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Withings reviews -Complete Guide and comparison of Withings brand

Withings reviews -Complete Guide and comparison of Withings brand

Withings reviews – What is Withings?Is it worth buying Withings?How do you think about Withings?

For nearly ten years, the innovative technology in smart health market has seen the emergence of a new brand that is gaining momentum: Withings. Quickly, it was able to nest in the midst of market leaders. Its greatest strength lies in the diverse connected objects it offers: it can range from a simple watch to a medical tool, such as the blood pressure monitor. Thanks to its varied range, it is today one of the most influential brands in the field of connected objects.

Withings is a French brand that designs, develops and markets intelligent applications as well as products that facilitate daily life, such as its range of Withings connected watches. The company was founded in June 2008 and its headquarters are located in Issy-les Moulineaux.

What does Withings really offer?

First, in “basic” objects, it is possible to find many models of connected watches. Depending on your budget, your needs and your desires, you are guaranteed to find a smartwatch that suits you perfectly. The models vary greatly from one range to another, going from the “sport” bracelet to the “traditional” watch. Thanks to these, you can find all of your news on your wrist: messages, calls, notifications from social networks. For the more athletic among you, you will also have the possibility of tracking your daily activities: running, calories expended, distance traveled or the number of steps you have taken. In this way, you can see the evolution of your health at a glance!

And health can also be connected

Withings is one of the rare brands to offer complementary objects to follow your evolution. Withings watches have many features like monitoring and analyzing weight, heart activity, the environment, physical activity, blood oxygen level and sleep quality. The brand offers a wide range of smart products, including its Pulse Ox bracelets, its Go activity tracker, and its Withings Activity, Activity Pop and Activity Steel smart watches. All these watches are dedicated to fitness and monitoring the quality of sleep of the wearer. After discovering this selection, your Withings connected watch will never leave you!

You can also find connected scales. It will not just give you your weight, but additional and valuable information. So, once on the scale, you will have the opportunity to know your body composition, your body mass index, your fat mass; muscle; bone and water! A real resource of information directly at home, so you can adopt a healthier lifestyle if necessary. Obviously, you will find all this information in the form of curves, to know your evolution.

Perhaps the reason that Withings stands out from the competition is because it really takes your needs into account by providing you with the right solutions. Because to have a complete follow-up of your health, the brand also offers you thermometers as well as connected blood pressure monitors. The first will allow you to quickly take your temperature and keep a history directly on your smartphone. As for the second, it works the same way, allowing you to have a constant eye on your health from your phone, but also to share it easily with your doctor.

Finally, your health also depends on your sleep, and that, Withings has understood! It puts at your destination a connected alarm clock operating under color LED, which does not attack the eyes when lying down or waking up. It is provided with a sensor, to be placed between your box spring and your mattress. Your doctor will analyze your sleep cycles and your heart rate. Once again, you will have a summary of all your nights directly on your mobile.

Why choose Withings?

It’s simple ! All Withings products have one thing in common: their adaptability. Yes, you will always be the one who decides on the use of your connected object by simply modifying its parameters. Nothing is fixed, it is you who make your own choices!

In addition, it offers you useful and necessary connected objects that will allow you to keep an eye on your physical health in just a few clicks!

Withings is at your service!

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