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AGE BREAKER, telomeres,anti-aging food – 3 anti aging revolution

AGE BREAKER, telomeres,anti-aging food – 3 anti aging revolution

Glycation, an unknown factor of aging.The causes of ageing, AGE BREAKER,in the same way as oxidation or photoaging for example, but surely the most misunderstood. Glycation was first described in 1911 by a French doctor and chemist, Louis-Camille Maillard and thus takes the name of Maillard reaction. It is a chemical reaction that results from the attachment of sugars to proteins. To put it simply, it resembles the slow caramelization of proteins. These are transformed into advanced glycation products. These compounds called AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) are prisoners of the cells and gradually lead to their death. The process is very slow and difficult to measure.  

In addition to its slowness, glycation has the unique characteristic of not having a natural “antidote” (like, for example, oxidation or the DNA self-repair mechanism). In short, glycation is to be placed in the almost insoluble mechanisms of aging. Its consequences (complications of diabetes, skin aging and probably certain neurodegenerative diseases, etc.) remain problems without solutions. Advances in the knowledge of antioxidants have led to a first lead in the fight against glycation. Certain antioxidants, in particular those derived from polyphenols, prove to be good glycation inhibitors (or anti-glycation agents) by blocking the reactive sites of the Maillard reaction. But bad luck, while oxidation is an aggravating factor in glycation, certain antioxidants, such as vitamin C for example, reinforce this same glycation. At the same time, advances in nutrition and lifestyle make it possible to take control of glycation. It is particularly recommended to avoid exposure to the sun, tobacco, alcohol, sugar, browned cooking products, etc. On the other hand, nothing to do for the already installed damage of glycation. That is, the normal state of any individual from the age of about 40… It took until the early 2000s to discover the first glycation breakers (or deglycants) capable of reversing the glycation reaction. However, if the candidate molecules are numerous, the ruthless constraints of pharmaceutical development eliminate almost all of them. At the same time, real progress can be observed in the measurement of the glycation rate. Non-invasive devices make it possible to reliably and very quickly determine one’s glycation level and to verify what we suspected: glycation is at the heart of the signs of aging, particularly on the skin (wrinkles, sagging skin, pigment spots, problems of healing…).

AGE BREAKER, the right pickaxe

In English glycated protein breaker is called “AGE BREAKER”. It was under the code name “AGE BREAKER Research” that a French team of pharmacologists from the Institute of Plant Substances discovered in 2009 that a component of a family of food plants has the long-awaited property of reversing the glycation mechanism. The results exceed expectations, the molecule proves to be more efficient than the reference molecule at the time. In the laboratory, proteins regain their lost properties. The first tests on the signs of skin aging are very promising. No side effects are to be feared. Patents are filed, then quickly obtained. Quite logically, it is the nutraceutical route which is favored and it is in skin aging that the first developments are conducted. The first AGE BREAKER product was put on the market in 2012, it is a food supplement based on rosmarinic acid marketed by the laboratory nacriderm which announces a spectacular improvement in skin elasticity and complexion radiance in healthy subjects over 50 years of age. Nacriderm AGE BREAKER receives the 1er prize at the anti-ageing trophy in 2013. At the same time, other promising indications are being explored in healthy subjects (memory, libido, recovery after effort, etc.). “The potential of AGE BREAKER molecules is immense, we are only at the dawn of new applications in the fight against aging” declares Antoine Pellet director of the Nacriderm Laboratory. To be continued… Glycation, what to remember: – Unrecognized factor of aging – Almost irreversible process – No self-healing mechanism – Collagen and elastin: preferred targets – Directly involved in the signs of skin aging – Dependent on lifestyle and food hygiene – The promising way of AGE BREAKER molecules Do not mix up : Anti glycation: ability to prevent, inhibit the glycation reaction. Anti-glycating molecules: – Aminoguanidine, – Carnosine, – Gallocatechins (tea, witch hazel…) Deglycation (AGE BREAKER): property that makes the glycation reaction reversible. AGE BREAKER molecules: – Alloybrium, – Rosmarinic acid

Top 3 the best anti-aging supplements

Alive By Science

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Tru Niagen

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Life Extension GEROPROTECT® Stem Cell

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Take care of your telomeres!  Anti Aging Secrets

Our chromosomes keep our genetic capital. Each chromosome has two arms and each arm ends in a kind of small cap that protects it from degradation; it is the telomere. A bit like the tip of our shoelaces. Each time the cell divides or undergoes stress, it will gradually lose some of these telomeres on the chromosomes over the years. When the telomere is “worn out” the cell enters aging, senescence. The DNA of the chromosomes can be damaged much more easily from this point on! This means that age-related diseases will start to appear, including cancers. The idea of ​​course is to be able to reactivate these telomeres to restore youthfulness to the cells and delay aging. An enzyme has this ability; it gave rise to the 1985 Nobel Prize (Blackburn & Grider): it is telomerase. Mechanisms that erode telomeres We know three mechanisms to erode our telomeres;
  • – We are programmed so that each cell has 40 to 70 divisions, then the dangerous period begins; the telomeres are worn.
  • – This telomere wear also occurs when you absorb too many fast sugars, which will cause the famous glycation reaction; a sugar “sticks” to a protein, and then creates a kind of little poison, almost indestructible, which will for example facilitate wrinkles, the degradation of organs. Grilled, smoked foods… can also promote this glycation. Many chemicals too.
  • – Oxidative stress is the third factor, present always and everywhere; breathing, moving, eating poorly, not enough sleep, too much sport, not enough, all of this causes oxidative stress, and wears out our telomeres.
The length of telomeres has become a real biological clock, to measure age; some laboratories already offer it on blood cells. Restoring telomerase has become an accessible dream, a holy grail, but is it feasible? Is that also reasonable? (All the same, you have to know that a cancerous cell has its telomerase intact and very active, because it is immortal.) So the search for immortality makes us rub shoulders with risks. Telomerase is fully active in the embryo, then the activity drops, unfortunately. It remains very strong on stem cells, certain blood cells, germ cells (for reproduction), cancer cells, but… very little on somatic cells, i.e. the vast majority of cells in our body ! Do we currently know of any products to activate this telomerase? Yes ! Certain plants (milk thistle, also known as silymarin, gingko biloba, green tea, astragalus, a Chinese plant), certain fatty acids, omega 3 including DHA (not to be confused with the hormone), L carnitine (which is also a powerful anti-glycation product). You should know that vitamin D reduces the activity of telomerase. This is probably beneficial because this reduction stunts cell growth, like a regulator. We also know that the older we are, the less telomerase can be activated. Laboratories have extracted compounds from certain plants claiming to activate this telomerase. Should you take it? Probably not currently because we really don’t know what we are activating. The older you are, the more beneficial this seems in theory. But is the theory good to apply for the moment? Because the older you are, the higher the rate of senescent cells, the higher the risk of cancer too. We caress of course one of humanity’s dreams with telomerase, but we still have to give time to time, and to research before knowing how to use it serenely.

Slimming AND anti-aging food -I Anti Aging

How to reduce fat without going through the scalpel? Fat attacks and spreads like an explosive epidemic. Is it serious doctor ? Rather… Because, in addition to being coated, what is reflying it is being overweight causes aging. Indeed, each 10% of additional weight corresponds to an aging of a year and a half, this based on the body mass index. That is to say… Cause of many problems, or more serious, diseases – joint pain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers – excess weight is one of the diseases with fatal outcomes in developed countries… So, one of the main anti-aging recipes is to stay in the slimming zone, without making food your enemy. The weight, it comes from above In fact, it is not the belly that controls the appetite. Slimming is in the head and it all starts with the brain, which directs all the symphonies of the body’s organs with its conductor’s baton. It must be said that at all times we are confronted with a tsunami of images, smells, memories and also advertisements that undermine our strength of character to make us leave the path of eating well. But now, it is not with our eyes or our palate that we make these choices, it is our brain that guides us. So, if he’s not on top, there’s no need to think about slimming. In addition, the years are wicked, because if it becomes more difficult to lose weight over the years, it is also because the brain ages and it no longer does its job well… We lose cells, we gain weight, curves not always enviable and formidable abdominal fat. So, to keep the line and this forever, just eat skillfully enough to rebalance the brain chemistry of the four most important neurotransmitters. This is not, however, about crucifying dieting – in fact, diets never take this data into account – but about supplying the precise demands of these neurotransmitters. Because every time you make a bad food choice, it will be even more difficult to make a good choice afterwards. All is not lost however because each time you make a good choice, the next one will become easier. Thus, each neurotransmitter imbalance is reversible. It’s about knowing why this problem directly affects appetite, cravings and addictions and then succeeding in reboosting these neurotransmitters to a normal level. Making these menu changes will cause the brain to direct weight loss. It is therefore on the plate that everything happens: specific foods will optimize the brain, raise the metabolism in disarray due to missing nutrients. Let’s take a closer look at what lies beneath these sensitive neurotransmitters. Great fatigue, rapid or significant weight gain is the signal of a lack of dopamine (the metabolism is governed by dopamine). So getting your dopamine up is one way to lose weight. To feed it, put proteins on the menu, low in fat and eliminate sugars. Mental speed is governed by acetylcholine and when you feel foggy (without having drunk!) it’s often a lack. A little good fat remedies this: choose good fatty fish. GABA, unlike dopamine and acetylcholine, controls the rhythms of the brain and brings about a state of zen. When you run out of it, cravings for comfort food just to calm anxiety, to devour under the influence of emotions because stress can increase the desire for food. To increase your GABA, choose carbohydrates rich in glutamine and inositol, for example, whole grains and legumes. The signal of calm and rest, pleasure also is transmitted by serotonin, the lack of which penalizes rest and sleep in particular. So when we’re exhausted, we make bad food choices, we throw ourselves on bread, pasta, we crave sugar in the evening. To help it go up, you have to eat foods rich in tryptophan – precursor of serotonin: avocado, chocolate, chicken, duck, turkey, eggs… Thus, until the brain chemistry is rebalanced there will be no permanent weight loss. In a weight loss project, we must not forget to debunk this trick of drastically reducing calories. This will limit lasting weight loss because the body will adjust to this caloric restriction and the metabolism will slow down. On the contrary, we need important nutrients every day for the metabolism to be top. Slowed down hormones With age, weight gain is linked this time to hormonal declines: – The plummeting estrogens spin cravings and make the good days of cellulite. – Progesterone, which calms and acts as a diuretic, becomes deficient and hop again water retention. – Declining testosterone leads to muscle wasting and weight gain. – The thyroid slows down, no longer burns, slows down the metabolism and induces a storage of water and calories. – As for growth hormone, its tumble opens the door to the transformation of muscle into fat. What happiness! The pollution trail The liver and kidneys, whose function is to detoxify, become less efficient with age, pollutants (heavy metals, pesticides, additives and other xenobiotics, we absorb 5 to 6 kilos of them per year!) take advantage of this and nestle in fat, behaving like hormones that also impede weight loss. The good basics Still and always : – Slowly eat lean proteins, green and very colorful vegetables, fruits and satiating foods. – Monitor the teeth. – Decrease food volumes with small plates and dessert cutlery. – Above all, do not get carried away by depraved sirens with high glycemic indexes: sodas, white flours, sweets, but also industrial sauces, saturated and/or trans fats, salt. Finally, don’t forget that a gap every day of 200 calories offers a great bonus of about 7 kilos at the end of the year. For further : Find all of Elyane’s advice on www.nutridelix.com Senolytic supplements – the ultimate weapon to anti-aging & rejuvenate? The 18 best anti aging supplements according to research – Few people know What is NMN? The #1 revolutionary anti-aging supplement Hyaluronic Acid is super star molecule for anti aging & beauty Is It Possible To Reverse Biological Aging? An Overview of Common Brands and Uses of GLP-1 Agonists for weight loss]]>

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