Having a panoply of objects for your car, house, garden … it’s very nice, but life, even smart health connected, is much more fun with a little spice or crazy inventions straight out of the brilliant brain of the creators … The craziest smart objects are here!

Svakom Gaga: to make sexfies of the orgasm

swakom sextoy

Might as well get into the bath and immediately tackle the beast. What is Svakom Gaga? Among others, the proof by A plus B that narcissism has no limit, but besides that, the device is a vibrator allowing to film a female orgasm live…inside. All thanks to an HD camera which, according to the spokesperson for LoveHoney, “allows users to get to know their entire body through remarkably clear camera ehealth“…thanks WHO ? All records can be directly downloaded via PC or smartphone with FaceTime. Bonus, it is waterproof.

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True Love Tester: “romantic” bra

Connected sexuality!

After the sex toy comes the smart health connected bra. True Love Tester is a bit of the chastity panties of the chest, once attached, the underwear communicates with the smartphone thanks to its sensors which retransmit the heart rate of its user. The idea is to allow the bra to unlock when its thrilling gets carried away, but not anytime, anyway!

The bra that bars during jogging is a bit limited, which is why True Love Tester has been programmed to be able to recognize when the heart is racing with love, the only key capable of overcoming this bulwark which already in normal times spends a few cold sweats on these gentlemen. Finally alone, not really, the other key is the smartphone application which also provides heart rate information of the user. A pretty cool object in short, but to use only with your loved one in order to avoid awkward situations …

Walk ? It rolls with Rollkers!

Rollkers in real life

Finally an object useful to the great followers of the least tiring solution to move. The Rollkers are “walking accelerators” and a french invention please presented at CES ! The kind of idea that has something for everyone who has ever thought “that life would be so much better if instead of walking so far you could have treadmills like in airports…” And boom ! Two wheels, a motor and a battery later we put on the surrealist pumps and we connect it all to your smartphone to choose the walking speed and control the braking. Good on the other hand to hold on to these devices with dignity requires a little practice or a laziness so intense that it will overcome the fear of ridicule.

iGrow: a helmet in the hair

igrow hair growth helmet

iGrow is a helmet for growing hair. No, it’s not April 1st or a two-ball joke. Okay said like that, we could limit imagine a cartoon where the hero puts on the device and finds himself covered with hair from head to toe in Chewbacca mode. But the device is not only real, but additionally equipped with a helmet, and top of the top, was validated by the American FDA ! The system was also presented at CES , and works with LEDs and lasers, responsible for stimulating the cells responsible for hair growth … because they are worth it.

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D Free: 10-minute chrono operation

d free

The advantage of being interested in Japanese culture is that you are (almost) no longer surprised at anything when it comes to wacky inventions. Japanese startup Triple W has created a ventral sensor able to analyze what’s going on in the intestines to alert the user 10 minutes before they have to go to the bathroom to do the big commission to avoid being smeared the rest of the day. VS“10 minutes chrono” missions are sent directly to the smartphone of the person. As surprising and / or absurd as it may seem, the ventral sensor is mainly aimed at the elderly prone to intestinal problems.

Numi comfort Height: Game Of Throne

connected toilets

Small welcome messages, a heating function, a two-speed flush, the small mood light that is going well … JAAAAAAAAAAP …. No ! ‘Merica!

same japan

A classic of the craziest objects fair, smart health connected toilets have a special place, but this time it is not the Japanese who set the bar very high in the smart health connected “Game of Thrones”, it’s the Americans! Numi Comfort Height works thanks to an LCD touch screen where you can connect your smartphone. Until then, it’s still soft, now add a presence detector, loudspeaker, timeless automatic bowl … and little bonuses, a USB port, a slot for the SD card and enough to transform the toilet bowl into a sound box! Atmosphere!

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RollScout: warned before being at the end of the roll

toilet paper

Do not deny it, looking at this photo, you feel bad. Because you know this anguish that takes your throat when you are alone in the face of fatality, looking at this empty helpless roll. RollScout intervenes to combat these everyday dramas. Still in project on Kickstarter, the smart health connected roll holder sends a notification to the smartphone when the toilet paper runs out. In case, the object flashes red to underscore the urgency of the situation.

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