If connected objects are now part of our daily lives, and allow the considerable improvement of our social, economic, or cultural life in a practical spirit, what exactly is it for the improvement of health services in the world?The hospital of the future?

Discover  these amazing innovation in the hospital of the future

1) Apple’s Health app

The company with the crunched apple has already thought about the problem of the hospital of the future since June 2014.
With the release of the iphone 6 and iOS 8, Apple has made the ambitious project to integrate its services to the medical field. Thus, the “Health” application is now used in several US hospitals to centralize patient data.

The latter makes it possible to measure the state of health on a daily basis. It offers, for example, an analysis of sleep, physical activity, blood sugar levels, or the respiratory or cardiac rhythm thanks to the Apple Watch. It also stores information such as blood type, allergies, or ongoing medical treatments, to facilitate the taking of information by medical staff.

2) Microsoft, the Kinect and the OPECT application

Microsoft has also been interested in patient care in the hospital of the future by launching Kinect, a camera that detects motion, several years ago.
In Japan, the company has launched the medical application OPECT: a medical imaging system to provide sensitive information on the patient’s state of health without moving. This technique has already proved its worth, for example by offering disabled children the opportunity to communicate about their physical health without movement.

This technique therefore allows a considerable improvement in the management of space in the hospital of the future.

3) Smart dressing, a step towards healing

Researchers at the University of Texas in Arlington have developed the so-called “smart” dressing. Placed on the wound, it would relieve pain, better follow the evolution of the wound and heal faster. All this by giving accurate information to doctors about the care to be provided. A real step forward in the treatment of complex injuries!

The team at the origin of this advance thinks that this dressing will be more precise and less expensive than the more “traditional” techniques of today.

Hospital of the future smart healthconcept
4) The connected cart, conductor of the hospital of the future

In order to respond to organizational problems in hospitals, a new connected cart has appeared. The latter makes it possible, thanks to an application, to make the patient’s stay more pleasant, while facilitating the work and the management of the personnel and the care services.

Access to free beds, technical malfunctions, the planning of various services, the journey of patients in the hospital … Many opportunities are offered by this new “communicating trolley”.

5) Athenahealth, or the Cloud of E-Health

The company of E-Health across the Atlantic has reached an agreement with the University Medical Center of Toledo, to create a cloud gathering all medical records in a hospital. This agreement will enable the hospital of the future to share their information in a transparent way.

This is the first major health data bundle project for the US company, and it will allow for quick and secure visibility of medical records.

Innovations in E-Health will become more and more numerous, to facilitate the work of hospitals and medical services to consolidate medical information, while allowing patients to be more independent and better supported.

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