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How to choose a robot for cooking ?Top 7 best food processors in US


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A food processor is a multifunction household appliance that replaces most kitchen machines. Usually it is equipped with a knife, a whisk, a blender (for cooking, simmering or melting) and almost always an internal steamer basket. The robot cooker allows you to cook with a minimum of effort dishes such as floating islands, rice pudding, beef in sauce or soups. It can also simmer or steam fish, poultry or vegetables. It is this peculiarity – the cooking – that sets it apart from other robots such as multifunction robots and pastry robots. There are many devices, of all ranges, equipped with more or less accessories and at all prices. It is therefore important to choose a food processor according to its characteristics.


It is also possible to find robot pastry cooks. This is particularly the case with the Cooking Chef from Kenwood, who prepares pasta, emulsions, whipped whites and even whipped cream. However, it does not necessarily come with a blender or a multifunction bowl for making soups or chopping meat and vegetables.

Top 7 robot for cooking in US

All-Clad HP503152 Prep&Cook Cooking Food Processor

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Bellini by Cedarlane BMKM510CL Kitchen Master

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GEMSide E15A ( Updated from E151)New Technique Automatic Electric Meal Cooker

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Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

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YHLZ Household Rice Cooker

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2.8L APP Control Intelligent Wash Cooking Rice Robot

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Cuckoo CRP-LHTR1009F(10 Cup), CRP-LHTR0609F(6 Cup) Induction Heating Twin Pressure Rice Cooker

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Relatively expensive, robot cookers have long been not very affordable for individuals, like Vorwerk’s latest addition, the Thermomix TM6, sold for $ 1,300. In recent years, however, very competitively priced models have emerged. In June 2019, Lidl thus met with immense success with the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot from its Silvercrest brand, sold at a price of $350. There are also entry-level models for less than $ 200 such as the Volupta HF404110 from Moulinex ($ 160) or the HKM1028 from H. Koenig ($ 170). It is therefore possible to find devices at all prices, for all budgets. The price of a food processor can go from single to double, and even triple. The budget also depends on the desired functions and options. In the same range, it is indeed possible to find several versions of the same robot, at various prices: Companion XL: Moulinex markets the Companion XL in two versions: the Companion XL, classic version, and the i-Companion XL, connected via Bluetooth; Cooking Chef: the Kenwood Cooking Chef is available in a Gourmet version with a blender and a bowl, as well as in an XL version, less accessorized; kCook Multi: the kCook Multi robot from the Kenwood brand is marketed in a classic version and in a “Smart” version (connected via Bluetooth). [content-egg module=CjLinks next=1]

Used purchase

As some robot cookers are expensive, it is not uncommon to choose a used model. Before buying your used robot, remember to check – as much as possible – the following points. The general condition of the device and its cleanliness The general condition and cleanliness of the robot is usually a good indicator of how well the seller has taken care of the device.

The accessories

Do not hesitate to take an inventory of all the accessories: whisk, knife, cooking basket … Also remember to check their condition, such as the presence of cracks or the effectiveness of the blender seal. However, please be indulgent! Accessories can be purchased from most manufacturers. On the other hand, it can be a price negotiation point.

The date of purchase

Find out when the food processor was purchased. If the seller still has the invoice, don’t hesitate to ask for it.


Is the device still under warranty? This element is not essential when buying second-hand, but can be an asset!

Programs and control panel

If you have the possibility, carry out a quick technical check of the food processor. Top 10 best smart kitchen robots to offer


Robot cookers are all-in-one devices. They have many programs and functions to make a variety of dishes effortlessly. It is thus possible to: make the basic pastry recipes (white snow, whipped cream, etc.); mix and mix; grind and chop; slice; to grate ; cook and simmer; steaming, etc. [content-egg module=CjLinks next=1] [content-egg module=CjLinks next=1]



Capacity and content
To choose your robot, check the capacity of the bowl. A large bowl allows for more important preparations. However, it will be bulkier and heavier. Warning ! The total (or gross) capacity corresponds to the interior volume measured to the edge. It differs from usable capacity, which is the total amount of liquid that can actually be handled in the device. Remember to distinguish between them when you compare different models.
Most bowls are made of stainless steel. When buying, check if the one you are interested in is dishwasher safe.
The handles offer a good grip. In particular, they facilitate the maintenance of the bowl, its transport or the transfer of food. There may be one or more. The handles generally allow the bowl to be handled with one hand. We can therefore hold it while using a spatula to extract the preparation.
The cover can be glass, steel, plastic … Do not hesitate to check its good grip, but also its weight.

Getting started ROBOT FOR COOKING

Global use
Do not hesitate to visit the store to get a better idea of ​​the daily use of the coveted robot. Then ask yourself a few questions: is the robot easy to handle? Is its use intuitive? Are the speed, duration and temperature directly accessible
The accessories
To use your robot optimally, it is important to check the ease of use of the accessories. Consider studying: locking and unlocking the cover; the installation and removal of the bowl as well as its handling; handling accessories, especially sharp accessories which must be easy to remove, even when they are dirty or slippery.
When purchasing your food processor, it may be worth considering the power of the motor and the heating element.
Engine power
A powerful motor prevents the robot from overheating. In particular, it will allow you to knead thicker doughs or to grind food quickly. The motor can be either universal carbon or brushless. Heating element power With good heating element power, your food processor will heat up faster. This power can be expressed either by resistance or by induction.
Sound level
Grate, grind, mix… Food robots inevitably make noise. But some devices can be really noisy and become annoying on a daily basis. Noise nuisance is therefore a criterion to be taken into account. It is also part of the robot cooker test procedure established by our experts.
Power consumption
Due to their size, robot cookers generally sit on the kitchen worktop and are therefore often permanently plugged in. It is therefore worth checking this point before purchasing your device. The standby power consumption can indeed be relatively high depending on the model, and therefore increase your electricity bill as well as the cost of using your robot.
Control panel
The control panel is used to program your machine. It is therefore preferable that it is readable and easy to use.
Check the size of the control panel, the size of the font used, the contrast, its readability, etc. Reading should be easy.
Using the control panel should be simple. So don’t hesitate to check the programming mode: is it easy to learn and use? Is it fast and responsive enough?
Tactile keys
Some control panels have touch buttons, others do not. It’s up to you to see what you prefer. Note, however, that a touchscreen or sensor keys are generally easier to clean than mechanical keys.
Connected or not, the choice is yours. This will be via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. But you still need to be near the appliance to place the ingredients in the food processor at the start of the recipe!
Cookbooks, websites and apps
Most brands provide a cookbook, website or application with their food processor. These recipes are set to provide optimal results for each food. Some of these media offer free access to recipes, others require you to pay a subscription. Recipes can also be found directly on the device once it is connected to the Wi-Fi network. This is particularly the case with the Thermomix TM6 from Vorwerk and the Monsieur Cuisine Connect from Lidl. However, a cookbook is not always essential for using a food processor.

How to choose your robot for cooking?

If we have the necessary budget, then we might as well take a very complete robot directly that will allow us to do absolutely anything we want. If our budget is limited, then we will have to choose and decide according to our needs. The number of people in your family will first help you decide on a product with a larger or smaller bowl. A capacity of 1.5 L will be sufficient for 2 to 3 people, and it is from 2.5 or 3 L that you can cook all the dishes for 4 people. Then you have to check a few criteria to make sure you have a successful robot. Engine power is obviously an important criterion. The more powerful the motor, the more resistant it will generally be and will allow you to knead compact doughs, or mix solid foods with more ease. You also need to make sure that your cooking robot enables the features that you actually want. Not all robot cookers knead, others will only blend herbs, but not ice or nuts, some have a small steamer basket, while others allow cooking on multiple levels, etc. If you already have a few appliances and utensils at home, then you will be doing without some options and favoring others. The robot for cooking should be as easy to use as possible. Otherwise we will hesitate to use it and it is inevitably a bit of a shame that a device of this price remains in its box or collects dust on the worktop. It must therefore be easy to pick up and handle. If you are a beginner, favor a robot that comes with a cookbook adapted to the model, this is the best way to cook almost like a chef quickly. Of course the size of the robot is important, it should not take up all the space on the worktop and be suitable for your kitchen. Finally, we will necessarily look at aesthetics. A product that is so expensive must necessarily please us a little, especially since it will be very often in sight and will therefore become a decorative object in its own right.


All the devices I have been able to test and find on this site are relatively reliable models. Some less than others, but overall they are good food processors. If the prices scare you, know that you will not find a high-performance and good quality robot for cooking below $250 . This is really the lowest price and on this type of model you will not have the same functionality or the same speed of preparation. Do not turn to Chinese brands at $100 , whose design often seems very serious but the quality of the motor and utensils is still very poor. You won’t be able to do anything or almost nothing and the robot will break down in less time than it takes to tell. Serious manufacturers guarantee their products for about 2 years, it is important to make sure of this and to check the warranty terms.]]>