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Samsung AI Family Hub+ the refrigerator that controls the kitchen

CES 2024 is frequently a glimpse at what the future holds for us at home. Tech&Co has searched the aisles for good ideas, including an AI refrigerator, a smart robot vacuum cleaner, and a button that controls everything.

CES 2024 provides an opportunity to take a tour of the linked house of the future. If AI gains traction gradually, it should significantly improve our daily lives.

We conducted a tour of the CES Las Vegas 2024 show’s aisles to find the equipment you’ll need quickly.


The EcoFlow emergency generator for the home

INNOVATIONS CES Las Vegas 2024 The EcoFlow emergency generator for the home

INNOVATIONS CES Las Vegas 2024 The EcoFlow emergency generator for the home

As power grids become less reliable and blackouts more frequent, homeowners are searching for solutions to keep the lights on no matter the weather or world events affecting energy supply. EcoFlow offers the Delta Pro Ultra as a versatile answer for whole home backup power plus off-grid adventures in a portable package.

This lightweight yet mighty unit packs a hefty 6kWh capacity battery with 7200 watt AC output to efficiently run fridges, freezers, medical devices and more for emergency preparedness. When the grid fails, simply wheel it out to supply an average home’s essentials for 24 hours. For longer outages, add EcoFlow’s stackable Smart Home Panel with 21,600 watt input for weeks of backup energy thanks to intelligent UPS and solar charging.

The Delta Pro Ultra’s all-in-one design includes a variety of charging options for maximum flexibility. Replenish the battery via the wall outlet in just under 2 hours. Connect solar panels directly to the unit’s 5600-16800 watt MPPT controller to soak up the sun’s rays for endless sustainability. Top up the charge with a gas generator, 12V car outlet or virtually any off-grid power source using bundled adapters.

EcoFlow’s innovative technology ensures your devices power safely and efficiently. The pure sine wave inverter outputs clean energy that won’t fry sensitive electronics like many traditional generators. Advanced X-Boost transforms the 7200 watts to an extra burst up to 7800W to accommodate surge loads from appliances. The intelligent Battery Management System monitors performance, preventing over-charging and excessive discharge for long term reliability.

This versatile backup battery meets a wide range of needs beyond emergency preparedness. RV and van life enthusiasts will appreciate the freedom to roam off-grid with a month’s supply of power in tow. Tailgaters and event coordinators can tap into reliable energy for sound systems, lighting and more out in the field. The Delta Pro Ultra eliminates worry over running out of juice whether at home or away.

EcoFlow offers an ecosystem of modular accessories for further customization. Stack up to two Smart Home Panel units to create a 63.6kWh capacity for even the most power hungry smart homes. Add the Smart Extra Battery to double your power to 12kWh in the same portable profile. Protect the Delta Pro from the elements with a rugged wheeled cover for garage storage and transport. With thoughtful expandability, build precisely the right backup system unique to your situation and budget.

In today’s unpredictable age of intensifying storms and fragile infrastructure, the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra provides customizable home energy resiliency. Prep your essentials to ride out grid failures for days or weeks. Tap into the sun for sustainable charging year round.

Reduce disruption from blackouts with smart backup power starting at $5799.The Smart Home Panel 2 at $1,899. They are available in the United States and on the brand’s website.

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Flic, the magic button that controls the house

Flic the magic button that controls the house INNOVATIONS CES Las Vegas 2024

Flic the magic button that controls the house INNOVATIONS CES Las Vegas 2024

Tired of fumbling with dozens of apps just to turn lights on or off in your home? The Swedish startup wants to help you control your home as simply as possible, using a discreet button. The ingenious little Flic buttons offer a brilliantly simple solution for intelligent home control right at your fingertips.

These compact smart buttons pack powerful potential into a tiny package about the size of two stacked quarters. They attach magnetically nearly anywhere – walls, appliances, furniture and more – for wireless control of compatible smart devices with the mere push of a button.

Flic buttons provide intuitive one-touch access to your most common smart home tasks. With a single press, dim hue lights for movie night. Double tap to cue up your favorite playlist. Give a long hold to activate the security system as you head out the door. Nearly any routine is possible with programmable click, double click or press and hold gestures.

The Flic ecosystem offers broad compatibility with major smart home brands like Philips Hue, IKEA, Samsung SmartThings and Bosch to name just a few. Flic buttons can trigger lighting scenes, launch music playback, control cameras, activate small appliances, open/close motorized blinds or shades, adjust thermostats and more.

The buttons communicate wirelessly with a central Flic Hub via Bluetooth to relay commands throughout your smart home network. This allows control even when your phone isn’t in range, providing reliable performance homewide.

Setup is astonishingly simple with the Flic app for iOS or Android devices. Just connect each Flic button to the hub with a few button clicks. Then pick the button function you want for various clicks, like single press to turn off all hue lights. Customize multiple triggers per button as needed.

Expand possibilities even further by integrating Flic with IFTTT recipes. This connects an enormous range of additional smart devices not already supported natively. Now tap to feed the dog, start the robotic vacuum or receive a notification when the laundry is done.

The Series 2 Flic Twist model provides dimming and incremental brightness controls with a simple twist of the dial surround. Gradually dim bedside lamps or slowly raise the lights. Twist right to increase volume or left to decrease.

For portable control on the go, Flic offers silicone wristband buttons in stylish colors. Clip them anywhere with the included carabiner or stick the adhesive button directly onto clothing, bags and more. Even take handsfree control into the shower or pool worry free thanks to waterproof construction.

The Flic ecosystem provides the ultimate simplification for accessing your most common smart home automations. No need to fumble through apps when a simple tap or twist of an elegantly designed Flic button can control so many essential tasks and routines. Experience intelligent new levels of home control convenience with Flic.

Available on Amazon and on the Flic website.

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Samsung AI Family Hub+, the refrigerator that controls the kitchen

Samsung AI Family Hub INNOVATIONS CES Las Vegas 2024

Samsung AI Family Hub INNOVATIONS CES Las Vegas 2024

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where food and family meet. Now Samsung is infusing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence into our fridges to create an even more helpful and efficient kitchen command center. Introducing the new Samsung AI Family Hub+ refrigerator, your intelligent kitchen assistant.

This innovative 4-door fridge leverages advanced computer vision technology to literally see what’s inside and provide services that simplify meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and more. The built-in camera scans your food and identifies ingredients, automatically logging them on the fridge’s 24-inch touchscreen. The AI Family Hub+ builds and maintains a list of everything on hand, reducing food waste and extra purchases.

You’ll never again wonder “what’s in the fridge” or struggle to conjure dinner ideas from random ingredients. Just tap the screen to view your current inventory. Built-in algorithms can suggest recipes, meal plans and shopping lists tailored specifically to what you already have, streamlining dinner decisions. The AI takes the guesswork out of cooking by sending chosen recipes directly to the Anyplace induction cooktop or oven. Step-by-step guidance is displayed on the appliance screens as you cook.

But the AI Family Hub+ offers more than just recipe recommendations. The advanced computer vision can actually recognize around 30 fresh foods, noting details like ripeness. You’ll receive expiration alerts before produce goes bad, saving both money and trips to the grocery store. The fridge “sees” what you take out and log entries when you return items as well. It’s an automatic food diary that promotes better eating habits.

The integrated Samsung Food app provides robust recipe and meal planning functionality beyond the fridge’s AI. Browse thousands of recipes, filter by dietary needs and preferences, bookmark favorites and send instructions straight to your Samsung smart oven or induction cooktop with a single tap. Meal plan templates make planning weekly dinners breeze. Grocery lists are automatically populated with needed ingredients.

The AI Family Hub+ transforms into a dietary assistant, tracking items as you take them out or put them back to monitor your consumption habits. Combining this data with height, weight and fitness goals entered in the Samsung Health app allows the fridge to provide tailored nutrition advice and healthy recipes catered to your individual needs.

This clever fridge doesn’t just react to your behaviors – it proactively keeps you informed. The large touchscreen displays calendars, news, weather and other updates. Write memos and to-do lists directly on the screen. Stream music or podcasts through the built-in speaker while you cook. When not actively being used, it doubles as a digital family bulletin board displaying photos or kids’ artwork.

The integrated cameras aren’t just for food recognition either. You can video chat with family members directly from the fridge screen using Google Duo, allowing kids to connect with working parents or check in on elderly relatives. The AI Family Hub+ becomes the communications hub of your household.

Bring intuitive intelligence into the heart of home with the Samsung AI Family Hub+ fridge. Computer vision technology sees what’s inside, identifies ingredients, tracks expiration dates and gives personalized recommendations to reduce food waste while making meal decisions easier. It connects your appliances, allowing them to work in unison for simpler cooking. With a vast built-in touchscreen and app ecosystem, it becomes the command center for the kitchen and entire household. Welcome state-of-the-art AI into your home with Samsung’s newest innovation.

Eureka three-in-one cleaning

Eureka three-in-one cleaning INNOVATIONS CES Las Vegas 2024

Eureka three-in-one cleaning INNOVATIONS CES Las Vegas 2024

Living in a small space often means making compromises on appliances and convenience. But the innovative Eureka Dual Washing Bot eliminates the need to choose between a washer, dryer and robotic vacuum cleaner by combining all three into one revolutionary space-saving design.

This first-of-its-kind 3-in-1 machine is perfect for apartment dwellers, RVs, college dorms, or anywhere lacking room for multiple laundry and cleaning appliances.

The main compartment serves as both a front loading washer and dryer unit for handling all your laundry needs. Its compact size makes it ideal for small living quarters, yet it still features a generous 3.5 cubic foot capacity drum – enough for doing several loads a week.

Fully integrated controls allow you to wash and dry clothes automatically in consecutive cycles without having to transfer between separate units. The intuitive touchscreen panel gives options like temperature adjustments and timed drying.

Below the washing/drying compartment is a special hatch where the Eureka robotic vacuum hides when not in use. This unique integration does more than just save space – it actually works synergistically to enhance the vacuuming performance.

Here’s how it works:

The vac leaves its hatch when the washer/dryer runs a cycle, benefitting from the water drainage to fill its own tank. The now full vacuum cleaner exits on a cleaning mission, sucking up dirt across hard floors. Sensors help it efficiently navigate and map your home’s layout.

Once floors are cleaned, the robo vac returns to its hatch which has now drained from the laundry cycle. It neatly empties its dirty water before parking itself into charging mode.

This automatic water filling allows for semi-continuous vacuuming runs without nearly as much downtime or manual emptying compared to typical robot vacs. Owners simply need to drain excess laundry water as usual.

Maintenance is straightforward thanks to centralized access from the top of the unit. Easily clean filters, swap vacuum dust bins or add laundry detergent from one convenient spot. LED indicators alert you when attention is needed.

In addition to superior convenience, the 3-in-1 design also saves money compared to buying three separate appliances. And it takes up half the floor space of having a standalone washer, dryer and robo vac.

Some key specs:

Washing Machine

  • 3.5 cu ft capacity
  • 800 RPM max spin speed
  • Steam wash function
  • Delay timer

Clothes Dryer

  • Stainless steel drum
  • High efficiency filtering
  • Moisture sensor for auto shut off
  • Adjustable temp up to 140°F

Robotic Vacuum

  • 120 minute runtime
  • 2000Pa max suction
  • WiFi/app connectivity
  • Remote control

With a modern black stainless steel finish and smooth lines, this machine looks as great as it functions. The clever engineering allows you to simultaneously wash and dry a load while vacuuming hard floors hands-free.

Never waste time waiting on laundry or deal with tripping over a loud, clumsy vacuum again. The revolutionary Eureka 3-in-1 Dual Washing Bot is the ultimate appliance for compact living that pays for itself in convenience while maximizing every square foot.

The robot vacuum cleaner that washes by recycling and cleaning its own water

3i Intelligent Cleaning Station

3i Intelligent Cleaning Station

Imagination, innovation, intelligence. This is how the Chinese brand 3i defines itself. And her vacuum cleaner robot isn’t going to make her lie. The 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station is an extremely massive device, over a meter high. It does everything like many competitors: it vacuums, washes and returns to empty at its station before filling with water and cleaning its mop. But this one is much smarter.

Because you won’t need to refill it or even its reserve for a long time. Very long even. It is the very first device capable of recycling its dirty water to get back to work. 3i found a way to purify dirty water and turn it into distilled water ready to be reinjected into the system. It is disinfected in passing and 99.9% sterilized, promises the brand, thanks to a silver ionization process guaranteed for 5 years. Additional solution is used for cleaning. And to be even more sure of never running out of water. The device is capable of extracting water from the air and adding it to its reserve.

And alongside all this prowess, it’s also a powerful, cutting-edge robot vacuum cleaner, with laser sensing, voice control, strong suction power and an automatic mop cleaning system. It should arrive by the end of 2024 in Europe from 2000 euros.

Kohler Numi 2.0,connected toilets to talk to so as not to touch anything

Kohler Numi CES Las Vegas 2024

Kohler Numi CES Las Vegas 2024

From light to sound, sound thanks to two side speakers, a remote control and (still) a spray cleaning system, bowl heating… The Kohler Numi 2.0 are the ultimate connected toilets available. You can even ask Alexa to do everything “hands-free”, insists the brand.

Because this is the connected appeal of these expensive toilets (8,500 dollars in white, 10,000 dollars in black due to even more premium material). The design is matched at the top of the range only by the health, environmental (water saving) and therefore connected side of the Numi 2.0.

In a less expensive version, the same manufacturer offers PureWash E930, a connected toilet seat. It is positioned on your bathroom and will make it smarter. PureWash E930 can spray water, dry with hot air and clean toilets by UV. And all of these functions can be activated by voice by asking Amazon Alexa or Google Home through the Kohler Konnect app. Otherwise, the supplied remote control will do its job perfectly. However, it costs almost 1500 dollars.

The medical tricorder from Withings

Withings’ medical tricorder has a futuristic design reminiscent of Star Trek. Their most recent invention, the appropriately titled BeamO, is a four-in-one health monitor. While it’s intriguing, it’s worth noting that it isn’t the first of its kind. Almost a decade ago, Viatom debuted a similar versatile device.

The medical tricorder from Withings BeamO

The medical tricorder from Withings BeamO

However, we are still waiting for the first tricorders that are dependable and inexpensive enough for broad use. BeamO may become the finest in its category. The gadget can monitor and record crucial health data such as body temperature, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels, and heart rate. It also includes a single-lead ECG and a digital stethoscope for recording heart and lung sounds.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to approve the gadget. This could take some time because the company’s record with FDA clearance is uneven. Nonetheless, anticipation for the BeamO is great, and we are excited to try it whenever it is ready. According to the company’s website, it will be available for USD/EUR 250, which is a reasonable price.

Check Withings amazon store

Awareables and AI-powered smart mirrors for mental health

AI powered smart mirrors for mental health

AI powered smart mirrors for mental health

Combining a wristwatch with generative AI seemed to be a logical next step, which is exactly what NoWatch claims to do. The firm, known for its wordplay, refers to their new product category as “awareables” (meaning “now watch” rather than “no watch”). (Ouch.)

Nowatch Insights is described as “an AI companion that weaves daily health data into a compelling daily narrative along with tips to build stress resilience” . It employs large-scale language models to turn “diverse data streams into coherent narratives, providing users with personalised daily recaps and recommendations tailored to their specific interest profiles and wellness goals” .

Meanwhile,Baracoda wants to improve our mornings (and evenings) with their BMind Smart Mirror, which elevates our mood and self-worth through artificial intelligence and natural language processing. It is the first AI-enabled smart mirror in the world; it can assess our moods and recommend different methods of mental wellbeing, such as guided meditation. The business claims that it may even, among other things, “curb feelings of loneliness through an immersive experience using light, sound, and visuals.”

How To Reduce Your Depression And Sleep Better With Innovative Ways?

In-door sport tech

Do you need to work out more but don’t want to go outside? There is an app that can help with that!

The iGolfPutter is a piece of technology developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) for use in indoor sports and health. It allows you to play on simulated courses and analyzes your golf swing using AI.

“The iGolfPutter uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide realistic golf course simulation, putt and skeletal analysis, and real-time remote competition.” It’s quite useful for anyone trying to improve their golf game from home, even if playing golf outside is generally seen to be one of its main benefits.

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The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas showcased a plethora of innovative technologies poised to revolutionize our homes and healthcare experiences. Here are some of the highlights from the “Best of Innovations” awards, categorized by Home and Health Tech:

Home Tech:

  • Smart Homes Get Even Smarter: Expect seamless integration and automation with products that anticipate your needs, from adjusting lighting and temperature to managing appliances and security systems.
  • Personalized Entertainment: Immersive experiences take center stage with advancements in virtual reality, augmented reality, and personalized audio-visual systems tailored to individual preferences.
  • Smarter Kitchens and Appliances: Cooking becomes effortless with AI-powered ovens that suggest recipes, adjust settings, and even preheat based on your schedule. Smart refrigerators optimize food storage and suggest meal plans.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Eco-friendly options are gaining traction, with smart thermostats that optimize energy usage, water-saving appliances, and home energy monitoring systems that promote responsible consumption.
  • Enhanced Security: Home security systems become more sophisticated, offering features like facial recognition, AI-powered anomaly detection, and remote monitoring for complete peace of mind.

Health Tech:

  • Personalized Healthcare: Wearables and sensors continuously track vital signs, providing real-time health data and personalized insights. AI-powered health assistants offer personalized recommendations and can even connect you to healthcare professionals remotely.
  • Mental Wellness Solutions: Technologies addressing mental health are on the rise, with meditation apps, VR therapy experiences, and biofeedback devices promoting relaxation and stress management.
  • Telehealth Takes the Lead: Remote consultations with healthcare professionals become more seamless and accessible, with advanced telehealth platforms offering high-quality video conferencing and diagnostic tools.
  • Precision Medicine: Advancements in genetic testing and personalized medicine enable targeted treatment plans and preventive measures based on individual needs.
  • Improved Sleep Technology: Smart mattresses and sleep trackers analyze your sleep patterns and offer personalized recommendations to optimize sleep quality.

These are just a few examples of the exciting innovations showcased at CES 2024. As these technologies continue to evolve and become more accessible, they have the potential to transform the way we live, work, and manage our health, creating a more comfortable, convenient, and personalized future for everyone.

CES 2024 Innovation Awards Honorees:

CES 2024 Digital Health Summit:

CES 2024 Smart Home Summit:

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