Most of people are currently spending more time at home than they are used to ”. which makes you want to feel all the more comfortable in your own four walls. Can the Proscenic A8 air purifier go a long way? We tested it.

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Since the Proscenic A8 comes with app control and controls on the top, there is no remote control included.

Design and processing

CE mark, EU charging cable and fast shipping via Amazon: Proscenic knows what to look out for if you want to sell devices in Europe and Germany. Design and material quality also play a role for German consumers. At least the round shape of the A8 air purifier looks good, but the plastic used could be of higher quality. In terms of design, you can’t make any compromises, it just looks like a typical air purifier.

“Like a typical air purifier ?! Can they all shine as cool as I do ?! “

Compared to the Geekbes air purifier, the air purifier with the dimensions 37 x 20 cm is much less bulky and also takes up much less space in the living room or bedroom. Perhaps the air purifiers I’ve used up to now were just huge, but the A8 seems rather small to me. Proscenic A8 air purifier filter lights LED

Circulation of the room air flow. It would also be conceivable for many other models to build them like this.

Functionality and work in practice

What does an air purifier do? Air purifiers suck the air in a room through fans inside the device. There, the room air passes through several filter stations and is released again as purified air. With the Proscenic A8, in addition to the 360 ​​° wind inlet, it should also be emphasized that it has a four-layer filter function. More precisely, via four superimposed filters through which the air flow passes.

In theory, the Proscenic A8 should compete against the following disruptive factors in the air:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Allergy-causing substances (pollen, animal dander)
  • Smells(annoying)
  • Smoke (from cigarettes etc.)
  • Particulate matter

To combat these disruptive factors, the A8 uses several ventilation modes, which can be selected either via the touch controls on the top or via the app () provided. All I can say about the controls is that it is sometimes very difficult to press and hit them specifically. And that’s not because I would drink during work hours, but because they simply don’t react. Stupid, but largely manageable – especially because the app controls are really cool (more on that in a moment).

Can be pressed, but not always react directly.

The “S” stands for “sleep mode” (at least translated), “1” describes the second highest and “2” the highest level. With the setting on “A” you can let the air purifier do its own thing. In sleep mode, the operating volume is a really pleasant 24 dB, but at level 2 it is much higher 60-70 dB (depending on where you measure on the cleaner). I found my way around best with level 1 when I was in the same room during the test phase, with level 2 you should at least change rooms from my point of view.

The air quality seems good. 

I’ll tell you a secret now: The air quality in my home isn’t really cracking because the house here is poorly insulated or something and that’s why I’ll be moving soon. In any case, you won’t get very far here even with repeated ventilation. This is one of the reasons why I have such a small but beautiful device at home that can measure air quality:

Now the ominous, but at least in my opinion really cool-looking light ring on the bottom comes into play, which changes three colors after switching on and – at least for me – then stays with the green color. The possible colors are and mean:

  • green: good air quality
  • yellow: rather poor air quality
  • red: very poor air quality

Obviously, the Chinese have different ideas about “good air”. Since smog and bad air are part of everyday life in China, so many air cleaner models are coming onto the market from China. What we perceive as bad air in this country can definitely be considered “good air” in China. For example, the A8 shows me in my living room “green”, good air quality, which does not match the measuring device.

Now, of course, one can ask oneself which of the two devices is not working properly – and I am also not free from the prejudice here of suspecting the Proscenic device. In addition, the value of the measuring device does not change while the air purifier is doing its job, regardless of the level.

Of course, I also suspected that it was the size of my living room and that I should perhaps better put the Proscenic A8 in a smaller room. But the product description clearly states: “It covers 355 ft² / 33 m² in 30 minutes and 142 ft² / 13 m² in just 12 minutes, so that it can circulate the room air quickly”.

In any case, I already imagined that the air in the smaller room (kitchen) would have improved with the use of the air purifier when I tried it there for a few hours. The measuring device still shows bad values ​​(and the measuring device shows better values ​​when I ventilate!). What should you think of that now? Even without a test laboratory, I think you can assume that the air purifier simply does not affect the values ​​measured on the external device. And it should, after all, it should improve the air quality in rooms.

App control via Proscenic Home

I already have the Proscenic Home (Android, iOS) app on my smartphone from various robot vacuum tests. A very tidy app where you only find what you really need. Also completely in German. “Reservation” is a somewhat surprising term for planning working hours, but everything is also understood through the many graphic elements.

The integration into the app and WLAN is quick and does not require the network to be switched to 2.4 GHz.

If you want to replace the filter after a certain period of use, you should remember to also reset the filter in the settings.

In the middle the interface, on the right the filter reset.

In addition to the fact that working hours can be planned, the app offers hardly any added value compared to the control elements on the top of the device. But: Due to the poor feel of the controls on the A8, using the app is much more relaxed and quick. All you need is the interface, which can also be used to switch off the lights on the underside at bedtime.

It is possible to schedule working hours on a daily basis.

If you want to use the air purifier intensively, you have another control option. However, it is also conceivable to plan the working hours only once and then to forget the app again. I find the app control to be practical, but because of me it could have been omitted completely and the price for the device could have been kept even lower.

In the middle the settings, on the right the integration option in Alexa (not tested).

Assessment: buy a Proscenic A8 air purifier?

The air purifier has been given top ratings on Amazon (4.9 out of 5 stars from 392 reviews), with some Chinese manufacturers repeatedly being accused of being able to get good reviews with questionable practices. Since we cannot exactly understand that here, let’s assume “in case of doubt for the accused”. At least “” does not display any conspicuous reviews, so the reviews could be real.

I think I’ll dig out the Proscenic A8 again during the pollen season and see if I have less allergy-related problems. As of January 2021 I see the air purifier as useful and the glow on the bottom is really cool.

Proscenic A8 Smart WiFi Air Purifier for Home with H13 True HEPA Filter

Shop Proscenic A8 Now for Free Shipping

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