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Withings introduces a high performance connected blood pressure monitor

Withings hit hard at CES 2019 with the Withings BPM Core, a connected blood pressure monitor system, touted as the most advanced in the world.

Heart health is a concern for many of us. Whether it is personal or for our loved ones, this is a subject that concerns us. If you have a person with fragile heart health in your family, the BMP Core could be a good solution to sleep soundly. Indeed, it ensures the detection and monitoring of several heart problems such as hypertension, atrial fibrillation, or even valvulopathy.

Withings BPM Core: electrocardiogram and stethoscope

Do you want to be quiet and not have to worry about the heart problems of your loved ones? So the BPM Cor could be what you need. It can detect and track several heart conditions: hypertension, atrial fibrillation, or valvulopathy. To set it up Withings relied on his extensive experience in the field of connected health. The idea is to bring to you technologies that are normally reserved for clinics. Thus, the connected blood pressure monitor can notably detect atrial fibrillation, which is considered to be responsible for a third of strokes.

Above all, BPM Core does not forget the essentials in measuring your blood pressure and heart rate. Two essential elements for diagnosing hypertension. For this, Withings relies on several high-performance medical sensors. Finally, a significant advantage especially if we talk about seniors, the device does not need to be recharged often. Once every six months, it will be enough if you control your heart rate once a day. Only small flaw, everything happens on the Health Mate application, without alternative.

Withings has relied on his previous experience in producing blood pressure meters to offer a wide range of possibilities to his product. BPM Core offers at home functions that until now were reserved for clinical use only. It is for example capable of detecting atrial fibrillation, a form of arrhythmia responsible for 1/3 of stroke. In addition, it is also able to detect the most common forms of valvulopathies, which may sometimes require surgery to prevent heart failure. In addition to these possibilities, BPM Core obviously measures blood pressure and heart rate, which is sufficient to diagnose hypertension.

connected blood pressure monitor tensiometre-withings-connecte smart health 智慧血压计 智慧健康How does it work ?This connected blood pressure monitor.

Withings has released a connected blood pressure monitor that can pinpoint defects and heart problems, helping to anticipate serious illnesses

To provide this quality of judgment, the Withings connected blood pressure monitor relies on several devices. It is equipped with high-performance and discreet medical sensors. In this way, they do not deteriorate the appearance of the product. The BMP core contains three stainless steel electrodes, two of which are contained in the cuff and one in the metal tube at the end. In addition, a silicone membrane contains the stethoscope. To trigger the cardiac measurement, press the central button and wait for about 90 seconds.

An energy-saving device

Rechargeable via micro-USB connection, the Withings BMP Core requires only one charge every 6 months. At least, if you respect the recommendations that are to measure your heart rate once a day. As for the majority of connected objects, the result of the measurements is consulted with an application, called Health Mate. In addition, you are free to perform only one of the diagnostics offered by this connected blood pressure monitor. Core BPM is expected to hit stores in the second quarter in 2024, for a price of $ 282.86.

Technology is constantly revolutionizing medicine and making it more accessible. 

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