This genius built a 100% functional clock only in LEGO

That it is not our satisfaction when we complete a LEGO construction. But some creatives do not hesitate to take it to the next level by embarking on totally unusual constructions like the expert in the field, the creative behind the YouTube channel, Akiyuki Brick Channel.

Indeed, the latter built a real functional wall clock a few months ago using only LEGO parts. For this, he first assembled the clock before adding a rack system to illustrate the seconds and a chain to advance the minute hand.

Thanks to this process, the clock is truly functional and is able to display the exact time. Only downside: the process remains relatively noisy… If you want to see more about the creative process and why not start your turn, the creative revealed it in a video posted on his Youtube channel which has more than 2.2 million views.

And to continue with equally crazy projects, remember a few weeks ago, LEGO unveiled a life-size replica of the Ferrari Monza SP1.

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