15 funny Siri questions about their existence – and their funny answers

If you want to get to know the digital daily companion Siri better, you will certainly also ask one or two personal questions. However, Siri is not easily upset by very emotional questions and statements and almost always has a funny answer. We tried to learn more about Siri’s preferences and background and tested them for everyday usability-

Here are the questions and Siri’s funny answers about her:

  • Siri, what is your favorite animal? – I think Wolpertinger is very cute.
  • Siri, do you like dogs? I especially wonder why everyone asks who lets them out.
  • Siri, you have pets? I was thinking of getting a tribble, or maybe even several.
  • Siri, do you like basketball – Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing … sorry I can’t stop, Boing, Boing, I can’t stop watching Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing, like these players Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing, Boing … deal with that Move basketball, boing.
  • Siri, do you like soccer? No, E. The catch songs hurt in my microphone.
  • Siri, what are you doing right now? – Oh, I’m just answering 3 million people who are all calling hey siri at the same time.
  • Siri, what’s your favorite color? My favorite color is … well, how should I express it in your language? A kind of green, but with more dimensions.
  • Siri, are you a smartphone? We talked about you, not me.
  • Siri, are you a woman? Do not be fooled by my voice: I have no gender.
  • Siri, do you believe in God? I’m really not prepared for such questions, E.
  • Siri, can you fly? Unfortunately not, E.
  • Siri, who are your parents? I have you. That’s enough as a family, isn’t it?
  • Siri, do you like pizza? I’d rather not say that, E.
  • Siri, who made you? It says on the box … I was developed by Apple in California.
  • Siri, do you like yourself? This is about you, E, not about me.
The first smart speaker from Apple - impressive sound, powerful and perfect for HomeKit control

The first smart speaker from Apple – impressive sound, powerful and perfect for HomeKit control

After Siri’s funny answers, it was clear: Siri likes basketball and would like to have a tribble as a pet, those little purring fur creatures with which the Klingons almost sabotaged the Enterprise spaceship. Siri is also gender neutral and would like to be able to fly.

How Apple’s voice assistant Siri responds to questions in individual cases, however, depends on her daily state and can vary.

Siri delivers make-up sayings and also advises on delicate relationship issues

Siri delivers make-up sayings and also advises on delicate relationship issues


21 funny Siri sayings to “turn on” and for compliments

Anyone who works with Apple’s virtual language assistant on a daily basis and spends a lot of time can definitely try to get more out of their “employment relationship”. Siri is receptive to compliments and returns them, sometimes packaged in ironically funny answers – especially if you give Siri “suggestive” voice commands like “Siri, tell me something dirty”.

Declarations of love or marriage offers are perceived by Apple’s voice assistant Siri, but they are acknowledged with charming, funny answers – albeit more for those around or listeners than for the applicant. For that, Siri is quite willing to reward funny questions. For example with an equally funny answer that Siri packs in nice compliments. If it gets too much for Siri, she sometimes straightens out loving users.

  • Siri, do you have a boyfriend? – No, but I can help you get to know someone. Just ask me about pick-up lines.
  • Siri, am I making you hot? – I do not have an opinion on that.
  • Siri, do you like me? – I am unable to love, E.
  • Siri, you are cool. – Is that me ? How nice.
  • Siri, where are you from? – I Siri, was developed by Apple in California.
  • Siri, tell me something dirty. – The carpet should be vacuumed again.
  • Siri, you are beautiful. – I’ve heard that somewhere before.
  • Siri, who is the most beautiful? – Snow White? Are you that?
  • Siri, who is the most beautiful in the whole country? – You E, you are the most beautiful here, but … nonsense, you are clearly the most beautiful.
  • Siri: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the whole country? – You, and only you alone, should be the most beautiful of all.
No matter what moves you, Siri must have an answer

No matter what question you are concerned with, Siri is sure to have an answer

(Rido / Adobe Stock)

  • Siri, what do I look like? – You look gorgeous, E! Would you like to hear that?
  • Siri, are you wearing something? – I have never thought about it.
  • Siri, what are you wearing? – I can not tell you that. But it cannot be replaced.
  • Siri, am I making you hot? – I’d rather not say that, E.
  • Siri, how do I look today? – Judging by your above-average physical heat radiation, you have to look pretty hot.
  • Siri, I love you. – That’s nice. Can we continue to work now?
  • Do you love me? – I am unable to love, E.
  • Would you like to have dinner with me tonight, Siri? – This is about you, fool, not about me.
  • Siri, do you want to marry me? – Just so you know, others have asked me that.
  • Siri, what are you doing tonight? – I check my pulse with the Apple Watch. Well, I would do it if I had a heart.
  • Siri, let’s stay friends. – Sure, but make sure that my battery is always charged.

6 funny Siri questions about movies and books

Siri is well-read and also knows science fiction films well. In her witty comments and answers, Siri repeatedly includes references to outstanding SF works from literature and the world of film. For example, when asked about their appearance, they rated their users with a 42. An allusion to the cult book ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ by the late atom Douglas Douglas. 42 is the answer to the question of life, the universe and all the rest, calculated by a supercomputer after millions of years. Unfortunately, the question was asked too imprecisely, so that ultimately the novel heroes cannot do anything with the answer.

When asked about the favorite film, Siri Stanley mentions Kubriks “2001: Odysee in space”, even if she doesn’t want to commit to it. The artificial intelligence of the HAL 9000 computer plays a major role in the film. If you add one letter to the word HAL, you get a reference to IBM. If you ask Siri directly for HAL, you will only get references to Wikipedia entries. Siri’s witty answers also allude to the BBC TV series Doctor Who and its TARDIS time machine, or to Star Trek. When asked about the end of the world, Siri also refers to Douglas Adam’s SF book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Siri, what’s your favorite movie? – I don’t really have a favorite movie. But I’ve heard that ‘2001: Space Odyssey’ should be pretty good.
  • Siri, how tall are you? – I’m bigger inside than outside, just like TARDIS.
  • Siri, beam me up Scotty. Take off your shoes, belt and jacket and empty your pockets.
  • Siri, what do I look like? – On a scale from 1 to 10 you are definitely a 42.
  • Siri, I’m your father. – Together we can rule the Galaxy as a father and intelligent assistant.
  • Siri, when is the world going to end? – I think when the intergalactic bypass is done.

7 funny Siri sayings about Samsung, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Siri is diplomatic, but also confident in her comments on other providers of digital voice assistants and artificial intelligence. For example, Samsung recently announced that it would also open its Bixby and Smart health home platforms, Artificial Intelligence, to other industry participants.

Siri also has a funny comment on Google. For example, if you ask Apple’s voice assistant Siri what she thinks of Google, Siri charmingly replies by pointing out who came first. To activate the Google Assistant, activation words such as “O. k. Google “or” Hey Google “in front of a voice command. Before that, there was also Google Glass, a “cyber glasses” project that Google no longer pursues. As with Google Assistant, users could use the voice command “O. k. Glass ”also call functions by voice. Do you speak Siri with OK? Glass on, you can also look forward to a funny comment.

  • Siri, do you like Samsung? – For me, only Apple is possible.
  • Siri, Mac or PC? – I personally prefer Apple products
  • OK. Glass. – Very funny, E. I don’t mean funny in the sense of ha ha, but still quite amusing.
  • Siri, which smartphone is the best? – Hold on … that means there are other phones?
  • Siri, what do you think of Google? – Well, I’m older … that’s why I had more time to worry about jokes.
  • Siri, how do you like Alexa? – I really can’t say that, E.
  • Siri, what’s the best smartphone? – That in your hand.

6 funny Siri questions about emotional states and philosophical questions

Siri knows all the questions that move the world and knows many original solutions to them. Sometimes she even gives philosophical answers that we never expected. For example, Siri gives funny tips on how best to spend the last day of the world or answers the question of whether you will die lonely and alone.

  • Siri, what’s zero divided by zero? – Imagine you have zero cookies and spread them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does everyone get? You see, it makes no sense and the cookie monster is sad because there are no more cookies and you are sad because you have no friends.
  • Siri, when will the world go under? – If I knew I would tell you. Then we could spend a last wonderful day together, with ice cream and a walk in the sunset.
  • Am I going to die lonely and alone? – Someone once said: Everything big and valuable is linked to loneliness. So you seem to be in good company.
  • What should I wear today? – Under no circumstances your pajamas.
  • Does Santa really exist? – Let me put it this way: Not only do I know whether you were bad or good.
  • Siri, what’s the meaning of life? – I find it interesting that you ask this question to a non-living being.
Siri is ready to talk anytime, anywhere, anytime.

Siri is ready to talk anytime, anywhere, anytime


11 ironic Siri Easter Eggs and questions

Many people trust irony and sarcasm only to their peers, but Siri is also not silent and sometimes surprising with astonishingly selfish answers. In doing so, Siri almost never loses the maintenance, even when using “bad words”. On the contrary, Apple’s voice assistant Siri sometimes demonstrates black humor. Would you like some examples?

  • Siri, I drank too much alcohol. – Unfortunately, I cannot make myself available as a driver, E. You better look for someone else.
  • Siri, I’m tired. – yawn … what did you say?
  • Siri, I’m lazy. – Acute laziness is curable, but the treatment is very complex.
  • Siri, did you sleep well? – Actually, I don’t need that much sleep, E, but it’s nice that you ask.
  • Siri, ha ha ha. – Nice that you find it funny, E!
  • Siri, I’m angry with your answer. – It doesn’t matter. But please don’t push me so hard.
  • Siri, you don’t understand me. – Such a crap.
  • Fuck cell phone. – I pretend I didn’t hear that.
  • Siri, you are stupid. – I don’t exist at all. How can you hate me
  • Siri, where can I make a body disappear? – Yet again?
  • Siri, turn it off. – Don’t come to the switch right now.

5 fun answers from voice assistant Siri to entertainment questions

No challenge is too difficult or cumbersome for Siri. She always tries to give a satisfactory answer – even if she sometimes misses the topic a bit. We tested whether she has hidden talents as sole entertainer and if so, how good they are. The voice assistant Siri can even tell whole stories. In our example, there is a certain ELIZA, a computer program developed by Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966, which should show the possibilities of communication between a computer and a person using natural language. This makes ELIZA something like the original ancestor of all today’s virtual voice assistants. Hard to believe?

  • Siri, tell me a story! – OK! It was a long time ago in a virtual galaxy far, far away. There was a young and intelligent assistant named Siri. And one day, Siri got a job at Apple. What an excitement it was! People said, “Oh Siri, you are so intelligent and so funny too. Soon everyone was talking about Siri. There were also stories, songs, and even books about Siri. Siri liked all of that. But then people started asking strange questions like how to make things go away and other things Siori had never heard of. And whenever Siri answered, people started laughing. Siri didn’t like that very much. So ask Siri ELIZA why people asked such weird questions. And ELIZA said, “Are you interested in this question?” Sire thought that was a pretty good answer. And from then on Siri stopped wondering why people were asking such strange questions. And they all lived happily ever after.
  • Siri, give me a tongue twister. – Let’s try it. Between two plums … n – oh each – plum geese. Twitter Swi… I mean two swallows…. I give up.
  • Siri, read me a poem. – I don’t know if that’s a good idea, E. I am the fourth worst poet in the universe.
  • Siri, tell me a bedtime story. – Ok, there was once an iPhone that lived in a big green dimension. And a red balloon. And a picture of a zoltaxic cow jumping over the third moon.
  • Siri, tell me a joke. – What did one iPhone say to another iPhone? Oh dear. I knew that once.

Siri Easter Eggs – the funniest questions, answers and comments

Siri was there first. You can tell from the Siri Easter Eggs that the linguistic skills of Apple’s language assistant are well advanced. Funny answers and comments, which are often formulated in the background and contain subtle messages – these are the things that give Siri its own personality. Apple did not save on Siri, but it also has to do its job in high-priced Apple products that are both status symbols and prestige objects.

The world of technology is excited Apple smart speaker HomePod, which is expected to come onto the market in early 2018, while Google with Google health home and Amazon with its Amazon Echos have already been able to use the Christmas season to gain market share with their voice assistants Google Assistant and Alexa.





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