What is the best PMP prep courses ?Preparing for and passing the PMP® (The Project Management Professional ) test can be a time-consuming procedure. There’s a lot of material to absorb, as well as educational contact hour requirements to satisfy and a multi-hour exam to pass. Given the vast amount of material to study and the pressure to succeed on exam day, it’s understandable that how one prepares affects exam results.

Covering all of the material in advance is essential, as is taking practice exams, but what matters most is how well the information is absorbed and retained. This is when Brain Sensei comes in.Continue reading my Brain Sensei review if you want to become PMP®-certified and require an approved online test prep course with a unique approach to learning!

best PMP prep courses

best PMP prep courses PMP exam practice


What is Brain Sensei Training Course?

Brain Sensei is the simple and innovative courses to help people achieve their learning goals anytime anywhere.Brain Sensei’s courses, founded and developed by two Certified PMPs, are meant to break the mold of conventional, dull study material by delivering it in an engaging, pleasant, and effective manner, while also earning a 99.6% pass rate for its students! 

Brain Sensei teaches project management skills using animated narratives, which is a really unique and inventive learning method. It’s incredibly interesting and participatory, with a strong emphasis on training and examinations. Candidates may now access the course for one year and have full access to the materials on the internet.

Brain Sense’s test prep course is not only up to date (it has been revised to fit the new PMP exam outline), but it is also incredibly thorough. Candidates have unrestricted access to the following resources as part of the course package:

  • After each class, key point summaries are provided.
  • Students solve 13 animated tale problems as a test of their project management skills.
  • 4 PMP sample examinations and over 800 real-time exam practice questions are included to acquaint students with the exam questions and scenario.
  • Following each exam, the candidate’s weak spots and areas of attention are revealed through an assessment.
  • Interactive, animated story-based modules that encourage active participation in learning.
  • Tests of discoverability are used to examine a candidate’s knowledge of a topic.

Students can communicate with the Brain Sensei community and discuss assessment and practice questions on the institution’s Facebook page. Candidate PMP course reminders, suggestions, and techniques are also sent to them via email by the university.

The best pmp prep courses


What Is Included in Brain Sensei PMP Course?

Is Brain Sensei Approved By PMI? PMI requires 35 contact hours of formal project management education before you may sit for the PMP® test, as you undoubtedly already know. Professional Development Units are the terms used to describe the needed hours of instruction (PDUs).

Both the PMP® Exam Prep Self-Paced Course and the PMP® Exam Prep Complete Course With Live Virtual Instructors from Brain Sensei will offer you with all of the necessary education and contact hours to sit for the exam once you’ve completed the course.

Learning Modules & Assessment Quizzes

The online PMP® course from Brain Sensei has nine learning modules in total, each of which is presented in an easy-to-navigate style. Video explanations, interactive learning, and self-assessment quizzes are included in all lessons.

Each topic is broken down into ‘bite-sized’ chunks — there is never a wall of text or a lack of direction. The course contents are given in an easy-to-understand way. The regular quizzes and entertaining modules keep the user interested and paying attention at all times.

To pass Brain Sensei’s PMP® course, you must score an 80 percent or above on each module’s practice test.

Video Learning Module  Walkthroughs 

Are you someone who benefits from video coaching and instruction? You’re in good hands with Brain Sensei. You’ll get access to Brain Sensei’s video walkthroughs of the course’s learning modules as a course member.

Videos may be watched on Apple or Spotify via Brain Sensei’s podcast, and they can also be saved for offline viewing on Apple!

Exam Practice & Material Updates

When you join up with Brain Sensei, you will have access to a plethora of practice exam resources.

This includes three full-length, 180-question practice tests – replete with a timer – to as precisely imitate the exam as possible. You’ll also have access to a fourth practice exam: the new PMP® Exam Simulator – more on that in the next section.

PMI’s Role Delineation Study is used to generate exam questions (RDS). The Agile practice guide, PMP® exam topic overview, and PMI’s code of ethics and professional behavior are all included in the practice examinations.

Brain Sensei’s practice examinations are also regularly updated and enhanced. Each question on their exam is psychometrically verified to ensure that they are both efficient and effective – if a question is too easy or too difficult, it is revised.

To put it another way, Brain Sensei’s questions are continually being examined and updated in order to provide you with the highest quality test study material available.

You will be allowed to take these three standard practice exams as many times as you need until you obtain an 80% grade on all three of these practice tests in order to pass Brain Sensei’s PMP® course.

Unlimited PMP Exam Simulator

Do you ever question if you’re totally prepared for the real thing after completing a practice exam? What if the practice questions didn’t cover everything on the real exam?

Brain Sensei has the answer

Not only does Brain Sensei’s PMP® prep course include three full-length, 180-question practice tests, but it also includes an Unlimited PMP® Exam Simulator.

Their PMP® Exam Simulator generates a completely fresh practice test by randomly selecting 180 practice questions from a library of 1,500 exam questions. Because it is limitless, you get to take a completely new practice test every time you produce one in the simulator!

This enables for a far more thorough learning experience in which you are exposed to a large number of practice exam questions prior to taking the actual test.

The PMP® Exam Simulator also includes practice tests with crucial PMP® Acronyms and a Glossary of terminology. You may also use these practice tools as many times as you like.

Spaced Recognition System (SRS): A Tool for Memorization

Aside from course access, Brain Sensei also provides a memory tool to assist you recall over 200 frequently used terminology and concepts. You’ll be able to practice remembering these phrases on the go by using the free Anki flashcard app, which will only help you cement your knowledge base even more. This exclusive Brain Sensei tool is available with your course subscription!

Alignment with the PMP and the PMBOK

Enrolling in Brain Sensei’s online PMP training course ensures that you are constantly studying the most up-to-date content. Brain Sensei’s training is aligned with and up to date with the most recent PMP® Certification Exam and PMBOK® Guide. As of the time of writing, this contains the 7th version of the PMBOK® Guide.

Brain Sensei PMP exam practice The best PMP prep courses


Why Brain Sensei is the best PMP prep courses?

Individuals and organizations have praised Brain Sensei’s PMP prep course as a first-rate approach to prepare for the test. Candidates will benefit from the following course features:

Learning that is Interactive

Unlike other PMP exam prep courses, which are typically dry and lifeless, the Brain Sensei PMP course employs quick animation stories that can easily draw you into an interesting animated story of a Samurai who overcomes adversity in Feudal Japan. You will not only be captivated by the narrative, but you will also be able to effortlessly master key project management skills.

It has been established via study that getting information in the form of a story allows you as a listener to grasp and retain the material far more easily.

As a result, Brain Sensei’s training technique is unquestionably an effective way to teach PMP lessons, which are notoriously tough.

Brain Sensei has designed the majority of its reading content on the Articulate platform, which allows you to perform a range of activities such as touch the screen, take self-assessment quizzes, pick alternatives by dragging and dropping the selected icons, and so on.

Reading highly interactive information allows you to readily retain crucial topics throughout the test time, enhancing your chances of passing your PMP examinations, regardless of how challenging they appear to be.

Brain Sensei Make Learning Fun! Try Now!


Study Period of Two Months

If you want to finish your PMP studies as quickly as possible, the Brain Sensei’s PMP course is for you, since the online support part of the course claims that most of the institution’s students finish their studies in 1 to 2 months. Furthermore, the majority of the reading content is accessible via your phone or tablet, making your studies much easier.

35 Hours of Contact

Brain Sensei provides a 35-hour comprehensive prep course, which is required to sit for the PMP test. Even better, the hours are divided into highly engaging lectures and small animated plot challenges to keep you interested throughout the course.

Exams in Practice

The Brain Sensei prep course comprises of four full-length practice exams with over 900 questions each to help you analyze your progress as you prepare for the main PMP test. Furthermore, these built-in self-assessment assessments allow you to gain a sense of the entire exam session so you can manage your anxiety and time consumption.

Plenty of Practice Questions

In addition to the 900 practice PMP exam questions and explained answers, Brain Sensei’s comprehensive PMP course includes four full-length practice tests at the conclusion. You are also given practice quizzes at the end of each course to assist you be aware of which areas require more of your study time and to track your progress.

Personal Trainer

The bulk of PMP exam prep teachers are not entertaining to listen to, and self-study is not as interactive as candidates would want. Fortunately, Brain Sensei provides you with your own own animated sensei. Because your instructor is dynamic, he will always walk you step by step through your studies and provide you any further assistance. This will keep you focused on your academics while also making them more enjoyable.

Progress Monitoring

You may now follow your progress and retrieve your exam scores thanks to the newly incorporated real-time and thorough progress tracking reports. This tool enables you to identify your areas of weakness and create a study plan to address them.

100% PMP Exam Pass Guarantee

Many people who are considering taking a PMP® test prep course wonder, “What if I don’t pass the first time?”

I can’t speak for all course providers, but with Brain Sensei, this isn’t an issue — they promise a 100% pass rate.

In fact, Brain Sensei students have a 99.6% first-time pass record on the PMP® and CAPM® examinations!

If you have any further queries, I strongly advise you to read the complete and clear policy on Brain Sensei’s website if you want to understand all of their 100 percent guarantee criteria. In short, if you do not pass on your first or second attempt, you can obtain free access to their Exam Prep courses.

You are eligible for a full refund if you fail the PMP® test three times after finishing Brain Sensei’s course (in accordance with their policy terms).

Complete PMP content

Brain Sensei provides you with a thorough PMP training course that starts from the beginning and covers all of the PMP test topics. It also includes eight training modules that cover the complete PMP curriculum.

Start Your Free Trial Today!100% PMP Pass Guarantee!

How Long Will It Take To Finish Brain Sensei?

As previously indicated, a subscription to Brain Sensei’s PMP® course entitles you to one  full year of unlimited access to their online training materials. While Brain Sensei is designed to meet PMI’s minimum of 35 contact training hours (PDUs) before taking the test, you may go through their training modules and practice examinations as many times as you like!

The best PMP prep courses PMP exam practice

Balance Between Story-Telling & PMP Exam Prep

Brain Sensei strikes an excellent balance between unique tales and entertaining instruction, with the amount of knowledge you’d expect from a Project Management Institute (PMI)® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.).

Make no mistake: Brain Sensei is a thorough and insightful online PMP® test preparation course. Even though it’s designed to be entertaining, it’s still a thorough preparation course – which is a good thing!

Each learning module begins with a video short that mixes narrated information from the module’s content with a fresh tale from our main warrior protagonist about the challenges she and her village face.

Storylines, of course, draw connections between the Japan-set scenario and the project management principles covered in that subject.

Schedules and milestones are equivalent to her attempting to save her town as soon as feasible. Building and strengthening a castle to protect the residents is a metaphor for completing a project on schedule and to satisfaction.

Brain Sensei’s training is built around metaphors, images, and analogies. It’s time to get to work after seeing the animated animations that introduce each section. The remainder of the module focuses on studying essential subjects and completing self-assessment questions after the opening video.

Modules aren’t overwhelming since material is presented slide by slide, so you’re never overwhelmed by any one subject. In these parts, there are still a lot of analogies and metaphors intertwined with the course themes.

Even in portions that are just informative (i.e., without tests), Brain Sensei’s course will keep you interested with quick true/false questions, Mad Lib-style click/drag puzzles, and other engaging activities.

These interim ‘challenges’ give just enough stimulus to have you think about what you learned in the preceding slides a little bit more, and the cumulative impact of these entertaining interludes is frequently a deeper, ‘I get it’ sort of knowledge.

Brain Sensei PMP exam practice the best PMP prep courses


Brain Sensei reviews

4.67 Rating of 5 at arrivala.com,100% of Brain Sensei reviewers would recommendBrain Sensei.

“While studying for the PMP test, a clever technique to presenting the knowledge that makes it fun and engaging. Brain Sensei is different from other PMP test preps in that it uses a storytelling style to present the information.
This course is recommended since it will assist you in passing the PMP exam on your first attempt.”  –Jamal

“The narrative telling and practice exams were both excellent. When the time arrived for the actual exam, I felt quite prepared.” –Josh

“A one-of-a-kind training experience that was very enjoyable!” –Claire

“Excellent course for studying for the PMP test while having fun! The practice questions closely reflect the exam’s actual questions, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.” –Rossetta

“I liked how it took a different approach while still providing all of the information I’d expect from a thorough PMP exam prep course. Also, very receptive to questions. ”  – Chris

“The PMP study materials provided a lot of information that helped me prepare for the PMP exam. The questions were jam-packed with data.”  –Cameron

Overall, it was a great experience. I got stopped a couple of times trying to locate resources that I should have downloaded before beginning the software. The customer service has been outstanding. –Jonathan Williams

“The text is excellent and simple to comprehend.” –Glenn

“Explanations of how things work that are clear and exact. I never got lost while traveling the route.” – Gary Nicol

“This learning system has really impressed me. The content is organized in such a way that any learner can understand all of the process groups and ITTOs in order to grasp Project management and prepare for the exam. The learning system is both fascinating and enjoyable. It differs significantly from other learning materials, which are primarily video-based. Some changes are required, but Brain Sensei is, in my opinion, excellent value for money.” –Said Durra

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Pricing, Payment Plans, and Refunds

We’ll go over all three of Brain Sensei’s PMP® prep course options in detail in the following sections. All preparation resources, regardless of which plan you pick, are based on the PMBOK® Guide, 7th edition. All three membership levels include a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee as well as a 100 percent pass guarantee:

1.) Exam Simulator for the PMP Certification

2.) Self-Paced PMP Exam Preparation

3.) Complete PMP® Exam Preparation Course With Virtual Instructors

Each of these courses has something unique to offer, so one could be a better fit for your requirements than the others. Let’s take a look at what’s included in each of these three course subscriptions to see which one is best for you.

Option #1: PMP Exam Simulator

The Brain Sensei PMP Exam Simulator Course costs $119.99 to enroll in. This subscription includes everything listed below:

  • Access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for six (6) months.
  • Three complete 180-question practice tests are available.
  • Brain Sensei’s PMP® Test Simulator, which generates a randomized 180-item practice exam from their 1,500 question pool, is included. Every time, a new exam!
  • Examine your acronyms.
  • Review of the glossary.
  • Access to Brain Sensei’s Facebook community, where you may discuss your progress with staff and other students.
  • Best-in-class customer service: you’ll hear back from their staff within an hour of submitting your request.
  • Guaranteed success on the PMP® Exam
  • 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

Best For: Those who want to obtain their 35 PDUs / Contact Hours elsewhere but still require access to practice test materials (and more).

Save $11.99 (10%) Using Brain Sensei Promo Code REFER10

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Option #2: PMP Exam Prep Self-Paced Course

Brain Sensei’s Self-Paced PMP Course costs $499.99 to enroll in. This membership entitles you to everything listed below, including the PMP® Exam Simulator stated above:

  • One year of unlimited access to their online course, which includes 9 story-based modules and 13 narrative challenges.
  • Three complete 180-question practice tests are available.
  • Brain Sensei’s PMP® Test Simulator, which generates a randomized 180-item practice exam from their 1,500 question pool, is included. Every time, a new exam!
  • Examine your acronyms.
  • Review of the glossary.
  • For remembering essential project management terms and concepts, use a spaced repetition system.
  • Access to Brain Sensei’s Facebook community, where you may discuss your progress with staff and other students.
  • Brain Sensei will send you intelligent emails about studying, exam prep, and reminders to help you remain on track.
  • Downloadable templates, papers, and critical information that may be consulted while working through modules.
  • Best-in-class customer service: you’ll hear back from their staff within an hour of submitting your request.
  • Module video walkthroughs may be streamed on both Apple and Android (through Spotify) and viewed offline on Apple.
  • 100% pass guarantee
  • 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee (if you don’t start any practice exams)

Best For: Those who wish to earn 35 PDUs / Contact Hours and have access to practice test materials Plus more on their own time and schedule.

Save $49.99 (10%) Using Brain Sensei Promo Code REFER10

Learning Fun! 100% Pass Guarantee!Try Now!


Option #3: PMP Exam Prep Complete Course With Live Virtual Instructors

Brain Sensei’s Complete PMP Course with Live Virtual Instructors costs $1,199.99 to enroll in. This subscription includes everything listed above, including the PMP Exam Simulator and Self-Paced Course:

  • On an accelerated, planned schedule, attend virtual classes with world-class, live professors.
  • There are several scheduling options to select from, including a 5-day bootcamp, weeknight and weekend options.
  • One year of unlimited access to their Self-Paced Online Course (option #2 above), including learning modules, four full practice examinations, free downloads, and more (a $499.99 value).
  • The Self-Paced Online Course fulfills the criteria for 35 PDUs / contact hours.
  • For remembering essential project management terms and concepts, use a spaced repetition system.
  • Access to Brain Sensei’s Facebook community, where you can discuss your progress with staff and other students.
  • Best-in-class customer service: you’ll hear back from their team within an hour of submitting your request.
  • 100% pass guarantee
  • 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee (if you don’t start any practice exams)

Best For: Those who wish to earn 35 PDUs / Contact Hours from high-quality, live (virtual) instructors on a set schedule, while also having access to practice examinations, learning modules, and more to practice on their own time.

Save $119.99 (10%) Using Brain Sensei Promo Code REFER10

Learning Fun! 100% Pass Guarantee!Try Now!

Brain Sensei Live Virtual Instructor review – PMP Learning Fun & 100% Pass Guarantee!

The best PMP prep courses


Brain Sensei Vs. PM PrepCast

Almost every Brain Sensei PMP review compares Brain Sensei to PM PrepCast, another well-known PMP training facility.

The main distinction between the two is that PM PrepCast is not a PMI Authorized Training Partner, which means it does not provide the ‘official’ PMI training course, whereas Brain Sensei’s course is current and concurrent with the exam outline and will provide you with access to all of the information you need to pass your exam.

Another significant distinction is that Brain Sensei is an entirely online course with no live courses, whereas PM PrepCast includes live class interaction. It all comes down to personal taste because both institutions provide a large number of PMP practice questions and study materials, as well as a 35-hour PMP prep test course.

Conclusion – The best PMP prep courses

Brain Sensei’s prep course is now the greatest ways to fully prepare for your PMP exam. This top-rated course teaches you with animated tale pieces that keep you fascinated in the content and allow for a high level of engagement with the course material, making learning more enjoyable. In addition, the content is updated on a regular basis to reflect any modifications made by PMI.

Get everything you need to easy pass your PMP exam

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