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Echoes of Ravensburger: the opinion of our test families

Mystical, disturbing or worrying, the world ofEchoes invites players to open their ears to solve new investigations. Put on your psychic, detective and explorer headphones and immerse yourself in a truly intense auditory experience. The first 4 scenarios of the series, The dancer, the eclipse, The cocktail and the ring, will keep players spellbound! in games Echoes, each game card constitutes an element of the story to be reconstructed. By scanning them via the dedicated (free) mobile application, players can listen to the precious clues that will allow them to solve the riddle. Echoes from Ravensburger was awarded the Toy Award 2022 in the category teenagers and adults. Find the opinion of Rémy and Sandrie, who tested it with their teenagers.

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Echoes ravensburger reviews

The opinion of Sandrine, who tested the game Echoes – The Ring with Lilwenn, 11, and Hugo, 14

Contents of the game box: 18 object cards, 6 beginning of chapter object tiles and 1 game rule. The cards are beautiful and of very good quality.. To play, you must download a free application and have a smartphone available.

It is indicated for ages 14 and up, and I think younger children who have good logical sense and who are attentive can play it.

The Echoes game is a cooperative audio investigation game. It can be played alone or with up to 4 players. A game lasts about 45 minutes. You have to scan the cards with the smartphone to discover the audio clues. game echoes the ring review

The rules of the game are a little complicated to understand at first. You have to be focused to play this game. You have to listen carefully to the clues. It is interesting to seek to find the meaning of the story and discover the curse of the ring

We had never played this style of board game. We played there with four, two adults and two children.

Echoes is a great discovery. He gave us a great time as a family. There are three other versions of this game, the cocktail, the dancer and the eclipse.

echoes game how old

Echoes (4 games) (Ravensburger)
Gender : investigation game
Numbers of players : 1 to 4
Duration of the game: 40 to 60 minutes
Age : From 14 years old
Suggested price : €10.99 – Order on Amazon

The opinion of Thierry, who tested Echoes: the ring with his 14-year-old son

The box and the cards are of good quality and the designs are neat (we can notice that although the game is not made in Germany, it remains “made in Europe” (in the Czech Republic).

The rules of the game are quick to read which allows you to start the game in less than 5 minutes after downloading the app. (be careful if you have a recent Huawei smartphone, because this app is not on their store).

Maps are easy to scan, and the story soundtrack is well done (sound effects and clear words).

echoes board game duration

The game is fun, we finished the story in 45 minutes (unfortunately with a bug in the app that made us start part of the story again). It makes you want to play the other volumes of the game. The minimum age of 14 seems fine to me, but could be lowered depending on the child.

Once the complete story is put in the right order, the app replays it in its entirety by adding the epilogue. It would have been nice to add a comic book type visual to enhance the finale.

And you have to think that This game is “single use” when buying, so if we start from an ecological point of view, we are “average”…

Echoes (4 games) (Ravensburger)
Gender : investigation game
Numbers of players : 1 to 4
Duration of the game: 40 to 60 minutes
Age : From 14 years old
Suggested price : €10.99 – Order on Amazon

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