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Withings Activité Steel is the smartwatch for minimalists

Withings Activité Steel is the smartwatch for minimalists

The Withings Activité Steel smart health watch has an elegant stainless steel case, a dial with a minimalist design and a soft silicone band in different colors that can be easily replaced with conventional wristbands. With a diameter of 38 mm, the watch is equally wearable by men and women. Visually reveals only a special feature on the dial the secret life of the Activité Steel as a functional fitness tracker: About the speedometer can be read with just a glance, how close the wearer has come to the scheduled daily activity target.


What can the Withings Activité Steel do?

The activity tracker of Withings is waterproof up to 50 meters and can therefore be worn while swimming, diving or under the shower. To capture steps and activity data while walking, running and swimming, hidden in the housing are sensors. They record both duration and distance traveled per day and automatically detect when the wearer is swimming. Also sleep data registers the watch and automatically detects when the wearer falls asleep. Even sleep patterns make up the clock and differentiate between light sleep and deep sleep phases as well as sleep interruptions. In the morning, the clock wakes with the help of its silent vibration alarm. It ensures a pleasant wake-up without disturbing the partner. Unlike other smartwatches, the Activité Steel must be in the evening not charged become. Since it dispenses with a digital display, it can come up with particularly long battery life of up to eight months.

Fitness Partner Health Mate App

Via Bluetooth, the Withings Activité Steel connects to the smartphone. To evaluate the collected data, the free Health Mate app for iOS and Android to disposal. It prepares the activities graphically and clearly. It also provides expert coaching, activity analysis, a leaderboard to compete with friends, and reminders to help you meet your personal activity goals. In addition, data from other Withings products, such as the popular Smart Body Analyzer, Body Cardio and Smart smart health connected Scale scales, are also included here. The user gets an even greater range of functions through the seamless integration with the health app MyFitnessPal, In addition to the recording of all activities, it enables the maintenance of a nutritional protocol. Both data sets can be compared to calorie intake and calorie consumption. In addition, Health Mate is compatible with over one hundred other well-known health and fitness apps, including MapMyRun. Nike + such as Apple Health,
Withings Activté Steel with Health Mate App @ withings.com

More fitness tracker than smartwatch

Although the Activité Steel looks like a classic, stylish watch, its functionality makes it still a sporty fitness tracker. For a real smartwatch you are missing some typical extras. Unlike Apple Watch or Android Wear, the Withings gadget does not report incoming calls and new messages on the smartphone. Since it dispenses with its own display, no entries are possible. Instead, the Activité Steel is considered a pure fitness sensor that collects activity data without the user’s intervention. On additional equipment such as a GPS receiver that records distances traveled, the manufacturer has unfortunately waived.
Withings Activité Steel Activity Tracker with style @withings.com
Withings Activité Steel Activity tracking with style

Technical details

  • Automatic activity detection: walking, running, swimming
  • Measures step count, distance and calories
  • Sleep analysis with sleep cycle detection
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Alarm function with silent vibration alarm
  • Automatic sync via Bluetooth with the Health Mate app
  • High quality stainless steel case and chrome plated hands
  • Battery life up to eight months

Prices and availability

Withings Activité Steel is available in several versions with different colored silicone bands and a white or black dial. In the manufacturer’s webshop, the clock costs 169.95 euros.
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