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Smart health objects to stop snoring

Snoring can have consequences for health. If medical solutions exist for extreme cases, many prefer to turn to natural solutions to cope. In recent years, high-tech companies have seized the problem. They now offer a range of connected objects and smart health stop snoring. 

Silent Partner, the anti-snoring patch

Its design has evolved. But Silent Partner is still a convincing product. Originally presented as a patch, it is now a mask. But his functions remain more or less the same. It settles on both sides of the nose while preventing the light from reaching the eyes. It captures and analyzes the frequency and amplitude of snoring of the wearer. Then, it generates an inverted sound wave. The confrontation of the two makes the noise disappear. The idea is therefore more to help the snorer’s spouse to sleep than to prevent snoring.

Silent Partner raised more than $ 1 million on the Indiegogo platform in January 2016. A high amount that certainly reflects the number of snoring victims! However, while the product was due to be delivered at the end of 2016, the date was finally postponed to October 2017. It is still possible to order it and a special offer is underway. You will only need to pay $ 82 to purchase the mask, a travel kit and the charging system.

Nora wants to smart health stop snoring

Nora is a solution to end snoring that consists of three different parts. A button to place on the bedside lamp, an inflatable padded pillow to add in any classic pillow and a portable box to install at the foot of the bed. When you go to sleep, you hit the first one. If during the night it detects snoring, it sends a signal to the box. This will trigger the pump of your inflatable pillow. If the concept may seem strange, it has the advantage of being automated and allow to move slightly the user without him noticing it. The application then gives you a report of the quality of your nights. You can order it for 259 dollars on the company website.

The connected Zeeq pillow

The biggest problem that connected objects have to sleep is comfort. Wearing a wearable (watch or bracelet) while sleeping is not necessarily pleasant. Builders must therefore strive to integrate them discreetly in the room or the bed. In the case of Zeeq, the pillow was chosen. This one can measure your movements and the volume of your snoring. These data are used to calculate “your sleep score”. If you snore during the night, Zeeq vibrates slowly to make you change position.

Its functions are also intended to make you sleep more pleasant. Built-in speakers play soft music to rock you. When you wake up, it vibrates gently. 

Anti-Snore, never a wearable better bore his name

The main goal of wearables is usually to control our physical activity or the quality of our sleep. Anti-Snore, directed by a Dutch company has a very specific main goal: to stop your snoring. Just fix it around the biceps. During your light sleep phases, it will vibrate slightly to make you change position. A movement is usually enough to stop snoring. During deep sleep, however, it will not shake to let you sleep. This wearable, however, has a disadvantage. His sound detector is that of the smartphone. You will need to keep it at a close distance for Anti-Snore to work.

sleep smart bed for smart health360 Smart Bed, a bed all in one

After the mask, the pillow or the wearable, we go to the size above with the bed connected Sleep Number 360 °. Ultimate accessory to fight against snoring, it is more generally, a real must in the connected room of the future. Presented at CES 2017, it features SleepIQ biometric sensors. Thanks to these, he will be able to record the parameters of your sleep and optimize it. But its strongest point is its anti-snoring technology. When it detects, the angle of the end of the bed on the side of the snore.

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smart health stop snoring smart health stop snoring

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