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Chrysanthemum flower

Chrysanthemum flower

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Chrysanthemum  are, like rosebuds, usually utilized in infusion as every day drink and are a part of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

They’re named Ju Hua (Hua Jú; 菊花) in Chinese and are yellow or white. We’ll see the properties of this flower in Chinese pharmacopoeia, then we’ll see some nuances that will exist between totally different sorts of chrysanthemums.

Pharmaceutical Identify: Flos Chrysanthemi Morifolii

customary botanical species: Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.

Properties of the chrysanthemum in Chinese drugs

Nature: barely chilly

Taste: candy and bitter

Relationship with the organs (tropism): liver and lung

Fundamental indications:

1) Expels wind

Signs: Fever, headache, dizziness, crimson eyes.

2) Disperse the heat-vent

Signs: crimson and dry eyes, blurred imaginative and prescient, dizziness, irritation.

3) Disperse warmth and detoxifies

Signs: swelling, an infection, irritation, pores and skin irritation, abscesses.

4) Brightens the top and eyes

Signs: dizziness, headache, crimson eyes, dry eyes, glaucoma.

5) Harmonise and tones the liver

When there’s a rise of liver yang headache, dizziness, listening to loss, crimson eyes, hypertension, tinnitus.

6) Rash

allergic pores and skin response.

Different data:

native use within the remedy of illness of the eyes and pores and skin.

Pharmacological results

Impact on cardiovascular system dilates the coronary artery instantly by enjoyable the graceful muscle groups (motion in opposition to hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary artery illness).

Anti-inflammatory impact

antibiotic impact: In vitro experiments have proven that Ju Hua has therapeutic results on infections brought on by Staphylococcus aureus, beta-hemolytic streptococcus, E. coli and Shigella spp.

antipyretic impact

Accommodates vitamin B1.

Cons – indications

White Ju Hua

Ju Hua is against-indicated in individuals with empty Qi spleen (poor urge for food, belly distension larger after a meal, weak digestion, limb weak spot).

Additionally cons-indicated within the presence of a vacuum Yang or chilly.


from 3 to 15g, 10g customary


The properties of Chrysanthemum flower (Ju Hua) are elevated when mixed with

Rhizoma Atractylodis – Cang Zhu (苍术)

Cortex Mori radicis – Sang Bai Pi (桑白皮)

Lycium barbarum – Gou Qi Zi (枸杞 子)

Folium Isatidis – Da Qing Ye (大青叶)

Some combos:

In circumstances of complications due to the warmth and wind or an increase of Yang extreme liver, Ju Hua could be mixed with:

Radix ligustici wallichii (Chuan Xiong – 川芎)

For dizziness and blurred imaginative and prescient as a result of a deficiency of the liver and kidneys:

Lycium barbarum (Gou Qi Zi – 枸杞 子)

For headache, dizziness, crimson eyes, visible impairment, listening to impairment, tinnitus:

Concha haliotidis (Shi Jue Ming – 石决明)

Radix Rehmanniae praeparata (Shu Di Huang – 熟地黄)

Radix Paeoniae Lactiflorae (Bai Shao – 白芍)

Cornu Antelopsis (Ling Yang Jiao – 铃 羊角)

For infections, abscesses, swelling as a result of toxicity:

Flos Lonicerae (Jin Yin Hua – 金银花)

Being pregnant:

Consumption of Ju Hua is feasible throughout being pregnant.

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The primary chrysanthemum flowers utilized in Chinese drugs are yellow and white. There’s a distinction between these two Ju Hua:

– Yellow (黄 菊花) are thought-about more practical to disperse wind-heat, to empty the warmth and to detoxify.

– White (白 菊花), sweeter, are finest to harmonize the liver and brighten eyes. As soon as dry, the petals develop into yellowish.

These white and yellow Ju Hua there are totally different varieties, the perfect identified are:

– Gong Ju (贡菊) that grows within the Yellow Mountains (Huangshan) within the province of Anhui (highly regarded as a result of it grows within the hills, breathe the contemporary air and the range was for the emperor.)

– Chu Ju (滁 菊) of Anhui province that’s fairly “compact” in comparison with his cousin Bo Ju.

– Bo Ju (亳 菊) Anhui who has petals that detach simply.

– Hold Ju (杭菊) of Zhejiang province and particularly within the Hangzhou area, usually white Hold Bai Ju (Hold Bai Jú – 杭白菊)

Chrysanthemum flowers not open

One may add Tai Ju (胎 菊) are chrysanthemum flowers which have partially hatched. They’re younger, effectively preserved thus holding all their taste and properties.

Lastly, I’ll conclude with Ye Ju Hua (野 菊花) which is the wild Ju Hua. That is more practical than Ju Hua concerning hypertension and infections, abscesses. Certainly, its motion to disperse the warmth and eradicate the toxicity is stronger.

Not like Ju Hua, Ye Ju Hua shouldn’t be really useful for pregnant ladies.

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