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How to increase your cognitive abilities & performance?

How to significantly increase the cognitive abilities of our brain in just 20 minutes? This may seem surprising and yet it is what neuroscience has demonstrated. And an application can be made in classrooms, to promote concentration, creativity of students. Moreover in the USA a movement was created in this direction. [embed][/embed] Notes and references 2009 study in neuroscience: » THE EFFECT OF ACUTE TREADMILL WALKING ON COGNITIVE CONTROL AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN PREADOLESCENT CHILDREN » » Give Your Ideas Some Legacy: The Positive Effect of Walking on Creative Thinking » Marily Oppezzo and Daniel L. Schwartz Stanford University 2014 – ” Enhancing daily well-being at work through lunchtime park walks and relaxation exercises: Recovery experiences as mediators. » ” Regular walking breaks prevent the decline in cerebral blood flow associated with prolonged sitting” ” Fitness trackers reveal links between exercise, memory, and mental health” ” Fitness tracking reveals task-specific associations between memory, mental health, and physical activity” ” How to Move & Learn: An evidence-based guide to embedding physically active learning in your school Paperback – 15 July 2022 – ” How Walking Enhances Cognitive Performance Are long walks the secret to success?” ” Walking Builds the Aging Brain’s Structure and Mental Acuity Forty-minute walks develop brain tissue and keep you sharp as you age”

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