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What is life force energy & How may this powerful energy help you feel better?

What is life force energy & How may this powerful energy help you feel better?

Light is both necessary for life and a necessary nourishment for all living things.This energy is greater in some natural settings, such as at the beach, in the forests, or in the mountains, and weaker in man-made settings, such as cities or inside buildings. Life Force Energy, like oxygen, is found in normal concentrations everywhere. It can also be condensed to be used medically, exactly like oxygen.

What is life force energy?

Life Force Energy is a vital force of nature that has been recognized by many ancient traditions and even modern science. Life Force Energy is also known as Chi in Chinese medicine, Prana in India, and Scalar Energy or Tesla Energy in scientific circles. Life Force Energy can be found in various forms all throughout the world. It is emitted in the form of photon light particles from the Earth and the Sun. Plants, like our bodies’ cells, can turn this light energy straight into useful energy.

Chi is a very difficult concept to explain in the West. It is translated very approximately as “ breath ” or “ energy ”. Chi is a force that flows freely both in the universe and through the human body. It is also on the energy channels through which this chi passes, called the meridians, which run through the whole body, that acupuncturists place their needles. In the same way, Asian body practices such as tai chi, qi gong or even yoga aim to smooth the flow of this energy to ensure good health.

Blocking points are freed and weak points through which energy is lost are toned by moving gently according to certain codes. In the body, a new equilibrium will be established between the various organs and the psyche, as well as between the heavenly and terrestrial forces that travel through us, known as yin and yang, two types of energy that are inseparable, opposed, and complimentary.

We are all greatly influenced by the energy that surrounds us, whether good or bad, even if we are not conscious of it. We will feel pleased if we are in contact with a joyful individual. If this individual is depressed, on the other hand, their negativity will influence us as well. It also has an effect on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

This transfer of energy occurs not only with the people with whom we have direct touch, but also through telephone calls or the media. When we enter into a relationship with someone, we also enter into a relationship with the energy that surrounds him. Some of us, such as the very sensitive, will be considerably more sensitive to these energies than others.

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How can Life Force Energy improve your health?The benefits of life force energy

Learning to take care of your vital energy allows our body and our emotions to sort out what belongs to us and what does not. The same goes for what is the result of our life experiences, anything that has impacted us in a negative or painful way. Stimulating our energy allows us to cleanse these emotions linked to our past in order to get out of the pains that prevent us from moving forward. Thus, we come back into the present moment with more energy.

Each of our 5 trillion cells functions as a micro-batteries, storing energy. All of our cells were completely charged to the ideal 70 to 90 millivolts when we were born. Some of our cells lose energy as we age, or when we are ill, stressed, or exposed to toxins in the body. When a battery loses its charge, what do we say? We call it a dead battery. Cells are the same way. Cells become feeble when their energy levels drop, and when they lose their charge, they die. Once cells regain their full energetic vibrancy, they get right to work mending DNA, creating ATP, the body’s energy molecule, and replicating healthy copies of themselves.

It is possible to argue that old age, disease, and death are caused by cells dying faster than the body can replace them with healthy vital cells. When cellular production exceeds cellular death, anti-aging occurs.

Our planet, our cosmos, and our humans are infused with energy, right down to our cells, molecules, and atoms. The energy of each of our trillions of cells is added together to form our energy field. The body and its energy field are similar to a symphony orchestra. There is coherence, resonance, order, and harmony when all instruments are tuned to the same scale. If the tuning is off, the effect is discordant and disharmonic, resulting in chaos, disorder, and sickness. Increasing the level of Life Force Energy in your cells will help restore balance to your body and keep you healthy.

What effect does the environment have on our energy field?

Our energy field has the potential to interact with and adapt to any environment in a dynamic way. Our energy system is continually adjusting in order to maintain homeostasis, or a balanced state of harmony. Our energy level is influenced by a variety of factors. Cell phone tower EMFs, poisons and pesticides, poor food quality, unpleasant individuals, and even our own negative thoughts all resonate at a lower frequency and can negatively affect our energy field. Healthy food, clean air and water, happy people, and positive ideas all resonate at a much higher frequency, promoting a balanced and healthy energy field. Negative effects from our surroundings are more easily repelled by a robust energy field.

What is life force energy

 What is life force energy

Tesla BioHealing medical devices – The fastest and most effective way to increase your life force energy

The Tesla MedBed Generators and Tesla BioHealers are FDA-approved over-the-counter medical devices that operate as amplifiers to deliver Life Force Energy in concentrated enough levels to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, energy, and spiritual healing. They are formed of Life Force Energy, and it is this energy that nourishes us on an energetic and cellular level.

These devices generate Life Force Energy, which enhances the body’s vitality on a cellular level, allowing it to defend against environmental causes while also boosting physical and emotional well-being.

Scientific studies have identified a number of benefits of the Life Force Energy created by Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical products, including but not limited to:

  • Directly recharging the energy status of all body cells, allowing the cells to engage their own self-healing mechanisms.
  • Increases cellular energy immediately, naturally energizing the body and reducing weariness while enhancing strength and vigor.
  • It acts as a natural anti-depressant by balancing the brain’s hemispheres.
  • Improving sleep quality and facilitating a natural sense of calm
  • Improving cognitive function and mental clarity
  • Increasing the millivolt levels of the cells from 15 millivolts to the healthy range of 70-90 millivolts.
  • Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels are naturally increased. The energy-carrying molecule of the cell, ATP, is found in all forms of life.
  • Increasing the pace of cellular repair while lowering or even stopping the rate of cellular breakdown
  • Facilitating DNA synthesis and spontaneous stem cell generation
  • Increasing the resilience of cells to damaging environmental influences including man-made electromagnetic frequencies and radiation
  • Bringing blood pressure and blood sugar levels back to normal
  • Increasing circulation and lowering inflammation, allowing oxygen to be distributed more easily and offering significant pain relief.
  • Increasing libido and increasing sexual health, including fertility
  • Enhancing nutritional intake as well as the body’s natural detoxifying activities by increasing cell wall permeability.
  • Increasing the energy of the hydrogen bonds that link DNA together strengthens the immune system and protects it from damage.

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Life Force Energy Tesla BioHealing Devices

Life Force Energy Tesla BioHealing Devices

Standard Measurements and Meanings for the Sick and Healthy Life Force Energy Units

1,000 – Nuclear Radiation

2,000 – Radioisotope Radiation

3,000 – Cell Phone Radiation

4,000 – Chemical Trails

5,000 – Microwave Ovens

6,000 – People suffering with chronic diseases such as COPD, terminal cancer, stroke paralysis, severe pain, severe arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

7,000 – People suffering from extreme exhaustion, sleep disorders, Lyme disease, diabetes, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, or obesity.

8,000 – Individual with Poor Health: Insomnia, Hypertension, Asthma.

9,000 — Person in Good Health – with a minor medical issue

10,000 — Person in Good Health – no known medical conditions

11,000 — A Contented and Healthy Individual

12,000 – Individual who appreciates frequent exercise

13,000 – A person who thinks positively, is healthy, and enjoys life.

14,000 – Athlete

15,000 – Work of an Energy Healer

16,000 – A person who is always healthy and hasn’t needed any medication in 5 years.

17,000 — A very healthy adolescent or adult with persistent vitality and zest for life.

This degree of Life Force Energy has also been observed in its natural concentration on beachfronts.

Common Foods’ Life Force Energy Units

10,000 — Vegetables and Shiitake mushrooms

11,000 – Amount of spring water

12,000 — Red or green grapes, fresh

13,000 — Fresh Pears and Apples

14,000 — Celery and Cauliflower

15,000 – Oranges, Broccoli

Consuming foods high in Life Force Energy or spending time in places high in Life Force Energy can assist the body improve its energy level; however, achieving a meaningful therapeutic or healing effect is a slow process.Tesla BioHealing Devices give a high concentration of Life Force Energy instantly, organically, and non-invasively, without requiring any changes to your lifestyle.

Life Force Energy Units Generated by Tesla BioHealing Devices

When the device was put immediately next to the user, the units were measured. The higher the Life Force Energy Level, the closer you are to the devices.

Tesla BioHealer Travel Size = 50,000 Life Force Energy Units
Tesla BioHealer for Children = 100,000 Life Force Energy Units
Tesla BioHealer for Pets = 250,000 Life Force Energy Units
Tesla BioHealer for Adults = 500,000 Life Force Energy Units
Tesla MedBed Generator = Over 50,000,000 Life Force Energy Units

Your cells will be able to speed self-healing and produce more powerful therapeutic benefits if you have more Life Force Energy available.A person who uses MedBed Generators will be able to enhance their Life Force Energy level more faster than someone who uses BioHealers. BioHealers, on the other hand, continue to deliver excellent therapeutic advantages.

Before employing Tesla BioHealing Devices, a person in moderate discomfort had a Life Force Energy Level of 7,000:

When two Adult BioHealers are used for two months, their Life Force Energy Level can rise to 9,000.

For two months, they can raise their Life Force Energy Level to 13,000 by using two MedBed Generators.

Before employing our products, consider a terminal cancer patient with a Life Force Energy level of 6,000:

When four Adult BioHealers are used for two months, their Life Force Energy Level rises to 7,000.

Improve You Life Force Energy Units Now

Tesla biohealer

The Consequence Of Low Life Force Energy 

If we consider that we all have an energy balance and that in one of the balance plates, we accumulate elements that drain energy, then we can create in the other plate elements that drain it. increase to ensure that the board remains balanced, to see that it leans towards the positive side. The whole thing is to become aware of this balance and to determine what causes the energy losses; what thoughts, what emotions, what habits of life lower our vital energy?

If we do not take care of our vital energy, the effects will quickly be felt. The first sign of emotional fatigue is, of course, regular physical fatigue and the inability to fully recover. Depending on our personality, we will be more irritable, more easily discouraged, impatient, nervous. We will always have the impression of having to force ourselves. Loss of meaning and health problems are also possible consequences.

Some Habits and Emotions That Lower Our Energy and Need to Get Rid of

  • The guilt
  • Anger
  • The denial of self
  • The feeling of never having enough
  • The gloom of others: especially at this time, the ambient fear that reigns decreases our energy.
  • Sugar and alcohol: these are the 2 biggest consumers of energy from the point of view of food.

Winter also brings its share of new challenges to keep our vital energy levels afloat. If we are strongly influenced by the weather, the lack of light will drain our energy.

Since this is a psychologically more difficult period for many people, there is a kind of collective “piss-le-bol” that can impact us negatively. In summer, we tend to be more relaxed: it’s hot, it’s brighter and more sunny, the colors are warm, compared to the dull tones of the colder months… A whole series of factors that boost our energy without even ‘we don’t realize it.

Other simple tips to increase your Life Force Energy


First of all, it is important to realize that our body itself is energy. It cannot be used simply as a simple means of locomotion. It needs to be taken care of. And in particular by filling it regularly with energy and avoiding consuming it unnecessarily. It would be like waiting at a red light with your foot on the accelerator.

There is a whole series of habits that we can adopt easily to learn how to recharge our balance positively and to create an abundance of energy which will allow us to prepare ourselves to face the difficulties encountered on a daily basis.

A few simple techniques to integrate into your routine to increase your Life Force Energy Level

Cultivate positive emotions such as empathy, compassion, gratitude, non-judgment, etc. : it is about becoming aware of your own mechanisms of negative and toxic thoughts and replacing them with emotions that lead to understanding and openness to yourself.

Practice conscious breathing: several times a day, or when you feel a rise in stress, you must learn to breathe consciously. For this, an effective technique is to inhale deeply, taking care to fill your lungs from below (at the level of the diaphragm). Then exhale completely releasing the shoulders and relaxing the muscles.

Drink water regularly: it is advisable to drink frequently during the day. To help yourself, you can program a timer every 20 minutes and drink 2 sips of water each time it rings.

Adopt a healthy diet: it is important to consume as many nourishing foods as possible, which contain vitamins, mineral salts, enzymes, etc. This involves reducing the amount of “empty” and so-called non-nourishing foods. We will think, for example, of refined products such as white sugar or white flour that we will replace as much as possible with natural foods.

Move: it is essential to move and get some fresh air several times a day. It’s not about doing high-level sport, but simply mobilizing the shoulders, stretching, etc. The best sport for boosting energy is walking with swinging arms. If that’s not feasible, getting up from your desk once in a while and doing some exercises is the bare minimum. It also allows you to air your mind – if not to air your lungs.

Tap your thymus: little known but essential gland, the thymus is located between the 2nd and 3rd ribs, just under the collarbones. Its role is to balance the immune system by stimulating red blood cells and white blood cells. He is very impacted by emotional and physical upheavals. To prevent it from being overloaded by the surrounding negative emotions, it should be gently tapped for 20 to 30 seconds several times a day or during times of stress. Do this by taking deep breaths. This little exercise allows you to release tension and stimulate your vital energy.

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