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Xiaomi Mijia CMSXJ11A Wireless Outdoor HD Camera Reviews Surveillance at Low Price

Xiaomi Wireless Outdoor HD Camera Reviews Surveillance Review at Low Price


Xiaomi wireless outdoor HD camera review Review of surveillance at low cost & motion detection.

Xiaomi Wireless Outdoor HD Camera Reviews Surveillance at Low Price

Xiaomi Mijia CMSXJ11A | Best price at $ 60 AliExpress | Xiaomi (China)


A beautiful finish with a perceived quality close to my Arlo Pro (4 times more expensive). Made of white ABS, its small size makes it easy to install (discreetly or not).

  • 1080p HD surveillance camera
  • Dimensions of 4.7 x 7.3 x 14 cm for 270 g
  • Viewing angle at 120 ° with night vision with 8 infrared LEDs
  • IP65 waterproof, it can be used indoors, but especially outdoors, water and dust resistant
  • Connection on your 2.4 GHz Wifi network
  • Combination with mobile app for Android 4.4+ or iOS 9.0+ smartphone

Xiaomi Mijia CMSXJ11A test price reviews

A tip is to buy an adhesive to cover it with another camouflage color for installation in a tree for example.


The new Mi smart health connected surveillance camera can record videos at 1080 P. With a large aperture, up to F2.6, this allows recording in better lighting conditions. It also has an infrared light system (8 LEDs), which allows it to operate 24 hours a day, even in the dark.

  • From a distance, from anywhere, view the video stream from your camera in real time on your smartphone with the Mi health home app
  • Motion detection, its infrared body recognition system can detect people even in the dark, which other cameras cannot do.
  • If presence is detected, the camera can tell you send immediate notifications to your phone.
  • Two-way communication, to hear and speak to your visitor

Ultra simple installation with a stable connection

Installation ultra simple and fast, because the camera is wireless.

The first thing you need to do to get it working is to connect the power cable to the gateway and wait for the light to start flashing yellow. Meanwhile, you can open the Mi health home app on your smartphone, go to the profile, then in the settings and scroll to the region and here we can choose China.

Xiaomi Mijia CMSXJ11A installation

When the gateway is ready and flashing yellow, click the plus icon in the upper right corner. The app will automatically detect the gateway, but if for some reason it doesn’t, you can also add it manually and you’ll find it under health home Security.

Click on it and it will then ask you to choose the Wifi network you want to connect to, add your password and wait for it to connect. It may take a minute.

Then the app will ask you for which room, choose what you want, then click “Next”, then click “Start”. You just have to add the camera to the gateway. What you need to do is keep the power button pressed for 5 seconds until the camera flashes blue, then confirm and click on the next step and wait for it to pair. It can also take a minute or two.

Most of the application

You will now access the live view, the alarm and recording history. You can also take screenshots, speak and record videos.

In the upper right corner, you access the gateway settings. Here you can for example format the SD card or check how much memory is left. By clicking on “General settings” and then on other settings, we can activate the password, check the network information or change the time zone.

Autonomy of the Xiaomi Mijia CMSXJ11A

  • Power supply by 5100 mAh rechargeable battery, durationuse on a charge around 3 months.
  • Support for the gateway to make the WiFi signal more stable and reduce battery consumption.

In the app you can enable or disable notifications to save battery. The same is true for night vision.

Xiaomi mi wireless outdoor autonomy camera

Respect for privacy

The camera works with a gateway that you connect to your network, and then you connect your camera to the gateway. That way, it will have a much more stable connection, which will also save battery life.

You get a hub with each camera you buy and this is also where you will find the slot for u inserting an SD card up to 64 GB. Excellent idea, because if someone steals the camera, you still have access to your recordings stored on the card (placed inside your health home).

  • Data can be stored on a MicroSD card of 64 GB max locally
  • Or for free with online storage.

Price and availability Xiaomi wireless outdoor camera

The box includes

  • The wireless camera with its rechargeable battery
  • a camera holder
  • The Wifi connection gateway
    • his network cable
    • the cable with gateway power adapter
  • the wall mounting accessory kit (with screws)

The best current prices from Chinese importers

Xiaomi Wireless HD Outdoor Camera Reviews Mijia CMSXJ11A

A good camera with excellent HD picture quality for the price. Another advantage is the choice of local storage on a micro SD card or in the cloud (without paid subscription).

Finally, the battery is efficient with more than 3 months of autonomy.

The only rather strange defect to be confirmed by other users, the camera does not record until 10 seconds after detecting a movement. It will fire again after one minute if there is still movement to resume a 10 second video. And no option found in the app to change this setting.

Apart from this point of detail a surveillance camera surprising for its quality, its functionality and especially its price.


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