It’s a nice story that could have ended tragically. The smart health watch, Apple Watch, of a 76-year-old man saved his life from certain death. Saved, the man decided to share his story about how Apple smart watch saved life to save other lives.

Gaston d’Aquino lives in Hong Kong. Fan of the Apple brand, he had offered the connected watch Apple Watch. His smart watch saved his life and he decided to tell his story to the world to attract attention and save other lives through his testimony. The story of this beautiful story that gave him a kind of second life.

Apple smart watch saved life

This Honkong was sitting in a church when the Apple Watch alerted him to a high heart rate. He then decided to leave the premises to go to a hospital. “I told the doctor that I do not know why I’m here, but my watch tells me I have a high heart rate,” says Gaston D’Aquino. The doctor then asked him if he felt well; the 76-year-old answered yes. And yet, there was a problem.

A series of tests was performed and the doctors found that two of his three main coronary arteries were completely blocked, with the third obstructed by up to 90%. A potentially fatal heart attack could have happened. He had an angioplasty and it turns out he was fit again the next day.

Apple smart watch saved life Gaston-Aquino-Apple-Watch smart health 智慧医疗智慧健康苹果智能手表This Hong Kong is so grateful to Apple that he even sent Tim Cook an e-mail to tell him his story and to thank him.

The CEO of Apple has not done in originality by answering “Thank you for sharing your story. It inspires us to continue, “more or less the same answer he had already sent to this mother who thanked him for saving the life of his daughter.

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