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Respia tracks and records the user's respiratory health

The smart aerosol Respia is a connected patch that works in the same way as a piezo acoustic monitor to detect respiratory inflammation. A potential revolution for asthmatics.

The Respia system was developed by Katherine Kawecki, a young industrial design student who graduated from the University of New South Wales. His connected patch has just won a James Dyson Award, rewarding the most promising and innovative student projects. The first prize was won by Isis Schiffer of Pratt Insitute of Design in New York, for his $ 5 EcoHelmet collapsible and recyclable bike helmet, but Kawecki gets away with a nice amount of money. help to carry out his project.

Smart aerosol Respia, a silicone patch for detecting respiratory disorders

This patch can detect breathing disorders or inflammation. If an anomaly is detected, a haptic feedback is sent to the user. The latter can then take the necessary measures before it is too late. The system could change the lives of the 300 million people with asthma in the world. Remember that 250,000 people die each year of this condition, according to the World Health Organization. This number could be drastically reduced.

The patch consists of silicone adhesive, and sticks to the torso of the user. In this way, the accessory detects the inspiration and exhalation ratio, like a stethoscope. Thanks to acoustic sensors, the patch tells the user if their symptoms are getting worse throughout the day. Thus, anxiety is reduced, and it is no longer necessary to guess whether a crisis is about to occur.

A connected aerosol to prevent and cure asthma attacks

In addition to this patch, the system includes a connected aerosol, to use as well to prevent that to heal, which connects to the smartphone of the user via Bluetooth, and a companion mobile application allowing him to receive reminders to take his medications and tell him how many doses he has left. In addition, a dock for bedside table can recharge the inhaler and store the patch well in the shelter. The set is very elegant and pleasant in terms of design, but above all very ingenious and cleverly designed.

A connected aerosol to prevent and cure asthma attacks smart health   Click here to discover more about smart health innovations  ]]>

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