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Why is NAD+ Important?

Why is NAD+ Important?
Why is NAD+ Important? It has been found that a molecule known as NAD+ is fundamental to life sustaining processes in the human body. It is necessary for all life on earth, not just humans. NAD+ is involved in various metabolic processes and helps turn nutrients into energy to regulate different cellular functions.

The scientific community has known about NAD+ since 1906. As time has passed, scientists have developed a better understanding of its structure as well as many precursors including nicotinic acid and nicotinamide riboside.Pellagra was a devastating disease that ravaged the American South in 1900. When scientists discovered that yeast and milk relieved the disease’s symptoms, they turned to a precursor of NAD+ known as niacin. Because yeast and milk both contain significant levels of niacin, this was only conceivable. It has recently been proven that pellagra is caused by a lack of NAD+. With the passage of time, our understanding of NAD+ and its predecessors has vastly improved. Scientists have discovered a number of NAD+ precursors, including nicotinic acid, nicotinamide, and nicotinamide riboside.

Why is NAD+ Important?

NAD+ is important as it aids in keeping a person young. However, this is contradicted with the aging process, with the levels of NAD+ declining significantly as time progresses. The research by Xiao-Hong Zhu and his team has noted that the concentration of NAD+ is much higher in younger age groups than older humans.

When aging, human cells have less NAD+ available to them than they did when younger. This is a fact across many species and happens due to the decline of NAD+ levels.

This means we need to make sure NAD+ is being recirculated effectively, or that levels decrease. This can be done through proper diet, which contains the substances needed for production of NAD+. On the other hand, the process of recycling NAD+ has limits and with age, the precursors become less available in our bodies.

Aside from this, NAD+ that the body produces is also insufficient over time. For the body’s NAD+ to last, it needs to be converted to NADase by a CD38 enzyme.

CD38 and NAD+supplement benefits

NADase transforms NAD+ into nicotinamide and ADP-ribose.

CD38 is responsible for the destruction of NAD+, and therefor as CD38 levels increase, so do NAD+ levels decrease. Researchers found a link between CD38 activity and declining mitochondria function, as well. In a study, mice with higher CD38 level showed less mitochondrial activity than those with lower CD38 levels. The difference is shown in the figure below:

The Impact of Rising CD38 and its Damaging Impact on NAD+ in Older Mice

Mice with a CD38 deficiency are protected from diabetes and mitochondrial dysfunction as they age. The cells had a higher SIRT3 activity and can tolerate more glucose. Furthermore, the precursors of NAD+, NR and NMN, show a longer half-life in these mice. Thus, the loss of NAD+ during processes related to aging can be attributed to high levels of the CD38 enzyme.

Find out how NAD+ content matters

Important discoveries about aging and NAD+ levels have pushed the anti-aging research forward, because it was shown that aging happens because of lowered NAD+ levels. If the NAD+ levels were replenished in an organism, then this could slow down or reverse the process of aging. There have been many studies exploring the impact of replenishing NAD+ levels, with these observations seen in organisms such as mice, worms, flies and yeast.

Why NAD+ is important and how supplements can help?

It is important for us to know what can be done about NAD+ decline so it does not progress any further. One way to prevent this increasing aging process is by taking NMN or NR supplements which will help replenish the body’s NAD+ through increased production. CD38 also tends to cause a higher decline of NMN and lessens the amount produced in the body. By taking NMN, you can generally boost your body’s NMN levels and raise their NAD+, which will help sustain some level of protection from declining health that comes with old age. While there are many other options for NAD+ supplements out there, leading experts on aging like David Sinclair recommend taking NMN because it helps to maintain a healthy supply of NAD+. We picked three reliable brands for you:

LIPO NAD+ Complete – Powdered Liposomal NAD+, NMN, & NR by Renue By Science

The LIPO NAD+ Complete supplement from Renue By Science is from one of the leading companies in the anti-aging field. Unlike other companies that have an array of rejuvenating products, Renue only specializes in anti-aging goods. Liposomes are highly bioavailable because they store the active ingredients needed in the cells and deliver them to those cells directly. The stomach is acidic, which may harm the contents of supplements but with liposomal delivery there’s no risk. The liver is also safe because liposomal delivery protects against any toxicity that may come from a higher dose of NMN.

Their patented powder-based liposomes manufactured from natural phospholipid molecules protect NMN, NR, and NAD+ from digestive enzymes and transport them into the circulation for targeted systemic distribution in LIPO NAD+ CompleteTM.

Research about Improved Bioavailability with Liposomes

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NAD+ with Resveratrol LIPO Gel 

NAD+ with Resveratrol LIPO GelTM is formulated to be taken sublingually (under the tongue) for maximum bioavailability. Only high-performance, pharmaceutical-grade chemicals are used in their innovative liposomal production process, which employs no heat, no pressure, and only high-performance, pharmaceutical-grade substances.

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Pure NAD+ MICROMIST Nasal Spray – Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide

NAD+ is delivered straight to the bloodstream by intranasal administration, bypassing the GI tract.

NAD+ is delivered directly to the brain through intranasal administration, which is the quickest and most efficient method. It is the most effective way to get beyond the blood-brain barrier, lessen systemic drug side effects, and provide a lower amount of medication.

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NAD+ Skin Care Secrets -How You Can Use the Latest and Greatest in Skin Rejuvenation

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential molecule in the body, playing a vital role in cellular health. It helps to maintain energy production and metabolism, and is essential for many biochemical pathways and processes. A lack of NAD+ can lead to fatigue and poor metabolism, making it important to learn how to replenish NAD+ in the body. In this article, we will explore the importance of NAD+ and its effect on overall health and wellness.

Uncovering the Role of NAD+

NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells, and serves a crucial role in metabolism and energy production. It is composed of two components, nicotinamide and adenine, and is involved in a variety of biochemical pathways and processes. It is especially important in the production of ATP, the energy molecule, from the breakdown of glucose and fats. NAD+ also helps to regulate gene expression, DNA repair, and other important cellular processes.

NAD+ is essential for the functioning of all cells in the body. It helps to maintain the cells’ ability to metabolize and process energy, as well as their ability to regenerate and repair themselves. It is also involved in the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and helps to regulate hormones, enzymes, and other molecules. Without NAD+, cells would lack the energy to carry out their basic functions.

Connecting Metabolism and DNA

NAD+ is also important for the connection between metabolism and DNA. It helps to regulate gene expression and DNA repair, which are essential for maintaining healthy cells. It also helps to protect cells from genetic damage and mutations, which can lead to cancer and other diseases.

NAD+ is essential for energy production in the mitochondria. It is a key component in the mitochondrial electron transport chain, which helps to generate ATP, the body’s energy source. NAD+ is essential for the efficient production of ATP, and without it, cells would be unable to produce energy.

The presence of NAD+ in our cells can also influence our lifespan. Studies have shown that as we age, our NAD+ levels decline, leading to decreased energy production and metabolic decline. Supplementing with NAD+ has been shown to help increase energy production and slow the aging process.

The Power of NAD+ in Mitochondrial Function

The role of NAD+ in mitochondrial function is especially important. It helps to regulate the electron transport chain, which facilitates the efficient production of ATP. It also helps to protect the mitochondria from damage caused by reactive oxygen species, which can lead to mitochondrial dysfunction and disease.

NAD+ is essential for efficient energy production in the cell. It helps to regulate the electron transport chain, which is responsible for the generation of ATP. Without NAD+, cells would be unable to produce energy efficiently.

NAD+ is also important in the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when the cells are exposed to high levels of oxygen, which can lead to damage and disease. NAD+ helps to regulate the cells’ antioxidant response, protecting them from oxidative damage.

NAD+ is also involved in the activation of the Sirtuins, a family of proteins that help to regulate the aging process. Sirtuins are believed to help protect cells from damage and disease, and their activities are regulated by NAD+.

NAD+ in Relation to Age-Related Diseases

The role of NAD+ in aging is well established, and a lack of NAD+ has been linked to various age-related diseases. These include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders. Studies have shown that supplementing with NAD+ can help to reduce the risk of these diseases and improve overall health and wellness.

As we age, our NAD+ levels naturally decline, so it is important to supplement with NAD+ to ensure that our cells have enough energy to carry out their metabolic processes. NAD+ supplements are available in various forms, such as capsules, tablets, and powder.

NAD+ is an essential molecule in the body, playing a vital role in cellular health. It helps to maintain energy production and metabolism, and is essential for many biochemical pathways and processes. Supplementing with NAD+ can help to improve overall health and wellness, and can even help to slow the aging process.

In summary, NAD+ is an essential molecule in the body and is involved in numerous metabolic pathways and processes. It helps to regulate energy production and DNA repair, and is essential for cellular health. A lack of NAD+ can lead to fatigue and poor metabolism, so it is important to supplement with NAD+ to ensure that our cells have enough energy to carry out their metabolic processes. Supplementing with NAD+ can help to improve overall health and wellness, and can even help to slow the aging process.


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