience provides a unique blend of entertainment and education, ensuring an engaging outing for families. Located in the vibrant 6th arrondissement, the Quiz Room invites participants to dive into a world of questions and challenges that cater to various interests and age groups.

At the Quiz Room, families can expect a dynamic environment where both children and adults can test their knowledge on a wide range of topics. The questions span diverse themes such as history, science, pop culture, and geography, making the experience educational as well as enjoyable. Each quiz session is designed to be interactive, with multimedia elements that keep participants engaged and entertained. This ensures that everyone, regardless of age, finds something interesting and stimulating.

One of the key features of the Quiz Room is its adaptability to different age groups. The questions are meticulously curated to suit varying levels of difficulty, enabling younger children to participate without feeling overwhelmed, while providing enough challenge to keep adults intrigued. This makes the Quiz Room an excellent option for a family outing, where members of all ages can contribute and enjoy the experience together.

To make the most of your visit to the Quiz Room, it’s advisable to book your session in advance. The venue’s central location in Paris 6 makes it easily accessible by public transportation. Additionally, the Quiz Room offers various time slots throughout the day, providing flexibility for families to fit this activity into their schedules. For a successful quiz session, arriving a few minutes early is recommended to get settled and ready for the fun ahead.

Whether you are a local or a tourist, the Quiz Room in Paris 6 offers a refreshing alternative to the typical family activities. It promises not only a fun-filled time but also an opportunity to learn and bond with your loved ones in an intellectually stimulating environment.

Introduction to Graffiti in Paris

Introduction to Graffiti in Paris 巴黎原创活动 不落俗套的家庭探险活动

Introduction to Graffiti in Paris                                            Credit  photo Funbooker

💰 Price: from €39
📍 Location : Paris 12e
⏱️ Duration: 2 hours
🔢 Number of participants: up to 10 people

Paris, often heralded for its classic landmarks and timeless beauty, harbors a dynamic undercurrent of contemporary art that redefines its cultural landscape. Graffiti, once deemed a symbol of rebellion, has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of Parisian streets, offering a vibrant and eclectic tapestry that speaks volumes about the city’s evolving artistic identity. Exploring graffiti in Paris presents an opportunity to witness the city’s artistic renaissance through the lens of street art.

The history of graffiti in Paris is rich and multifaceted. Emerging from the urban youth culture in the late 20th century, graffiti has transitioned from clandestine expressions to celebrated public art. Notable artists such as Blek le Rat, often hailed as the father of stencil graffiti, and Invader, known for his pixelated mosaics, have left indelible marks on the cityscape. These artists, among others, have elevated graffiti from mere vandalism to a recognized form of artistic expression, contributing to Paris’s reputation as a global art hub.

For families seeking an unconventional yet educational adventure, participating in graffiti workshops can be a highly rewarding experience. These workshops, often conducted by seasoned street artists, allow participants to delve into the techniques and philosophies behind graffiti, fostering creativity and collaboration. Children and adults alike can engage in the artistic process, creating their own masterpieces while gaining a deeper appreciation for this art form.

The best neighborhoods to explore for street art in Paris include the 13th arrondissement, Belleville, and the Canal Saint-Martin area. Each of these neighborhoods offers a distinct aesthetic and atmosphere, showcasing a diverse array of murals, installations, and graffiti that reflect the city’s multicultural essence. Guided tours through these areas provide insightful narratives on the history and significance of each artwork, offering a fresh perspective on Parisian culture that transcends traditional sightseeing.


The Carnation Plot to Save Marie Antoinette

The Carnation Plot to Save Marie Antoinette 巴黎原创活动 不落俗套的家庭探险活动

The Carnation Plot to Save Marie Antoinette                              Credit  photo Funbooker

💰 Price: from €35
📍 Location: Paris 4th
⏱️ Duration: 2 hours
🔢 Number of participants : from 2 people

The Carnation Plot, a lesser-known chapter of French history, is an intriguing tale of loyalty, bravery, and tragedy. This daring attempt to rescue Marie Antoinette from her imprisonment at the Conciergerie unfolded during the tumultuous period of the French Revolution. The plot was orchestrated by the Chevalier Alexandre de Rougeville, who managed to communicate with the queen via a carnation flower, hence the name of the plot.

Marie Antoinette, once the queen of France, found herself imprisoned following the overthrow of the monarchy. Amidst the chaos, de Rougeville and his co-conspirators hatched a plan to free her. Using a carnation to conceal a secret note, they detailed an escape strategy. Unfortunately, the plot was foiled, leading to heightened security and, ultimately, sealing the tragic fate of Marie Antoinette.

For families visiting Paris, the story of the Carnation Plot provides a compelling way to engage with the city’s rich history. The Conciergerie, where Marie Antoinette was held, is a must-visit site. This former royal palace and prison now serves as a museum, offering a poignant glimpse into the past. Visitors can explore the queen’s cell, see artifacts from the period, and learn about the gripping events that transpired within its walls.

To make the experience more interactive for children, the Conciergerie offers educational programs and guided tours tailored for younger audiences. These programs often include storytelling sessions, where children can hear the dramatic tale of the Carnation Plot and participate in activities that bring history to life. Additionally, families can embark on themed scavenger hunts around the historical sites, making the exploration both educational and entertaining.

By delving into the story of the Carnation Plot and visiting the Conciergerie, families can gain a deeper understanding of the French Revolution and the personal stories intertwined with this pivotal era. It’s an enriching experience that goes beyond the typical tourist attractions, offering a unique and memorable adventure in Paris.



Ciné-Balade in Paris Family-Friendly Adventures 巴黎原创活动 不落俗套的家庭探险活动

Ciné-Balade in Paris                                          Credit  photo Funbooker

💰 Price: from €10
📍 Location: Paris VIe
⏱️ Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
🔢 Number of participants: up to 20 people

Embark on an unforgettable cinematic journey through the streets of Paris with Ciné-Balade, a guided tour that delves into the city’s illustrious film history. This unique experience offers a variety of tours, each crafted to showcase the iconic film locations that have graced the silver screen. Whether you’re a fan of classic French cinema or modern blockbusters, there’s a tour that caters to every cinephile’s taste.

One of the most popular tours is the “Montmartre and Cinema” tour, which takes families through the picturesque neighborhood of Montmartre. This area has been the backdrop for numerous films, including the beloved “Amélie.” As you wander the cobblestone streets, your guide will share fascinating anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories about the films shot in this charming district. Another notable tour is the “Paris of the New Wave,” which explores the groundbreaking films of the French New Wave movement. This tour visits significant locations from films by directors like Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut, offering a deep dive into an era that revolutionized cinema.

For families with children, the “Harry Potter in Paris” tour is an absolute delight. Although not officially part of the Harry Potter franchise, this tour visits locations that inspired or resemble scenes from the magical world of J.K. Rowling. Imagine the excitement on your children’s faces as they explore streets and buildings reminiscent of Diagon Alley and Hogwarts. Additionally, the “Romantic Paris in Cinema” tour is perfect for families who appreciate the beauty of Parisian romance on screen. This tour highlights locations from films like “Midnight in Paris” and “Moulin Rouge!”

To complement your Ciné-Balade experience, consider visiting attractions like the Cinémathèque Française, which houses an extensive collection of film artifacts and offers family-friendly exhibitions. The Musée de la Magie, with its enchanting displays of magical artifacts, also provides a captivating experience for movie-loving families. By blending sightseeing with cinema, Ciné-Balade offers an original and engaging way for families to explore Paris’s rich cultural heritage.

Paris by Night in a 2 CV or Two-Wheel Drive

Paris by Night in a 2 CV Paris Family-Friendly Adventures 巴黎原创活动 不落俗套的家庭探险活动

Paris by Night in a 2 CV     Credit  photo Funbooker

💰 Price: from €120 per car
📍 Location: Paris VIIIe
⏱️ Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
🔢 Number of participants: up to 15 people

Exploring Paris at night can be a mesmerizing experience, and doing so in a classic 2 CV car or a two-wheel drive vehicle adds a nostalgic charm to the adventure. The iconic Citroën 2 CV, with its vintage appeal, offers an intimate and unique way to witness the City of Lights. These night tours typically cover famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Champs-Élysées, all illuminated in their nocturnal splendor. The 2 CV’s open-top design allows for unobstructed views and perfect photo opportunities, making it a favorite among tourists seeking a romantic and picturesque journey through Paris.

On the other hand, a two-wheel drive vehicle, such as a Vespa or electric scooter, provides a more dynamic and adventurous way to navigate the city’s vibrant nightlife. These tours often include stops at lively districts like Montmartre and the Latin Quarter, where you can soak in the local culture and nightlife atmosphere. The flexibility of a two-wheel drive allows you to weave through narrow streets and discover hidden gems that larger vehicles might miss. This option is ideal for those looking for a more hands-on and exhilarating experience.

Booking either of these night tours is straightforward, with numerous operators offering online reservations. It is advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. Safety is paramount, and reputable tour operators provide helmets for two-wheel drive tours and ensure that drivers of the 2 CVs are experienced and knowledgeable. It is also recommended to wear comfortable clothing and bring a light jacket, as temperatures can drop in the evening.

Both options promise an unforgettable night in Paris, each offering its own unique charm and perspective. Whether you prefer the nostalgic elegance of a 2 CV or the thrill of a two-wheel drive, experiencing Paris by night is sure to be a highlight of your visit.

Street-Art Tour of Paris XIII

Street-Art Tour of Paris XIII Family-Friendly Adventures 巴黎原创活动 不落俗套的家庭探险活动

Street-Art Tour of Paris XIII                                        Credit  photo Funbooker

💰 Price: from €15
📍 Location: Paris XIIIe
⏱️ Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
🔢 Number of participants: up to 20 people

Paris XIII, or the 13th arrondissement, has emerged as a hub for contemporary street art, making it an ideal destination for families looking to explore Paris beyond its typical tourist attractions. The district’s streets are adorned with colorful murals and intricate graffiti, each telling a unique story. The evolution of street art in this area traces back to the early 2000s when local authorities began to embrace urban art as a form of cultural expression. Over the years, the neighborhood has attracted both local and international artists, transforming it into an open-air gallery.

One of the most prominent figures in Paris XIII’s street-art scene is the French artist Invader, known for his pixelated mosaics inspired by the classic video game Space Invaders. Another notable artist is Shepard Fairey, whose large-scale murals often carry powerful social and political messages. The works of these and other artists, such as C215 and Jef Aérosol, can be found scattered throughout the district, each contributing to the area’s vibrant aesthetic.

For those interested in a deeper dive into the street-art culture, guided tours offer an informative and engaging way to explore Paris XIII. These tours are led by knowledgeable guides who provide historical context and insider anecdotes, enriching the experience. Some tours even include visits to artists’ studios, offering a behind-the-scenes look at their creative processes.

Families can also participate in hands-on workshops, where children and adults alike can try their hand at creating their own street art. These workshops are designed to be both educational and fun, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art form.

When navigating Paris XIII, it’s essential to keep an eye out for hidden gems. While many murals are prominently displayed, others are tucked away in alleyways or on lesser-known streets. Using a map or a street-art app can help you discover these hidden masterpieces. Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply looking for a unique family-friendly adventure, a street-art tour of Paris XIII offers an enriching and colorful experience.

Electric Quad Ride and Hoverboard on the Quays

Hoverboard on the Quays in Paris Family-Friendly Adventures 巴黎原创活动 不落俗套的家庭探险活动

Hoverboard on the Quays in Paris                  Credit  photo Funbooker

💰 Price: from €35
📍 Location : Paris Ier
⏱️ Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
🔢 Number of participants: up to 35 people

Embark on an exhilarating journey along the picturesque quays of Paris with electric quads and hoverboards. These modern, eco-friendly vehicles offer a unique way to explore the city’s scenic riverbanks, providing both excitement and convenience. The logistics of renting these vehicles are straightforward, making it easy for families to indulge in this adventure.

Several rental shops around Paris offer electric quads and hoverboards by the hour or day. Typically, these shops require a valid ID and a deposit. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability. Most rental services provide a brief tutorial on operating these vehicles, making it accessible even for beginners.

Safety is paramount when riding electric quads and hoverboards. Helmets are usually included in the rental package, and it’s highly recommended to wear them at all times. Additionally, comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes are advisable. For families with young children, ensure that the quad or hoverboard is suitable for their age and size. Some rental companies offer guided tours, which can be an excellent option for those unfamiliar with the routes and safety protocols.

The quays of Paris, with their expansive pathways and stunning views of the Seine, provide an ideal setting for this adventurous experience. Popular routes include the stretch from the Eiffel Tower to the Musée d’Orsay, where riders can enjoy iconic landmarks along the way. The route along the Left Bank, from the Notre-Dame Cathedral to the Jardin des Plantes, is another favorite, offering a blend of historical and natural beauty.

This activity is particularly family-friendly, as it combines fun and sightseeing in a single outing. Tips for beginners include starting with shorter routes to get accustomed to the vehicles and avoiding peak hours to enjoy a more relaxed experience. For those seeking a well-rounded adventure, guided tours are available, ensuring a safe and informative ride through the heart of Paris.

F1 Driving Simulator

巴黎F1 Driving Simulator

In the heart of Paris, families seeking unique and thrilling experiences should not miss the chance to explore the cutting-edge attractions of the F1 driving simulator and the virtual reality flight over Paris. These high-tech adventures offer a perfect blend of excitement and education, making them ideal for family outings.

The F1 driving simulator provides an incredibly realistic racing experience. Participants can feel the adrenaline rush as they navigate through intricate tracks, thanks to state-of-the-art technology that mimics the physics and dynamics of real Formula 1 racing. The simulator is designed to cater to different skill levels, ensuring both novices and seasoned drivers can enjoy the ride. It’s a fantastic opportunity for family members to compete against each other or simply enjoy the thrill of high-speed driving in a safe, controlled environment.

Virtual Reality Flight Over Paris

Virtual Reality Flight Over Paris Family-Friendly Adventures 巴黎原创活动 不落俗套的家庭探险活动

Virtual Reality Flight Over Paris  Credit  photo Funbooker

💰 Price: from €19.5
📍 Location : Paris IIe
⏱️ Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes
🔢 Number of participants: up to 24 people

Meanwhile, the virtual reality flight over Paris offers an awe-inspiring experience that combines advanced VR technology with the city’s iconic landscapes. This attraction allows visitors to soar over Parisian landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Seine River, providing a unique perspective that is both immersive and breathtaking. The VR flight is suitable for all ages, making it a perfect family-friendly activity. Younger children will be mesmerized by the visuals, while adults can appreciate the detailed, lifelike recreation of the city.

Both of these attractions are conveniently located in central Paris, making them easily accessible. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability. Age restrictions are minimal, with the F1 simulator typically accommodating children aged 10 and above, depending on height requirements, while the VR flight is generally suitable for children aged 6 and older. These experiences not only provide entertainment but also foster family bonding as everyone shares in the excitement and wonder of these innovative adventures.

For families looking to add a touch of modern innovation to their Parisian itinerary, the F1 driving simulator and the virtual reality flight over Paris are must-visit experiences. They offer a thrilling departure from traditional sightseeing, ensuring unforgettable memories for all ages.


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