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Withings Body vs Withings Body Cardio: Which Withings scale is better?

Withings Body vs Withings Body Cardio: Which Withings scale is better?

No more scales that were only used to weigh you! Today, Withings connected scales offer you smart devices with multiple functions. Which Withings scale is better?What about the options offered by the Withings Body and Withings Body Cardio scales? Discover this Withings Body vs Withings Body Cardio.

The Withings Body and the Withings Body +: connected scales that combine simplicity, design and advanced features

The expertise of the French company Withings in the Internet of Things (IoT) field was first noticed by the design of the first connected bathroom scale in 2009. The Withings Body incorporates all the technological advances developed within Withings in recent years. What improvements have been made since the pioneering connected scales from Withings, the WS-30 and Smart Body Analyzer?

The Withings Body: for whom and at what price?

Withings Body, a connected scale for all ages

Whether you are attentive to your weight, athletic or just curious about your health, the Withings Body is for all audiences.

Thanks to the many sensors at its disposal, the Withings Body offers you a tailor-made experience and weight tracking to always keep in shape.

Available in two colors, the classic white and black, the connected scale is offered at the affordable price of $59.95.

The seven key features of the Withings Body

1.Withings Body gives you your body mass index (BMI).
2.It provides you with the evolutionary trend of your weight over the last eight days.
3.You can follow this weight gain or loss curve directly on your smartphone via the Health Mate app.
4.The connected scale recognizes up to eight different users, including babies.
5.The Pregnancy mode allows pregnant women to benefit from personalized advice on their weight gain.
6.Integrate weight targets in the Health Mate app and you can follow your progress automatically, via your wifi or Bluetooth, on your Withings Body scale.
7.Finally, the Withings Body gives you the weather of the day, which will allow you to choose your clothes to start the day off right.

The Withings Body + brings you a complete and realistic understanding of your body

The Withings Body + offers the same basic functionality as the Body with additional options that allow you to have a complete monitoring of your body for $99.95.

What does the Withings Body + bring?

Beyond weight monitoring and BMI, this improved version of the Withings Body + connected scale measures your bone, water and muscle mass.

Weight Fat mass Muscular mass Bone mass Water
Withings Body + measures weight to the nearest hundred grams thanks to its integrated “Position Control” technology Observing its fat percentage allows you to have a better view of your fitness weight In order to become more muscular or efficient, take note of your muscle mass Your bone mass lets you know if your calcium intake is sufficient Your water level informs you about your hydration and your retention

connected scale Withings Body CardioWhat’s new with the new Withings Body Cardio version?

Body Cardio, the smartest on the market, Withings signs with Nokia a fourth generation of scales connected with the Withings Body Cardio.

Going further in weighing 2.0, Withings offers an even smarter bathroom scale with the heart rate sensor.

Listed for $179.95, we will see what justifies this price difference compared to its previous version.

Withings Body Cardio: a connected smart scale that gives you a complete picture of your body

The Withings Body Cardio marks a turning point in the connected scales sector, allowing you to monitor your cardiovascular health for the first time. Thanks to these improvements, you are at the heart of your health! In addition to measuring your various masses, body, fat, muscle and water, the Withings Body Cardio measures the speed of your pulse wave. By monitoring this heart rate indicator on the screen of your connected scale, you can make good decisions to avoid possible health problems.

The connected scale turned health coach

Much more than a health indicator, the Withings Body Cardio gives you personalized advice, via the Health Mate app, in order to improve your lifestyle and your diet. By suggesting small changes, this new Withings connected scale will help you have a positive impact on your blood pressure. And the benefits of the Withings Body Cardio don’t stop there. Do you want to refine your figure? Thanks to a precise analysis of your entire body composition, your connected scale will be your main ally to meet your weight goals.

Why prefer Withings Body Cardio to other connected Withings smart scales?

Compared to previous versions, the Withings Body Cardio is aimed at the high end while remaining easy to access. In what optics should you choose a balance with so many features? If you are following a diet, and want to benefit from personalized monitoring with a precise feedback on your health, the Withings Body Cardio is for you. It is the only connected scale available on the market to offer such extensive services. Body Cardio, without being a medical device, will give you a complete health check-up.

Comparison of Withings Body, Body + and Body Cardio connected scales

Withings Body Withings Body + Withings Body Cardio
Weight and BMI
Weather and number of steps
Body composition
Pulse wave measurement
Heart rate
Battery life Up to 18 months Up to 18 months Up to 12 months
Price $ 59.95 $99.95 From $179.95


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