How tall is Messi?Is Messi a supermodel? He should apologize to Hong Kong with Beckham

How tall is Messi Is Messi a supermodel

How tall is Messi?At 1.7 meters tall, Lionel Messi is not the towering figure that many top footballers are. Yet over the past decade and a half, the Argentine maestro has risen to immense heights of stardom through his magical skills on the pitch. However, the recent controversy in Hong Kong has thrown Messi’s impeccable reputation into doubt and raised questions about his responsibilities off the field.

After Lionel Messi did not appear in the Hong Kong match, the Hong Kong media “South China Morning Post” interviewed some fans who were present at the game.

Antony Osazee, a Nigerian serving as an auditor in Hong Kong, stated that he spent over 3600 Hong Kong dollars this weekend to see Messi, but was disappointed both times. “I came to watch the training, only to see him doing stretching exercises. Messi is not a supermodel, people don’t pay just to see him sitting.”

Elaine Law, a Hong Kong resident, said, “I feel like a fool.” Her partner Ling Pak-to mentioned that he paid 2200 Hong Kong dollars for each of them to attend Sunday’s match.

He pointed out that Messi appeared extensively in the pre-match ads, so people expected him to play. “I waited almost ten years to see him. This was a rare opportunity to see him because he might retire soon. We are very disappointed,” Ling Pak-to said.

Messi is renowned worldwide as one of the greatest players of all time. His exploits for Barcelona and Argentina have thrilled fans globally. But being a living legend also means shouldering immense expectations, both on and off the field. When Messi was signed to promote a friendly match in Hong Kong recently, it sent the city into a frenzy. Tickets were sold out within hours as thousands dreamed of witnessing the little magician weave his spells live.

However, on matchday, Messi was nowhere to be seen, restricted to stretching drills on the sidelines. The sold-out crowd was left disappointed. Interviews with distraught fans revealed how much they had invested, both financially and emotionally, to see their hero. One had waited 10 years for a chance to watch Messi before his expected retirement. The no-show was a massive breach of trust between the star and those who idolized him from afar.

While injuries or restrictions may have prevented Messi from playing, his total absence from interactions left fans feeling short-changed. Icons like David Beckham handled similar situations differently. Beckham understood the responsibility that comes with superstardom. Even when injured during visits to Asia, he ensured excited crowds got photos and autographs to feel their support was valued. His class and commitment to fans is the stuff of legend.

In contrast, Messi’s failure to acknowledge the Hong Kong crowd has now cast doubts on how seriously he takes his role model status. While skills on the pitch made him rich and famous, it is adoration from crowds in far-flung shores that sustains such careers. The least superstars owe is respect, empathy and appreciation for those who fuel their popularity. By disregarding disappointed fans, Messi has damaged the perfect image and goodwill so painstakingly built over the years.

In the age of social media, such controversies can quickly spiral out of control. To undo the damage, Messi needs to personally and publicly apologize to the Hong Kong fans. A short video message expressing regret for raising false hopes and thanking people for their support can go a long way. He must also reiterate commitment to fans and promise to interact more meaningfully during future visits. Only then can Messi regain the stellar reputation and trust that is integral to his brand value off the field.

How Messi responds will set a precedent for other footballers too on their obligations beyond matchdays. While prodigious talent places him among the GOATs, true greatness lies in connecting with ordinary people who fuel extraordinary dreams. The ball now lies in Messi’s court to address the breach of faith in Hong Kong in a befitting manner and reinforce why, despite his unimposing frame, he continues to tower over the beautiful game.


How tall is Messi?Hong Kong media: Contract stipulates Messi must play at least half of the game

During the Miami International Hong Kong match, soccer star Messi did not make an appearance. According to the Hong Kong media “Ta Kung Pao”, the contract stipulates that Messi must play at least half of the game. Additionally, the SAR government’s request for Messi to interact with fans was denied.

The contract specifies that Messi must play a minimum of 45 minutes. During the open training on February 3rd, Miami International indicated that there was no issue with Messi playing. On the morning of February 4th, Miami International officials also stated that Messi would play, only to announce just before the match that Messi would be unable to play.

How tall is Messi Hong Kong media Contract stipulates Messi must play

How tall is Messi Hong Kong media Contract stipulates Messi must play


How tall is Messi?Single-mindedly making money?

The price of private meetings with Messi has been exposed: 160,000 RMB per person in China, 140,000 RMB per person in Japan. The incident of the star Messi not being able to play in the Hong Kong exhibition match has attracted public attention. Kenneth Fok, responsible for entertainment work, publicly voiced his demands for Messi and his team Miami to apologize. Currently, neither Messi nor the team has responded, and they continue to arrange their upcoming schedule in Japan as if nothing has happened.

Messi Miami to apologize

Messi Miami to apologize

As Messi grows older and moves away from mainstream leagues, he transferred to the US Miami International Football Club. After the transfer, Messi’s income and value have substantially declined. Following the transfer, Messi began a blatant money-making journey. The Hong Kong friendly match is the second time Messi has come to China within a year. Looking back at Messi’s two visits to China, one sentence summarizes it all — everything is money-oriented. Despite the expensive ticket prices for ordinary fans, Messi has participated in many non-competitive commercial activities and even arranged more than one private meeting. The process of Messi’s private meetings in China is very opaque and not arranged by legitimate organizers but through personal connections.

According to the revelations, the price of a private meeting with Messi in Hong Kong is around 160,000 RMB. In 2023, when Messi came to Beijing with the Argentine national team to play, netizens who participated in the private meeting expressed that the price to meet Messi was equivalent to the cost of a BYD Song, which is between 140,000 and 200,000 RMB. Of course, if Messi wants to directly make money from rich fans, and those fans are willing to spend tens of thousands to meet their idol, arranging private meetings is purely a market norm, which originally is not a problem. However, in the context of Messi’s breach of contract and failure to fulfill commitments by not playing in the Hong Kong friendly match, it makes people uncomfortable.

How tall is Messi The breach of contract during the Hong Kong

How tall is Messi The breach of contract during the Hong Kong

Netizens also dug up the details of Messi’s trip to Japan and found another typical case of differential treatment. Messi also had private meetings in Japan, which were explicitly arranged in the team’s itinerary, openly sold to all fans along with the game tickets. With a ticket price equivalent to approximately 140,000 RMB, fans could both watch the game and meet Messi. Both examples involve private meetings, but in China, it’s 160,000 RMB per person, arranged through opaque rules via personal connections. In Japan, it’s 140,000 RMB per person, openly and clearly sold through official channels as a benefit for fans. The difference between being sincere and insincere is obvious at a glance. The breach of contract during the Hong Kong friendly match was a real deception, deceiving both the officials and ordinary fans throughout. The contract clearly stated that Messi would play, but he was not even willing to greet the audience.


How tall is Messi Hong Kong

How tall is Messi Hong Kong

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