Withings announces the release of a new medically certified Withings Sleep Analyzer sensor that can screen for sleep apnea.

According to the French brand, the device would be almost as precise as the sharp examinations carried out in hospitals. This is the third generation of the tracker, following on from the Withings Aura and Nokia / Withings Sleep. In fact, it consolidates the brand as a leader in the smart health connected objects for sleep.

iSleep apnea monitoring with the Withings Sleep Analyzer

According to the firm, its solution received theendorsement by the doctors at Béclère Hospital in Paris. But the company says its product is not as accurate as hospital measurement equipment. That said, she also reassures by saying that the margin of error is quite small for the vast majority of the public.

In addition to the sensor alone, Withings collaborated with the specialist in Maliterie bedding to integrate the Sleep Analyzer into the bed base of their beds. Baptized Morphea2, this second product is sold as the world’s first smart health connected bedding. Indeed, previously, the two brands integrated the Sleep sensors on the mattress and not on the box spring.

In any case, this novelty once again recalls that theSleep Apnea is the current battleground for the various players in smart health connected sleep.

withings sleep analyzer, sleep sensor

Features and functions that we already knew

Like its predecessors, the sensor is simply placed under the mattress. Once installed, you no longer have to think about it, the device automatically analyzing the quality of your nights afterwards. The next day, you will be able to consult the measurements, sent to your smartphone via WiFi, via the Health Mate application.

As with its predecessors, the Withings Sleep Analyzer monitors breathing, movement, heart rate and sleep cycle of its user. Using these indicators, the application will offer you tips for better sleep at night.

Even better, you can use the sleep tracker to, for example, turn off the light when you are at health home. Obviously, you will need to have the necessary health home automation equipment and use IFTTT.

The new Withings Sleep Analyzer is available from today at price from € 129.95 on the brand’s website. For its part, the Morphea 2 will be in pre-order in early May on the Maliterie site.



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