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Top 5 connected smart health objects to stop smoking

quit-smoking smart health 智慧健康智慧医疗智慧戒烟器

There are traditional or alternative methods to stop smoking. Nevertheless, in the smart health market, companies specializing in the Internet of Things are emerging to help the most motivated. Increasingly, connected objects are developing as fun, practical and personalized applications that are revolutionizing the smoking cessation market today. Here are the top 5 smart stop smoking innovations:

Smartstop: the connected smart stop smoking patch perfect for quitting smoking

In 2014, 32 million dollars collected by the US pharmaceutical company Chrono Therapeutics which is the origin of the connected patch entitled “SmartStop”. This adhesive patch distributes doses of nicotine to the consumer through the skin, regardless of the part of the body where it is arranged, and also insertable into a bracelet. This connected object offers a personalized solution for each user, so you can vary and adjust your nicotine capacity thanks to the data collected, anticipate the sensation of lack thanks to disposable cartridges without the smoker realizing it. In addition, it is possible to send notifications to encourage the smoker’s profile during weaning and share your product experience with other members of the community. The device connects to Bluetooth via your smartphone or tablet. For the moment, it should be marketable in the United States, but the price and the release date are not known.

SmokeWatchers: socialize your antitabacco

It was necessary to think of it. Do you know that the first failure of stopping smoking is due to a lack of support. SmokeWatchers is the first social network for both smokers and vapers who want to take control of their nicotine addiction and / or stop smoking. This multi-platform is able to understand, analyze, advise and support the smoker in his consumption through a virtual coach you choose. In order to encourage you, a community of “Watchers” made up of health professionals, coaches or former certified smokers helps you in the process of stopping. Thus, the platform focuses on community self-help, quantified self and telemedicine. Designed as a mobile application, available on iOS and Android, which is intended as a companion tool for the patient. Several offers are presented on the official website of the platform is free or at a price of € 59 for the connected device for automatic registration of its consumption of e-cigarette. Be aware that SmokeWatchers is intended to host other devices connected soon.

Enovap: your first smart e-cigarette

In 2014, Enovap is designated as the first intelligent e-cigarette that promotes the nicotine dosage by the smoker. Patented system, the Enovap is composed of two reserves, one with an e-liquid with nicotine and the other without nicotine, dosed by the individual. Like most connected objects, Enovap has a mobile app, available in IOS and Android. It allows you to record your data, analyze your habits and anticipate your needs. In addition, you can integrate the community of future vapers by sharing your experiences. This French innovation is positioned in the high-end by its design and its price with a public price between 169 € and 199 €. According to the manufacturers, this price is justified by the new generation e-cigarette, the application, the automatic reduction program and the follow-up by the tobacco specialists. And also, they have created a range of e-liquids with fruity and fresh aromas on sale on the official website.

According to a study by researchers at the Georgetown University Medical Center in the United States, David Levy, lead author of the study, explains that the odds of successful smoking cessation increase by 10% for each additional day of using e-cigarette to smart stop smoking.

smart stop smoking e-cigarette smart health 智慧健康智慧医疗智慧戒烟器JICC: zero cigarette objective for smart stop smoking with the lighter connected

Produced by the French startup JICC, the connected lighter “JICC Lighter” acts daily with you via a dedicated mobile application “JICC NOW” available on iOS and Android, and connectable in Bluetooth 4.0. It is easy to use and programmable according to the user in relation to its daily consumption: define the time slots, set the maximum number of cigarettes to be lit per day and define the objectives to achieve. In addition, the app offers support in the form of personalized advice against your need for cigarettes and share the data collected by the lighter to your doctor. Thus, to avoid the gadget side of the product, health professionals deliver their own recommendations based on recorded information. This connected lighter has a battery life of 5 days with an electric resistance system coupled with an internal clock that can be activated at certain times. However, be aware that it does not run on gas or gasoline. It is sold on the official website of the brand for 99 €.

Quitbit: a watch on your consumption

In the continuity of the connected lighter, designed in 2013 by two students from the American University of Brown (Ata Ghofrani and Kuji Nakano), there is also Quitbit who monitors your consumption by displaying the number of cigarettes smoked per day on an LCD screen embedded. This anti-smoking lighter also connects Bluetooth to your laptop. If you wish, via the dedicated application, you can record your consumption of cigarettes and regulate, set your goals to change your habits and the information is offered in the form of graphics. Be aware that it is then possible to deactivate the lighter once this limit is reached. In addition, the application makes it possible to estimate the amount saved once the consumption has been reduced. It runs on rechargeable battery whose autonomy is a week. The smart device is available at 174 € on the Amazon site.

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