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Poetry, ode to nature and childhood dreams

After the waves – Grasset Youth

Sometimes we go on an adventure. We explore, we discover unexplored places. Sometimes we go through storms, and we have to stay hidden, huddled, keep warm, and hold on. Sometimes, too, we get lost. But luckily we meet again. And we savor the pleasure of being together again, and of tasting the important moments that make life beautiful… In this magnificent book between the illustrated album and the comic strip, the characters discover life and the world, with positivism, humanity and tenacity. A great album, imbued with sweetness and poetry, which makes you wonder about your relationship with others but also about yourself, about the power that everyone has to change the world and face adversity, about the difference that is a strength, on the power of dreams… A beautiful almost philosophical album, to bring readers, young and old, to look at the world around them, without ever forgetting the importance of dreaming, believing in oneself and in his dreams. after the waves grasset youthbeautiful albums 6 yearsbeautiful youth album to offer
after the wavesby Sandrine Kao, at Grasset Jeunesse, from 4 years old, €18.90 – Order on the Fnac Where Amazon.

Perlin, the child who made the rain fall – Seuil Jeunesse

perlin the child who made the rain fall This is the story of a miraculous birth, that of Perlin, a little boy capable of ruling the rain. Encouraged by his father, his incredible gift is put to good use. Now, droughts and famines are ills of the past. Praised around the world for his exploits, the boy grew up, rocked by these declarations of affection. But soon, the praises dry up, the feat has become commonplace and the admirers dwindle. Petrified at the idea of ​​no longer being loved, Perlin then has a crazy idea… Perlin is a touching album, with superb sepia-colored illustrations that give it an infinite sweetness. A child that only his “extraordinary” gift of making the rain fall connects to others. And who finds himself even more alone the day his power turns against him, reminding the reader that “every flatterer lives at the expense of the one who listens to him”. A sober and poetic album, carrying a beautiful message. beautiful albums 2022 perlinperlin Perlin Youth Threshold
Perlin, the child who made the rain fallby Siegfried de Turckheim, at Seuil Jeunesse, from 5 years old, €16.50 – Order on the Fnac Where Amazon.
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Louise’s cloud – Little Urban

the cloud by louise Fan Brothers That Saturday at the park, Louise ran straight for the cloud merchant. She wanted an ordinary cloud which she hastened to bring home and call Milo. Every day she took care of him. But Milo was getting bigger, bigger… What a great idea this merchant of clouds, which much better than balloons, make children’s imagination fly away. Only if some want this cloud in the shape of an octopus, or this other in the shape of a rabbit, or an elephant, Louise, she wants an ordinary cloud. A cloud that she will take care of and that will keep her company. But a cloud has its moods, it grows, and it needs space and freedom. So you have to adapt, and learn to separate when the time comes. As a parent would for their child, Louise will let her cloud take flight once it has reached “maturity”. A poetic and tender album which speaks of attachment, friendship, wisdom and freedom, with superb sepia illustrations enamelled with yellow notes, like the color of the sun, which contrasts with this cloud which the more it grows, the more it dreams of fly away towards the immense sky. A beautiful book that will help you grow. the cloud of louise little urban
Louise’s Cloudby The Fan Brothers, Little Urban, from 5 years old, €15.90 – Order on the Fnac Where Amazon.

The sea in his garden – Grasset jeunesse

the sea in his garden While her mother is expecting a second child, Marie moves with her family, leaving the suburbs of Paris to settle in Brittany. Faced with so many changes, the little girl will have to tame the immensity of the sea, face and tame her fears… The actress Isabelle Carré signs her first youth album. An album that is both delicate, poetic and of great sensitivity. Designed with a cinematographic approach, it is both an ode to the sea and to the mother, to childhood, to growing up while preserving the imagination. Kasya Denisevich’s illustrations play on the gradual arrival of color to mark the passage from distressing upheavals for a child (moving house, starting a new life, the arrival of a little brother or a little sister, etc.), to a peace and a new and promising happiness. A beautiful moment of reading to share. isabelle square youth albumthe sea in her garden Isabelle Carréisabelle square children's book
The sea in his gardenby Isabelle Carré, illustrated by Kasya Denisevith, at Grasset jeunesse, from 5 years old, €16 – Order on the Fnac Where Amazon.
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My tree, who are you? – Saltimbanque Editions

my tree who are you This album, both instructive and poetic, is a real invitation to observe the trees that surround us, to listen to them and to wonder about their place in our lives. What could a tree have seen in those hundreds of years? What will they become when they grow up? How do they feel throughout the seasons? A beautiful album to encourage children to take a closer look at trees and to connect with the living. Trees that the author considers as individuals in their own right, all different, each with their “personality” and their way of communicating. At the end of the book, a documentary text tells young readers more about their way of communicating thanks to their roots, and about what they can teach us, such as watching over each other or taking care of themselves. my tree who are you mountebank editionschildren's album on the treesillustrated book on trees
My tree, who are you?by Emma Carlisle, from Saltimbanque Editions, from 6 years old, €14.90 – Order on the Fnac Where Amazon.

A million oysters at the top of the mountain – Les Editions des Elephants

a million oysters on top of the mountain Approach and observe these rocks: aren’t they strange? They look like oysters! Indeed, there are thousands and thousands of fossilized oysters. But what are they doing here, at the top of the mountain? Did they climb it, fell with the rain, or appeared as if by magic? This documentary album on the mystery of fossils and the magic of geology, written by a geologist, will fascinate budding scientists and those curious about the world in which they live. Throughout the pages and superb illustrations, the reader discovers the history of the Earth, the movement of the oceans and tectonic plates, to go back in time and discover the links between geology, biology and scientific history. . a million oysters on top of the mountain elephant editionsyouth documentary album that speaks geologychildren's documentary book on fossils
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