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Is Oclean X Pro Elite the best connected health smart toothbrush?

Is Oclean X Pro Elite the best smart health connected toothbrush?

Not many people know about Oclean. Still, that should change in the years to come. The Chinese oral care brand is starting to establish itself on the old continent and is positioning itself more and more on the high-end products. The latest innovation is the connected health smart toothbrush Oclean X Pro Elite . Here are 5 reasons not to underestimate this product which undeniably has its place against the competition.


Why choose the Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush ?

Its very attractive price

Recently launched, the Oclean Pro X Elite toothbrush has a discount that lowers its price below 60 $. By adding our exclusive discount, you can even afford this high-end product for less than 55 $, which makes it one of the cheapest smart health connected toothbrushes on the market.

High-end design and ergonomics

His color “Frosted gray” makes the Pro X Elite a premium looking product. With its mention “Good Design Award”, we are served as to its quality. Its coating is assured non-slip and the materials used allow this toothbrush to be perfectly waterproof (IPX7). Teeth brushing enthusiasts in the shower will therefore have nothing to fear.

Oclean connected toothbrush waterproof frosted gray color

Its unique connectivity

Its screen that makes it unique

Another particularly attractive point about its design is its 0.9 inch touch screen. The Chinese box has made it its trademark and is also the only manufacturer to offer it. This screen allows you to configure your toothbrush directly from it. No need to go through your smartphone anymore. We can thus manage the intensity – 36 levels! -, brushing modes defined on the application or the brushing time. Finally, the screen allows you to see the quality of the brushing by giving a note with a visual of poorly brushed areas.

Connected toothbrush touchscreen

Its most complete application

In addition to its integrated screen, the toothbrush has a dedicated application. You might think it has no use, but think again! The application is extremely complete : more than 20 programs adapted to your habits, personalized follow-up, different types of washing depending on the time of day or warning on thebrush head condition teeth.

Full application of the Pro X Elite

Its efficient and silent brush system

Its main asset lies in the efficiency of brushing. And again, its characteristics are very attractive. With his magnetic suspension motor and his sonic tooth technology, optimal brushing of your teeth is guaranteed. Mechanism plus durable, more movements effectives – 42,000 revolutions per minute – and power assured, the Oclean X Pro Elite has a particularly powerful brushing system. Best of all, she is very silent ! Technology WhisperCleanallows it not to exceed the 45 dB . Compared to its competitors, this is almost unexpected. We could add that the brush head in the pack uses bristles “Diamond Bristles” manufactured by DuPont which guarantee 15% more efficiency compared to conventional filaments.

Its interesting autonomy

The Oclean toothbrush has a wireless chargingwhich allows it to fully recharge in 3:30. With an announced autonomy of 35 days in normal use, it becomes the ideal travel companion for traveling light, without the hassle of the charger. And if you are stranded during your trip, the toothbrush, which is part of thexiaomi ecosystem , is compatible with all wireless chargers of the brand.

Connected toothbrush wireless charging

The Oclean X Pro Elite against its competitors

  • Oclean X Pro Elite vs Oclean X Pro : compared to its little sister, the X Pro Elite has a coatingdifferent and use a lot quieter .
  • Oclean X Pro Elite vs Oral-B iO9 : the price and the autonomy are largely to the advantage of the Oclean. Let us add that Oral-B is dependent on its application to function and its screen is not touch-sensitive.
  • Oclean X Pro Elite vs Philips Sonicare 9900: once again, the price is to the advantage of Oclean. Characteristics level, the Philips does not have no screenand its charging time is 4 p.m.!
Premium, non-slip connected toothbrush

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