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Life energy for anti age – how to gain energy fast

Life energy for anti age – how to gain energy fast

Being in shape, what is it?Have you ever said to yourself one morning: lack energy, without knowing what to attribute it to? Besides, when we talk about “Life energy”, what are we talking about?

The absence of fatigue,
To be able to move and make muscular efforts easily,good immunity ridding our body of infectious agents, abnormal cells and other foreign particles,
Good digestion,of a powerful intellect and a good moral…

When everything works fine. But between the day when you feel in good shape and the day when you are flattering, what is the difference? A lack of energy that can be measured right down to the cells.

Today, science knows well what provides energy to each of our cells, and allows them to function. This is the job of our mitochondria, these little powerhouses (a few hundred per cell). For this, they need nutrients that they will “burn” with oxygen. In fact, it is not about flames; everything is done by transferring electrical charges.

Then our cells have to work together and communicate. This happens mainly through electromagnetic currents.

Life energy is what makes the difference between a living body and the same body that has just stopped living: invisible and impalpable but primordial.

In the end, this idea encompasses much more than the function of our mitochondria and the flow of electrical currents throughout the body, but that is irrelevant here. These life energies, whether they be prana or chi according to tradition, electromagnetic fields, or perceived vitality…, tend to diminish in us as we age. As a result, we strive to grow and protect them as much as possible in our anti-aging strategy. We’ll show you how below.

Filled with energy, you are strong and healthy, you age well, far from disease.

Energy, prana, ojas, Qi, chi…

Asians have long defined the notion of a universal energy circulating in all living bodies. The Chinese have been describing the “Qi” for millennia, following well-identified routes through the body: the “meridians”, along which are the famous acupuncture points.

Indian Ayurvedic medicine has described “prâna” as well as “ojas (vital essence)” and “tejas” since the beginning of time (less known). These three vital energies circulate in the body via channels that are quite similar to acupuncture meridians: the nadis. The 7 “chakras,” or energy crossroads, can be found at particular intersections of these nadis. These energies, according to this tradition, provide energy and enable, among other things, good immunological defenses, a vibrant intelligence, feeding of body tissues, skin brilliance…

To end this very brief description, it is important to say that the energy of the human body is in permanent interaction with the energies of its environment. Thus, traditional medicines already saw man as a globality linked to the cosmos, having invisible interactions with his environment. Today, we know that our cells work and communicate with electric currents, and emit measurable electromagnetic waves. We also note that certain geographical locations, electrical appliances, radio waves, or even metal implants in the body, can disturb our health, with many studies to support it.

Science and life energy

Most scientists find it difficult to accept traditional concepts, but they gradually recognize the reality of certain phenomena.

The energy fields of life

Science has long known the activity of various electrical currents in the human body (muscles, heart, brain, etc.). Today, she notes that our body also emits electromagnetic fields and photons (particles of light, called here biophotons). All this can be measured, even at the level of a single cell, as long as it is alive.

Some biologists are considering the hypothesis of communication between our cells (or even much further) thanks to these emission fields. Chinese and Russian researchers have shown electromagnetic fields linked to the human body, which may correspond to the famous ‘Qi’ (tchi) of the Orientals, as well as specific electrical activity at the level of the chakras .

Magneticoencephalographs, which are extremely sensitive functional brain imaging instruments, have been able to demonstrate the presence of an electromagnetic field surrounding the skull that fluctuates (among other things) with thoughts.

Curious paths where energy circulates in the body

Other doctors in many nations have emphasized the energy circulation routes outlined by Chinese medicine: the well-known meridians. Their direction and pace of circulation distinguish them from the flow of blood and lymphatic vessels.

These numerous studies are not universally accepted, and there will undoubtedly be water under the bridges before agreement is attained. Is energy a current or an electromagnetic field, as the ancients described it? It’s too soon to say…

Anyway, let’s see how we can boost its energy and then conserve it.

How to get energy fast naturally?

Whatever the real nature of life energy, the methods that address it, and have scientifically proven health effects. Here are some techniques to “recharge” us with this energy, which tends to diminish as we age, and thus make us stronger.

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Provide the right nutrients

As we have seen, to produce energy, our mitochondria need oxygen and nutrients (especially glucose but also lipids and even proteins). Also, good breathing will bring this oxygen to our cells, as well as good blood circulation, favored by movement, and slowed down by a sedentary lifestyle.

In addition to macronutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins), we must above all take care to provide our body with what are called essential micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and essential amino acids. These are, in total, about thirty nutrients which we see many people deficient in our modern societies (especially magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamins D, E, B12…) (see our article on essential micronutrients).

Breathing exercises

Known for millennia, to increase the combative energy of martial arts practitioners, for example, they have become popular again for some time.

There are many, each with their own specificities. In the end, they mainly aim to increase the supply of oxygen and its use in the cells of our body, even if they can have other benefits (see our file on breathing techniques).

Note that the practice of a sport or physical activity already improves our breathing.

The practice of yoga

Yoga teaches us that we may catch ‘prana’ in the surroundings to boost our vital energy, develop our form, and stay healthy. Pranayama, in particular, is a collection of yoga methods centered on postures and breathing exercises that are designed to replenish essential energy.

Numerous medical studies have been conducted to demonstrate the health benefits of Yoga. Yoga can help with cardiovascular difficulties, persistent lower back pain, cancer, neurological breakdowns, Parkinson’s disease, and many other aging-related ailments.

According to several studies, frequent yoga practice reduces health issues in general and even increases “telomerase” activity, which might signify increased lifespan.

This vital force that provides us health and longevity is known as Ojas in Ayurvedic medicine .


For thousands of years, the Chinese have practiced Qi Gong. These are mostly postural and breathing exercises that assist the body to recharge and balance its energy (the “Qi”). Qi Gong teaches how to harness the energy of nature and circulate it harmoniously throughout the body. It is worth noting that, like with yoga, it is all about postures and breathing.

Although there are fewer references in the medical literature, they describe beneficial benefits on hypertension, diabetes, and immunity. It is utilized in specific geriatric departments to increase the movement of the elderly, among other things.

Researchers have demonstrated the presence of high electromagnetic fields measured at practitioners’ fingers during workouts.

Use the principle of hormesis

By subjecting ourselves to a short but intense one-off stress, followed by a period of recovery, our body and our mind are strengthened. Various biological reactions then come into play, and are explained scientifically. This phenomenon can be compared to an increase in vital energy.

The most commonly used methods are:

short fasts (which, in addition, put our digestion to rest, thus saving our energy).
exposure to extreme hot or cold
intense interval training

Contact with nature and negative ions

It seems that a walk in the forest or by the sea has a more invigorating effect on us than the same walk in town. Contact with nature, overflowing with life, would be the reason, possibly linked to the presence of negative ions (hear: having a negative electrical charge). Sunlight helps. It is essential to us.

Ambient air can therefore contain ionized particles, and science shows that positive ions are generally harmful to our shape, while negative ions are soothing and energizing. The widely used example is that of the storm. The air becomes charged with positive ions before the storm (when we feel uncomfortable), and with negative ions after the storm, when we generally feel better.

Despite sometimes controversial studies, however, it seems accepted that highly ionized air would have an overall beneficial effect on health. Note however that during the ionization of air, oxygen is negatively ionized.

Either way, it seems logical to avoid environments rich in positive ions (see below) since these are essentially polluted or confined environments, and to seek those that are rich in negative ions, where pollution is attenuated: waterfalls, mountains, seaside, sunny areas, forest, countryside… These ions are produced, among other things, during natural movements created by the wind, the waves, the flow of water…

Preserve your vital energy

Traditional oriental medicines teach us that this energy tends to weaken with age, and that it is important to take care of it.

Healthy food

Modern science sees it as an energy supply measured in calories, and a set of nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Traditional medicines see it as a contribution of vital forces. In both cases, we can say that our diet must be healthy and adequate, to keep our shape. As seen above, it is especially important to ensure that there are no deficiencies in essential micronutrients.

Sufficient sleep

how to get energy fast naturally

It is no secret that rest can restore energy. Lack of sleep leads to fatigue and lack of form. We must not forget it, and make sure to have a restful sleep, sufficiently long and deep, according to the constitution of each one.

In particular, we now know that lack of sleep affects the functioning of our mitochondria. It has also been shown that, during our sleep, our brain uses its mitochondria to eliminate its toxic molecules (J. J. Iliff 2012).

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Maintain our mitochondria

Our mitochondria, like so many other things, tend to become less effective and fewer in number as we age, especially when the body’s antioxidant defenses are overwhelmed by excessive oxidation, as seen below.

They are also weakened and/or harmed by chronic inflammation, the presence of which in our bodies must be avoided at all costs (A. Currais 2015).

The good news is that under specific conditions, mitochondria may regenerate, repair, and proliferate, increasing their energy production. Some approaches are quite active. Here are a few examples:

Fasting and calorie restriction induce autophagy and its mitochondrial recycling counterpart, mitophagy (Heather J. Weir 2017),sport, HIIT but also endurance,
the following nutrients: coenzyme Q10, resveratrol, D-Ribose, PQQ, nicotinamide riboside, EGCG from green tea, carnitine, vitamins B3, E, C… to name the most classic, and where many are antioxidants,
massage (J.D. Crane 2012) …

Avoid Harmful Environments

Whatever the relationship of the electromagnetic fields, working in our cells, with the vital energy of oriental medicines, it must be admitted that the environments harmful to our health are the same, although sometimes with different explanations.

Electromagnetic pollution:

Electromagnetic fields can alter or disrupt the biological activity of cells in our body. This is widely documented.

The ionization of the air, which we have seen, also has an impact on health. Negative ions promote the fall of polluting microparticles in suspension, towards the ground. The situations where the air is not very ionized are: closed places, without ventilation, without vegetation, air conditioning… Conversely, being closer to nature appears to be beneficial.

how to gain energy fast energy levels by age

The environment that is not for you:

A parenthesis worthy of interest is to be opened here. In Chinese or Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine, several modalities of vital energy are described which must balance each other to bring shape and health to the individual. However, it is also said that the constitution of each of us reflects a predominance of one or the other of these modalities. Similarly, in the natural environment, a particular modality of energy may predominate and suit us more or less. For example, some will do wonderfully in a hot and dry climate, while others feel better in a cool and humid area. See: know its constitution to discover the environment made for you.

A good mind:

The environment is also our relationships with others, and the happiness or stress that can result from it.

Without going into details, which would take too long here, remember that permanent and repeated stress has harmful effects on moral and physical health. Studies have shown this time and time again. Also, conversely, optimism, joy, gratitude, love… will help fill you with energy, whatever the methods used. Traditional oriental medicines speak well of spiritual nourishment: our thoughts, as important as material nourishment.

It is very important to learn how to manage stress, and to maintain positive thoughts. It’s never too late. Improving your form and your health is a whole. It is not just about taking a remedy or applying a particular method.


Acupuncture is becoming more popular in the West. This traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the movement of energy (or “Qi” in Chinese) through the body via well-known pathways known as “meridians.” The acupuncturist can intervene, recharge, and regulate by stimulating particular sites on these meridians.

It’s worth noting that, traditionally, the acupuncture doctor saw his patients during the change of seasons to rebalance their energy, which was intended to keep them healthy and help them live a long life. If the person became unwell, the doctor’s care was free. The doctor was just compensated to keep people healthy in this real preventative medicine.

In conclusion

We are still far from knowing everything and explaining everything by science with regard to the notion of vital energy. Nevertheless, without unconditionally accepting this concept (because it is described by traditional oriental medicines) nor rejecting it altogether (because it is not completely explained by Western science), it seems logical to us to study the question, and to retain the approaches and care whose effects medical research has shown, or those which have stood the test of time.

Finally, let’s keep a global approach: let’s never forget the importance of the mental as well as the physical state.

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