Do you know that what a group thinks, what others think, directly influences your behavior. This is called social pressure. This means that our actions, our thoughts, are determined or strongly influenced by the opinion of a group. In short … it is difficult to be different from the group. How does social pressure work? How does social pressure condition school results and student performance? How to get rid of it? [embed][/embed]

Sources and references

Ash’s experience : Description of the experiment: Study by Gregory Berns: Antonio Rangel, professor of neuroscience and leading expert in neuromarketing, says people even say they like a movie more when they hear in advance how good it is.

School Pressure and Achievement:

Founded in 1908, the school is one of the oldest in the United States and belongs to the inner circle of the most renowned “M7” American schools of management – ​​ How can this social pressure be limited, particularly at school?  
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