Contrary to what one might think, studying a foreign language can be very simple and entertaining.But how to practice a language every day? A work method that mixes a bit of everything: pleasure, fun, serious work, etc.

Learning a new language requires work that must be done every day so that learning and assimilation take place without any problem. But it can sometimes be quite complicated and boring.

When you want to learn a new language, the work must be done regularly; the less we work the more we forget and in the end we become demotivated.

Many people think that work equals boredom, this can be true if you don’t do it right.

Indeed, learning a new language can be a lot of fun. You just have to adopt a working method that mixes a bit of everything: pleasure, fun, serious work, etc.

Studying a new language is very simple and can be so entertaining

Contrary to what you might think, studying a new language is very easy and can be fun too. No, it’s not just grammar, text studies, writing in learning a new language.

You can very well watch TV, read articles that interest you, sing while learning a new language! To practice a language every day, you simply have to do what you like first and what you don’t like last.

Normally, everyone likes to watch TV, watch videos and movies or maybe even series like Friends, How i Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, etc. All you have to do is just watch them in English, German, Japanese or whatever language you’re learning.

Progress little by little

As a result, your progress will be gradual. You won’t comprehend anything at first, then you’ll understand a bit better, and then your understanding will continue to improve. Read novels you’ve enjoyed in the language you’re studying if you enjoy reading. Since you are familiar with the main idea of the narrative and will approach it from a different perspective, at least you won’t veer off topic. Do you enjoy blogs, how-to videos, and magazines? After conducting a quick search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you can read them in the language you are studying. You will advance at a good speed and have fun if you do activities you enjoy.  It’s a natural way to learn a language because you don’t feel you have to do it, it’s more fun than anything else.

However, it is still advisable to follow an order when learning

1. Vocabulary: you can learn it through apps such as Anki or Mosalingua.

2. Listening comprehension: if you love movies, series, music or TV shows, this will be very simple for you, you just have to watch and listen to them in the language you are learning.

3. Reading: this part will appeal more to readers of novels or online articles, it will be enough just to read content that interests you. This will train your reading but also writing and grammar.

4. Grammar: the latter is not appreciated at all and is not fundamental. Indeed, one can very well learn a language without doing grammar because it comes naturally. It’s like French, we know how to speak without learning grammar, we learn it above all so as not to make mistakes in writing. If you are learning a language for your job it is recommended to study grammar.

It is preferable to follow this order so as not to make too many pronunciation mistakes, you first learn the vocabulary which normally is accompanied by the pronunciation of each word.

Analyze how people speak

Then you listen a lot to analyze how people are talking. Afterwards, you can read because you know the pronunciation of the words because you have surely heard them before. You can very well practice two of these subjects at the same time.

For example ; you learn 10 words a day and you watch 10-15 minutes of TV and an episode of your favorite series.

So, to sum up, to learn a language every day without getting bored, you just have to do things that you enjoy.

Try to follow a certain order; if you like mechanics, watch videos that talk about it in the language you are learning and then you can start reading about it.

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