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The Dreamlight Zen takes you to the land of Morpheus through meditation

The Dreamlight Zen takes you to the land of Morpheus through meditation

Dreamlight, a company specializing in smart health connected sleep masks, presents its new model, Dreamlight Zen . As the name suggests, this product ventures into the territory of meditation.

At first glance, the Dreamlight Zen looks like a slightly more muscular version of a normal mask. We had to put all the technology it takes inside, but it doesn’t seem that thick. Overall, it displays a versatile design that doesn’t shock. This is of course not what is sought above all for this kind of product. However, it can reassure the user to know that he doesn’t look too silly while wearing it.

After all, we especially expect a sleep mask to help us fall asleep. Whether you’re at health home, at the office during a restful nap, or on an airplane stuck for more than 10 hours. Dreamlight Zen is supposed to do this effectively playing on the principles of meditation. Being relaxed is actually a good start before falling into a deep sleep.

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The Dreamlight Zen relies on its hardware

To do this, the Dreamlight Zen pulses orange light by the small integrated screens. With this, the system synchronize a soundtrack which is broadcast by headphones. Several atmospheres have been incorporated by its manufacturer for changing experiences. And if you want more, you can connect a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Dreamlight mainly focused on the comfort of the mask when you wear it. So it’s not too heavy, it doesn’t let outside light filter in and it does not apply any annoying pressure on the eyes.

For the moment, there are a little concrete information on this mask, like its price or its availability. The only thing that has filtered out is that it should cost about two times cheaper that the Dreamlight Pro sold 300 dollars. Case to follow.

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  • Help fall asleep quicker
  • Comfortable and soft

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  • A little expensive


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