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Withings Pulse HR Review smart health connected bracelet for activity and sleep

Withings Pulse HR  Review smart health connected bracelet for activity and sleep

Withings Pulse HR review bracelet ultra light and 2 weeks autonomy for activity and sleep monitoring

Withings Pulse HR  review -the smart health connected bracelet for activity and sleep monitoring

The French brand, once again independent after its departure from the Nokia group, returns to its first love by offering us a brand new smart health connected bracelet.
Personally, I have a Withings smart health connected scale from before Nokia and it continues to do the job perfectly. I therefore have an a priori favorable on the quality of their products. I appreciate the fact that all withings smart health connected products (balance, thermometer, blood pressure monitoring, watch) use the same Health Mate app, available for smartphone on iOS or Android. You can combine all your measurements there for a complete analysis of your health.
Inspired by Pulse, the company’s first activity tracker, the new Withings Pulse HR takes the best features of its recently launched Steel HR Sport hybrid watch and combines them in a thin and light smart health connected bracelet.

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The Pulse HR has a design that immediately releases a high perceived quality even if the style is that of an activity bracelet rather than that of a smart health connected watch.
The front in black polycarbonate (plastic layers) is more resistant to scratches than traditional glass protections. A black and white OLED display and a stainless steel housing.
On the 1.8 x 4.4 cm screen, you will be able to display:

  • Time and date (standby mode)
  • Heartbeat with monitoring of the cardiac trend day & night, and continuous measurement in training mode
  • Activity monitoring: Walking, running, swimming (waterproof to 50 m) & more than 10 activities detected, with calorie and distance calculation
  • Ssleep monitoring: Sleep cycle detection and Smart Wake-Up function for a quiet wake-up call at the best time
  • Daily statistics (steps, distance, heart rate)
  • Smartphone notifications (calls, SMS, appointments and applications)

The housing houses the heart rate monitoring on the back, which will be in direct contact with your skin.
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The Pulse HR also has a removable flexible silicone strap that allows you to personalize your watch according to your desires.

Personal assistant functions

Stay on top of what matters while living in the moment. Whether it’s call, SMS, event alerts or your favorite applications, make the most of your surroundings without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Day and night activity tracking

For those who take their health and fitness seriously, the Pulse HR is equipped with an integrated heart rate sensor that automatically takes your heart rate every 10 minutes. The measurement is made continuously during the activation of a training session. This allows you to track your resting heart rate as well as the heart rate zones during exercise. It also has a GPS that connects to your phone to monitoring distance and pace during outdoor activities.
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Multisport tracking

Each sporting activity is different and requires a different analysis of the measures taken by the Pulse HR. Calorie expenditure and acceptable heart rate vary greatly between a hike and a 50-meter butterfly. The bracelet offers you to select your activity from the 30 proposed with a simple long press on the side button.

The plus of the Pulse HR is that it is able to automatically detect certain classic sports (Walking, running, swimming) to directly count your performance.

Note that like all smart health connected watches, monitoring the heart rate while swimming is not possible, as water disrupts data collection. In swimming, you will simply get the duration of the session, and the calories expended.

Rediscover your route. The GPS smart health connected via smartphone details the route of your session with distance, altitude and pace. This function requires a Bluetooth connection with the smartphone, and activation of the location.

Sleep analysis

The tracker tracks the quality of your sleep (light and deep sleep) always from the Health Mate app. You receive your sleep score every day and discover the parameters that influence the quality of your sleep.

In addition, it has an alarm function practical and smart that will fire at the best time in your sleep cycles.

Finally, take advantage of the advice and observe the benefits of more regular sleep.


Pulse HR has a Lithium-Ion battery which gives it long-term autonomy of up to 20 days (if you only use it to tell the time), with a quick recharge in 2 hours.
For me, as the bracelet needs an Android or iOS smartphone, a battery life of 2 days is sufficient in activity mode. And good news, we’re very wide with the Withings Pulse HR. Some may be looking for a watch with a long battery life, but you will have the problem of having to charge your phone. In short, an argument ultimately useless without integrated GPS.

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Price and availability

Available for sale from December 5, 2018 at the price of $ 129.95 (for a few days in pre-order).

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3 new from $99.00
4 used from $86.74
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Features Withings Pulse HR


  • AMOLED black polycarbonate screen
  • B materialcase: stainless steel
  • Case size: 18.16 x 10.45 x 44.4 mm
  • Dial customization: no
  • Strap material: silicone with a pin buckle clasp (classic)
  • Weight: 45g

Personal assistant

  • Display notifications from your Smartphone (calls, SMS, applications)
  • Speech recognition: no

Activity tracking

  • Gyroscope, accelerometer
  • Heart rate tracking
  • smart health connected GPS requires Bluetooth connection with the smartphone, as well as activation of the location
  • 5 ATM water resistance, shower and surface swimming.

Connectivity and system

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10+
  • Smartphone or tablet equipped with Android 6+ (compatible with Android 4.3 without smartphone notifications)
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy (range 10 meters with your phone).

Food and autonomy

  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Real autonomy in activity: 15 days (5 days max with activity tracking)
  • 100% recharge in 2 hours (80% in 1 hour)


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