Chinese herbs for articular ache

Chinese herbs for articular ache

China chamomile 

Scientific identify: Flos Chrysanthemi

Chinese identify: Ju Hua 菊花

Elements of the plant used: flowers

zones of affect on the human physique: meridians of religion and lungs

Taste: candy and bitter

Nature: Chilly or barely chilly based on the authors

well being results:

– Removes warmth (and disperse the Wind)

– Make clear the warmth and take away the toxin (QING RE JIE DU).

– Soothe: Liver make clear and brighten the view

– Early stage of febrile infectious illnesses (Wen Bing): fever, dizziness, headache, throat ache (related to mint leaf, mulberry, forsythia, and so on …)

– Crimson eyes, swollen and painful

– Blurred imaginative and prescient

– Dizziness and giddiness

– Migraine, retinal migraine

– Anthrax, cutaneous pyogenic infections (YONG CHUANG).

Chinese bellflower

Scientific identify: Radix Platycodi

– Chinese Title: Jie Geng

Elements of the plant used: root rid of stems and leaves, cleaned, washed, dried within the solar and reduce into items

zones of affect on the human physique: the meridians of the lungs

Taste: spicy and bitter

Nature: Impartial

Well being results:

– Unlocks the vitality of the lungs

– Eliminates phlegm

– Eliminates the pus and reduces the abscess.

– Cough with plentiful expectoration, liquid, clear, and runny nostril, or throat ache, hoarseness, thick and tough expectoration

– Hoarseness, throat ache, and lack of voice.

– Vitality stagnation and obstruction by phlegm with chest tightness

– Lung abscess with chest ache, cough, purulent sputum, bloody, yellow, foul smelling.

Fashionable pharmacological actions:

– Inhibiting the expansion of Staphylococcus aureus and the typhoid bacillus in vitro;

– Sedative;

– Analgesic motion;

– Antipyretic;

– Elevated secretion of the respiratory system;

– Expectorant motion.


Scientific CannelleNom: Cortex Cinnamomi

Chinese identify: Rou Gui

– Elements of the plant used: bark scraped, reduce and damaged into items

– Areas influences on the human physique: Kidney, Spleen, Coronary heart, Liver

– Taste: candy and spicy

– Nature: sizzling

well being results:

– Yang tones, warms the Kidney.

– Disperses Chilly and cease ache;

– Warms and unclog the meridians and collaterals.

– Failure Kidney Yang with worry of chilly, chilly limbs, impotence, urinary frequency

– Epigastric ache, belly or lumbar, dysmenorrhea by empty and chilly

– Abscesses

– Obstructive urinary retention warmth of the Bladder

In opposition to, precautions:

– Has prevented throughout being pregnant

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