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JustThrive -the only probiotic to arrive 100% alive to the digestive tract

JustThrive -the only probiotic to arrive 100% alive to the digestive tract

JustThrive spore probiotic is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle! Just Thrive is the only probiotic to arrive 100% alive to the

digestive tract.

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JustThrive probiotics create natural antioxidants to protect your cells

Blending the health boosting effects of antioxidants and probiotics, JustThrive is part of the exciting movement of using microorganisms to enhance wellness. Their probiotics aren’t just another entry in this intriguing field, but have special characteristics that make them more effective in improving your health. Their patented probiotic strain, Bacillus indicus hu36, actually makes antioxidant and carotenoid compounds as it thrives in the human intestines. Not only does it improve nutrient absorption, boost vitamin k2, and help the immune system like conventional probiotics, but also protects against free radicals!

High survivability in the stomach makes JustThrive probiotics powerfully effective

JustThrive indicus Bacillus HU36 ‘s probiotic supplements are designed to have other remarkable, helpful characteristics too. Their bacilli are formulated with a spore-based design, which gives them the ability to survive in the intestines. With a survival rate close to 100% when passing through the upper digestive tract (stomach), they are exceptionally effective in providing rapid and complete digestive improvement. They are also known to help eliminate bad bacteria in the intestines, eliminating them with natural antibiotic substances.

Clean formulas give JustThrive the benefit of healthy and safe probiotics

Designed for a modern, healthy lifestyle JustThrive Probiotics “are made to high standards of quality, too. They are all natural and do not contain any artificial or synthetic elements that could cause metabolism issues. The bacteria are also not genetically modified and are therefore certified non-gmo. All JustThrive supplements are made with recipes that ensure they are dairy, nut, salt, sugar, and gluten free. In short, they are designed to contain little or no allergens and lots of friendly microbes, in order to contribute to a cleaner life.

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