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Chinese herbs for intoxication—Chinese herbs and Chinese meals

Chinese herbs for intoxication

Chinese herbs for intoxication

Do you’ve got the issue of intoxication? Are you prepared ?1,2,3.These Chinese herbs may provide help to deal with intoxication.


Scientific identify: Semen Armeniacae amarum

– Chinese Title: (Ku) Xing Ren

Plant components used: the kernel of the fruit dried within the solar and powdered (summer season, ripe apricots).

This herb has affect on the human physique: lung and enormous gut meridians

Style: Bitter

Nature: poisonous and barely heat

Well being Results :

– Calm coughs and bronchial asthma

– Cough and bronchial asthma as a consequence of Intoxication

– Cough as a consequence of warmth and drought

– Facilitate the disposal of faeces

– Cough as a consequence of lung warmth

– Constipation by drought intestines; constipation within the aged or in ladies after childbirth.

Precautions: youngsters; unfastened stools.


Scientific identify: Fructus Crotonis

Chinese identify: Ba Dou 巴豆

– Elements of the plant used: seeds ready as frost. Wrapped in layers of paper to soak up the oil, heated, pressed and powdered have to sift.

– This herb has influences on the human physique meridians Abdomen, Giant Gut and Lung (for some).

– Style: Spicy

– Nature: sizzling and really poisonous

Well being Results :


– Accumulation of milk, meals and TAN accumulation of stagnation in youngsters, little one malnutrition with palpitations, convulsions, anorexia, stomach ache, foul-smelling stools acids

– Ascites with stomach distention, edema …

– Purge chilly heap

– Looking waters

– Decreased swelling

– Eliminates phlegm

– Soothes the throat

– Eradicate the toxin and deal with pores and skin inflammations, drain the pus and cut back the swelling and the toxin.

– Constipation chilly heap with stomach ache and bloating

– Intestinal obstruction and biliary colic Biliary Ascariasis, biliary an infection, cholelithiasis with stomach ache, appendicitis.

– Diphtheria and laryngitis

– Malaria

– Boils, abscess and pyogenic infections unopened purulent pores and skin, fungal infections, ringworm, scabies, tinea

Towards, precautions:

– Keep away from the affiliation with Ipomoea hederacea

– Don’t eat sizzling drinks or sizzling meals together with BA DOU: might enhance the drastic motion of purgation.

– Drinks and sizzling meals (soup sizzling rice) favor the evacuation downward in sufferers in whom BA DOU didn’t work in its discharge motion.

– Drinks and meals chilly (chilly rice soup) is important in sufferers when the purgative motion is just too robust or too extreme diarrhea.

– Orally, threat of toxicity or unwanted effects (continuous drastic diarrhea, stomach ache, vomiting, burns and acute ache within the digestive system): on this case, take a chilly rice soup, or chilly meals or chilly drinks or a decoction of HUANG LIAN or LÜ DOU, or a chilly decoction of Huang Lian and HUANG BAI.

– Externally, extraordinarily irritant that may trigger burns.


– Scientific identify: Herba Portulacae

– Chinese identify: Ma Chi Xian 马齿苋 “horse enamel”

Plant components used: the recent plant is put in a water tub gentle or dipped in boiling water after which dried within the solar.

This herb has influences on the human physique: meridians of the big gut and liver

Flavour: acid

Nature: Chilly

Well being Results :

– Make clear the warmth, take away toxin and deal with dysentery; deal with pores and skin inflammations; expel the humidity and cease the itching;

– Refresh the Blood and cease the blood.

– Diarrhea and dysentery (Humidity Chaleur): fever, stomach ache, blood and pus within the stool, tenesmus:

– Solely excessive dosage, decoction for inner use.

– Prevention of bacillary dysentery:

– Solely in decoction.

– Juice made with honey.

– Boil, abscess, pyogenic pores and skin irritation (warmth toxin)

– Solely in decoction for inner use.

– Juice drink.

– Contemporary produce crushed externally.

– Leucorrhea (Warmth Humidity): used solely juice beverage or decoction.

– Menorrhagia, bleeding, postpartum hemorrhage

– hemorrhoids

– Eczema: decoction for laundry or soak compresses.

– Acute urinary infections.

– Pertussis: 60 g decoction, to take 3 occasions a day.

– Intoxication with seafood



– Bacteriostatic motion on the colon bacillus, bacillus dysentery, and typhoid.

– Tonic motion on the uterus recent juice which accommodates potassium salts.

herbs for intoxication

Chinese herbs for intoxication supply:

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