Here is a connected smart pill that releases the necessary drugs for people who follow a very strict medical treatment. It works by Bluetooth with a smartphone.

Thanks to this little unmanageable and connected pill, it will soon be possible to control the administration of a medicine directly in the stomach via its smartphone. A highly anticipated solution for patients undergoing very strict and difficult to respect treatments.

Some medical treatments are extremely strict and require very regular medication at a fixed time. Any delay or forgetfulness that may alter the treatment. This is a difficult constraint for the sick and their loved ones. Other treatments must be adapted to a measurement performed. Outside hospitals and care centers, it is difficult to follow such treatment. This connected pill seems to be an ideal solution for these patients who can stay at home and not have to worry about taking medication.

Connected smart pill

No more medications to take at regular hours, daily injections not to be missed. In a few years, some of these laborious treatments can be performed automatically by a small unmanageable device connected by Bluetooth to a smartphone. Indeed, MIT researchers have designed a small capsule that, after being swallowed, spreads to form a Y and thus stays in the stomach for at least a month. One of the arms of this capsule printed in 3D has four tanks that can contain several drugs. Each of these drugs would be wrapped in a polymeric material that would promote a gradual spread of the product.

Better still, the researchers at the prestigious American university want to add a battery of sensors that can detect an infection or an allergic reaction and release molecules to treat these reactions. Only current problem, the source of energy used. It is a pile containing toxic products. Researchers are working on another solution. This connected pill could be tested in humans in about two years. A big step forward for connected smart health.

mit-wireless-pill smart health 智慧医疗智慧连接药丸,可在胃中固定时间释放药物Choose the right time to administer the medication

Researchers are also working on the possibility of controlling the opening of these compartments remotely via the smartphone. Equipped with different sensors, this device could detect an infection or an allergic reaction and consequently release an antibiotic or an antihistamine. A particularly interesting solution for monitoring patients whose immune system can be severely tested by chemotherapy or immunosuppressive therapy. Better, the control by the smartphone would allow to choose the right moment of the administration of the drug and especially the good dose according to the measurements made by the sensors in the stomach.


Currently, this smart pill is powered by a silver oxide battery similar to button batteries used in electronics. But due to the presence of toxic elements, MIT scientists are looking to replace it with other energy sources, including an externally powered antenna. Once the mission is complete, the capsule disintegrates into small pieces to be evacuated via the intestine. This technology has already been successfully tested in pigs including a temperature sensor. And MIT researchers believe that their device could be tested in humans in two years.


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