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Which one is better?Withings Steel HR, Withings Steel or Activité Pop ?

Which one is better?our opinion about Withings Steel HR, Go, Steel or Pop Activity

Withings offers six different types of connected watches and bracelets: Withings Steel HR, Withings Go, Activité Steel or Activité Pop. How to find your way among all these activity trackers with multiple and varied functionalities?

Withings Activité and Activité Pop, the design in addition to the activity tracker

Withings Activité and Activité pop in a few dates

Launched in late 2014, the Withings Activité only preceded its urban and Pop version by a few months.

The two connected watches have many points in common while integrating major differences visible to the eye: materials, manufacture and very differentiated prices.

If we put the Activité and Activité Pop watches into perspective with the Pulse ox watch, we can see more detailed work on the question of the design of the dial and bracelet aimed at the top of the range.

We can no longer blame connected watches for not being “fashion”, the Withings Activité shows that we can mix connected object and neat look.

Activité, aesthetics in addition

Compared to the Pulse Ox and Activity Pop models, the “Activité” can boast of “Swiss Made” quality. By moving upmarket, the French manufacturer Withings is looking for the general public to adopt the connected watch. The elegant Steel, which features a stainless steel bracelet, will seduce you with its affordable price ($129.95)

Comparison of the Withings Activité and Activité Pop watches

The Withings Activité Pop , made of silicone, has a more sporty appearance if we compare it with the steel and the shiny dial of the Steel Activity. The lover of beautiful watches will prefer the discreet charm of the Steel to the more classic style.

The Activité Pop is now offered in eight distinct colors, the flashy side of which will remind you of Withings Go bracelets (blue, black, beige, mocha, yellow, or even raspberry red and khaki).

In terms of activities, slight advantage for the Activity which measures the distance traveled, sleep cycles and calories burned with great reliability.

Finally, the main difference between the two connected watches is their price. If you opt for the charm of the Withings Activité, it will cost you more.

Withings Activité Pop

Withings Activité Pop

Withings Activité Steel

Withings Activité Steel

The Withings Steel, what is the third watch model from Withings worth?

The Withings Steel sold today on the Nokia Health website is similar to the former Pop Activity, thanks to its original silicone strap, which was later updated.

It is now possible to choose between two removable leather straps and eight silicone straps for this new model of Withings analog watch. You will find them in eight different colors, from white and black classics to mocha and other khaki.

This activity watch connects to your smartphone, via the Health Mate app, to track your steps and your sleep.

The next version, the Withings Steel HR, will integrate an additional functionality: the measurement of heart rate.

Withings Steel (Nokia), White - Activity & Sleep Tracking Watch - No charging, Water resistant - Withings Official Store

Withings Steel (Nokia), White - Activity & Sleep Tracking Watch - No charging, Water resistant - Withings Official Store

Steel is an automatique 24/7 activity tracker, the only tracker that looks just like a watch, the most elegant one. Steel monitors steps, run, distance, calories and swimming sessions. It includes sleep patterns analysis and comprehensive monitoring with a silent alarm for the wake-up. You also get personalized coaching to help you progress. 8-months battery life. 50 meters water resistant. Available in Black, White and 7 other colors : Black and White, Evergreen, Khahi, Mineral, Raspberry, Mocha and Yellow. Available on iOS and Android, smartphone and tablet equipped with the Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Buy on the Withings Official Store : 24-months warranty, 30 days money back guarantee, exclusive offers, dedicated support.

The Withings Steel HR watch, a connected object as elegant as it is accessible on the wrist

After the French company Withings, pioneer of the Internet of Things, was integrated into the Health Department of Nokia, it designed a new version of connected watch, the most advanced in the Steel range with the Steel HR model.

Who is the Steel HR for?

Who says wearing a smartwatch isn’t stylish? The Withings Steel HR marks by its style which does not lack finesse or elegance.

This new high-end connected watch from Withings-Nokia offers a refined aesthetic and a simple and accessible use thanks to the interface of its digital dial.

What are its main features?

The Steel HR connects to your smartphone to alert you to your daily activity level and heart rate wherever you are.
You can set your sports goals and observe the percentage achieved thanks to a counter located at the bottom of the screen.
Without forgetting one of the main advantages of this new version: its autonomy of almost 25 days.
Finally, thanks to its “Smart Wake-Up” system, Steel HR wakes you gently, at the optimal time of your sleep cycle, with slight vibrations.
In short, this sober and discreet Steel HR watch is ideal for trying out the world of connected watches.

What are the contributions of the Steel HR compared to its predecessors?

Taking the basis of previous Withings connected watch models, the improvements of the Withings Steel HR are located in the monitoring of the heart rate and the display of notifications, while benefiting from a large autonomy, thanks to a rechargeable battery by USB cable. , a refined aesthetic and better comfort.

Withings Steel HR (Nokia), 36mm, Black - Hybrid Smartwatch - Heart rate & Smartphone notifications - Withings Official Store

Withings Steel HR (Nokia), 36mm, Black - Hybrid Smartwatch - Heart rate & Smartphone notifications - Withings Official Store

Steel HR is the first activity tracker with heart rate monitoring to offer a long-lasting battery life of 25 days, all housed in a classic watch style perfect for transitioning from the gym to the office to a night out. Plus, stay connected with smartphone notifications that appear right on the watch screen.

Withings Pulse Ox, an activity, sleep and heart rate tracker

Unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas in 2013, the Pulse Ox smartwatch is an improved version of the Withings Pulse. Activity tracking, sleep cycle and heart rate analysis: the first all-in-one tracker from Withings.

It incorporates some new features such as the measurement of the oxygen level in the blood, and more precisely the pulsed oxygen saturation (SpO2), or even synchronization in Bluetooth 4.0. The Withings Pulse Ox is a health companion that has given new life to the market for connected watches and self-evaluation.

A connected watch made for athletes

Whether you are a mountaineer or a seasoned runner, the Withings Pulse Ox will accompany you on mountain trails as in your strides on the asphalt. Calculating the level of oxygen saturation in the blood will prove very useful for both climbers and asthmatics who always need to keep an eye on their SPO2.

The pros and cons of the Withings Pulse Ox
Simplicity and intuitive use
Watch design in relation to Activity and Steel developments
Integration of an altimeter
Vertical display absent and lack of visibility in the sun
Machine to machine, interconnection with other Withings products
Extraction of the Pulse from its support to activate the sensor

Withings Go, the simple and effective connected bracelet

The Withings Go, the tracker that accompanies you wherever you are

This connected bracelet differs from classic Withings watches by its simplicity, portability and attractive price at less than € 50.

The Withings Go tracker

The connected bracelet is distinguished from connected watches, with richer and more upscale features, by presenting itself as a pedometer with a round dial to attach to the wrist or to clip on a pocket, or to hang on its key ring.

The Withings Go tracker is available in five different colors: blue, green, red, yellow and black.

The Withings Go, for whom for what?

While connected watches have hitherto targeted sportspeople with in particular the Pulse Ox, Activity and Activity Pop and Steel HR watches, the Withings Go aims less for completeness and elegance than for a large audience wishing to have a basic monitoring of its activities.
The four reasons to choose the Withings Go range
In addition to its affordable price, the other shocking argument of the connected bracelet is its very long autonomy, of around eight months, which is due to the use of very energy-efficient electronic ink with its E Ink screen.

The Withings Go can accompany you in all your activities, domestic and swimming thanks to its waterproofness which goes up to 50 meters.

If the bracelet only includes an activity sensor, its accelerometer, it is enough to follow all your simplest activities (walking, running, swimming). You can observe your data via an interface that displays the results of your daily sports sequences.

As for the synchronization of the tracker with the smartphone, via the Health Mate application, it is done without incident. Data sharing is effective even if the functionality remains limited, the Withings Go model being less complete than the other Withings products.

Health Mate: the Withings app both personal trainer and health tracker

More than a personal health coach, Health Mate offers you a complete analysis of the history of data relating to your health, including activity, sleep or weight, with the aim that you can be aware of changes your health both in the short and long term. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, be more active, monitor your blood pressure or sleep better, the free Health Mate app is there to guide you at all times.

The Health Mate application focuses on three areas:

Health monitoring: independently of Withings connected products, Health Mate allows you to track your activity (via the accelerometer built into your smartphone), your heart rate (using your phone’s camera) as well as your weight, mass fat and blood pressure.

Maintaining motivation: you can challenge your friends and family in your daily or weekly distance goals. The app, now called Nokia Health Mate, turns into an activity tracker, provides you with rankings and rewards your milestone goals with virtual badges. Health Mate analyzes your activity in order to refine its advice and give you “Insights”, as well as personalized coaching.

Integration of all data from your Withings connected objects and now branded Nokia Health

Withings connected smartwatches and bracelets: what prices?

Products Characteristics Unit price
Withings Activité Made in Switzerland, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, 316 L stainless steel, Barénia leather Activity sensor watch
Smart alarm clock
Great autonomy
Withings Activité Pop Design
Activity tracker
Ease of use
Withings Steel
Measurement of three automatic activities (steps, running, swimming), waterproof> 50m, information on the distance traveled and the calories burned
Analysis of sleep cycles and gentle awakening via vibrations
> 8 months of autonomy, battery operation
Withings Steel HR
Heart rate tracking
10 sports and activities recognized automatically
Sleep tracking, micro-alarm clocks
Silent “Smart Wake-Up” alarm
Personal assistant
Withings Go
Swimming analysis (waterproof> 50m)
Sleep cycle analysis
> 8 months of battery
E Ink screen with electronic ink
Multiportable: on your wrist, as a clip, as a key ring or even in your pocket
Withings Pulse Ox Integrated altimeter
Activity and sleep cycle monitoring
Automatic synchronization with your smartphone
Real-time coaching
                         $ 120

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