Chinese meals cake

Chinese meals cake

The Chinese New 12 months cake (年糕 Nian Gao) is a rice cake crafted from glutinous rice. It is a snack to Chinese taste traits. This cake is normally eaten throughout the New 12 months vacation, therefore its title.

New 12 months’s cake has an extended historical past in China. It’s mentioned that the origin of this cake is expounded to the Basic Zixu Wu, Wu Yue throughout the interval.

Within the Han Dynasty (207 BC-220 J.C. after J.C.), there have been already Truffles New 12 months.

In dialectal dictionary Yang Xiong within the Han Dynasty, there was the phrase “gao” means “cake”, common within the Wei dynasty (220-265), Jin (265-420) and people of the North and South.

Up to now, the manufacture of rice desserts adopted a course of, evolving from the damaged rice with rice flour desserts.

It’s mentioned that within the Liao Dynasty (907-1124), every household ate desserts in Beijing New 12 months day Lunar New 12 months.

Underneath the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911), the New 12 months’s cake grew to become a snack that could possibly be present in markets all year long and the style of the cake diversified from north to South.

The cake of Beijing New 12 months is typical of the North. It’s yellow and white, symbolizing the gold and silver. It is usually an indication of luck, his title is pronounced “nian gao” in Chinese, homophones of “rising up yearly.”

New 12 months’s cake is considerably completely different within the South. Guangdong desserts are sometimes made with glutinous rice flour, yeast, peanut oil, melon seeds and bamboo leaves … Its coloration is crimson gold, delicate, candy style, actually scrumptious.

The cake New 12 months’s Hainan is tender, yellow and candy.

For the folks of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the New 12 months’s cake should have the delicacy of a festive meal. There may be all kinds of tastes like sugar “osmanthus”, lard, rice and eight treasures.

The cake New 12 months is not only a scrumptious snack, however it additionally bears the phrases luck with the Chinese folks, as a result of the phrase “gao” seems like “excessive” in Chinese. It displays the need of the folks to have a way of life greater and better. Yearly on New 12 months cake brings new hope to folks and introduced a greater life within the New 12 months.


– 年 nián: 12 months / 12 months / new 12 months / age / interval

– 糕 gāo: cake

– 黏 nián: sticky / glutinous

– 高 gāo: excessive / excessive / broad / high

Yang Xiong 揚雄 or Yang Hsiung (-53 ~ 18) Social Ziyun title, generally known as Yangzi, is a thinker and a Chinese poet of the late Western Han and the start of the Xin Dynasty, creator additionally of Fangyan (dialects) assortment of regional expressions.

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