intermittent fasting. Get a 10% discount now! Action: There is also a discount for everyone who wants to try the program! Fasting is very trendy. So what fast should it be for me? 1: 2? Or 16: 8? Or nothing at all for a whole week? I won’t be able to get through nothing to eat for a day, that’s for sure. So I do some research on the internet and come across Prolon mock fasts. So just fast a little, just for pretense. Food, but not quite that much. “For the first time, eating is allowed while fasting,” says the homepage. That sounds good. <img ” src=”″ alt=”” width=”500″ height=”500″ border=”0″ />

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Beware of spoilers: the program worked well, hunger was limited and I even lost a few pounds. If you want to try it out, fast for a few days and lose weight: With this Prolon coupon link you get a ten percent discount on every order! Just click! And enter the code easily. [content-egg module=CjLinks template=universal] Buy 1 Box Get 50% Off Second Box with code PBG50

Prolon Experiences with the fasting cure

What is Prolon intermittent fasting?

The Facts: Usually nothing is eaten when fasting. However, it is difficult to hold out for five days. At most one Indian ascetic can do that. With the dummy fast you can eat, but very little. Instead of the usual 2,000 calories that humans need, there are only about a third of them. But enough nutrients and minerals for that, I am promised. In the five days of the diet, the body goes through various stages – from fasting to cell renewal. This process has a health-promoting effect – it says on the homepage that the diet was tested on mice. They lived healthy 11 percent longer. I’m not a mouse, but I also like to live long. Allegedly, the Prolon dummy fasting has one great advantage: the muscle mass is retained, but the fat is reduced. Just muscles, no fat … let’s start …

Design is impressive: you get that for your money at Prolon

The box on the Internet costs $224.00 . (it’s cheaper with a coupon) There is food for one person for five days, so that is possible, but it is more than I usually budget for my food. But since I don’t need anything else. The diet comes in a beautiful, minimalist design, in a box the size of a shoebox. Inside are: A book by the inventor of the diet: Valter Longo – Eat yourself young. The book is available for free, usually costs ten euros. Longo describes the positive effects of fasting. Very good, I like to have a theoretical-scientific background to the things I do. Five smaller boxes with numbers from one to five on them. Inside are the daily rations in bags: teas, nut bars, soups in bags. Reminds me a little of the daily rations that were given to us in the field with the armed forces and that we then had to prepare with the small Esbit stove. Hopefully the prolon diet tastes better. An oversized bicycle bottle made of transparent plastic, with a good liter capacity. A brochure with explanations A guide that says what I can eat when and how I should prepare it Everything is easy to understand, everything is self-explanatory. You can’t go wrong. I’ll start on Monday.

Day one: Start the day without coffee

Oh dear … no coffee, that’s forbidden. How am I supposed to survive this day. Thank goodness home office is still popular, so nobody has to be afraid of my moods, which I usually display before my first coffee. Because of my job – and because I like it – I drink a lot of coffee, and with milk, because black coffee makes me sick. I will have to do without that in the coming days. Instead there is lemon tea for breakfast, with nut bars and a capsule with algae oil. The nut bar is filling, the coffee is missing. At eleven, hunger sets in. Green olives are on the menu for lunch. I’ll take it in advance. That helps against hunger. For lunch there is tomato soup and cabbage crackers. The tomato soup only needs to steep in the water for two minutes and is ready. I gobble them down with the crackers behind. I’m surprisingly full. Lunch also lasts until the afternoon snack. There is another nut bar and mint tea with it. In the evening I turn on the kettle again, the next sack has to believe in it: This time there is vegetable stew and a vitamin capsule. I have to take two of them every day: for lunch and dinner. And finally the highlight: chocolate. This is how fasting should be! With a chocolate bar at the end. I didn’t feel like I ate too little that day.

Second day: The hunger is still limited

But the next day in the morning. I wake up with my stomach hanging on my knees. Again there is only tea, no coffee. Another nut bar. How am I going to get through this until lunch? I decide to have the afternoon snack in the morning and eat a handful of olives. Because I chew the olives more slowly, I even feel full. The rest of the day is like the day before: there is mushroom soup for lunch, vegetable stew in the evening, both back out of the sack, quick to prepare and also surprisingly tasty. I’ve been looking forward to the chocolate bar since breakfast.

Third day: where is my chocolate bar?

Well, that’s really going too far now: On the third day, they simply left out the chocolate bar. My highlight. Nothing to look forward to all day. I already know the tomato soup for lunch, the vegetable stew too. I’m slowly realizing that I’m a little more tired. I have to concentrate more on video conferencing. Actually, I would like to go to bed. Unfortunately it is not.

Day Four: It borders on torture

It’s not bad anymore. The hunger is limited. Seems like my body has got used to getting by on less food. In addition, I have a lot of work. That prevents me from thinking about food all the time. In the evening there is finally my chocolate bar again.

Fifth day: almost over

The last day is still possible. The nut bar again for breakfast, tomato soup and vegetable stew again. It’s Friday, I work until lunchtime and then hit the couch for an afternoon nap. That lasts until dinner. The last vegetable stew, with a final capsule of dietary supplement.


The Prolon intermittent fasting week passed quickly anyway. on the 6th day, when I step on the scales, it shows 3 kilos less. I’ll have my beloved coffee with milk again soon. The diet plan for today provides for light food, soups, fruit juices, rice and light fish and a healthy diet. Important: You should pay attention to this I felt that little food made me tired and sleepy. Concentration has also suffered. You should only go on a fasting diet if you have a quiet week ahead of you.

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