Are you sure you drink enough water a day? Health is starting to become an increasingly important part of our daily diet. It must be said that with all the food scandals, people are becoming more and more cautious. Prismcups ,this smart health thermos can give you a solution.

Prismcups is a connected thermos that analyzes its liquid container. Then the information is sent to your smartphone.Thus, Prismcups is equipped with sensor that analyzes the liquid that has been poured. Once the analysis is done, it informs its owner of the sugar, calorie, water and caffeine content. Information that is then sent to an application on your smartphone.

With Prismcups, we are entering a new way of consuming liquid! Indeed, this container looks like a thermos or a circular water bottle is a condensed technology

A coffee in the morning, a soda in the afternoon, a beer in the evening. You have been reasonable no? And if you were told that it corresponds more or less to the calories of a Big Mac? The clinical evaluation performed by the site is cold in the back. It is sometimes difficult to realize the real impact of our drinks. Prismcups will now be able to count the calories for you so that you do not go crazy.

Prismcups to know what we drink

You may be the type to keep a soda next to you or a big coffee thermos. You use mechanically throughout the day, without really realizing the amount of calories you eat and that could ruin all your running efforts or at the gym.

If you have recognized yourself in this description, then the thermos connected Prismcups should interest you. Its goal is to help you drink healthier by controlling what you take as the day progresses. All that is poured inside is thus analyzed thanks to infrared sensors and the result is sent on the application of your smartphone. The base of the thermos also lights softly to make you drink water when it’s been too long. The app also provides you with a lot of protein and nutrient data about your drinks.

Keeping track of the calories in our diet is not really new to the Connected Objects Registry. In 2014, we introduced Tellspec, a connected scanner that counts the number of calories on your plate. If this is the first time we can do it directly for its drinks, thermos and mugs have not been forgotten by the manufacturers. One can think of Jül, which allows to warm to your ideal temperature your drink .

[caption id="attachment_13765" align="alignnone" width="1000"]smart health thermos Prismcups smart health device 智慧医疗智慧健康向导 Smart health thermos Prismcups[/caption]

Prismcups, a smart health thermos that manages your needs

But where it becomes interesting is that the application is able to manage your liquid consumption compared to your profile. Thus, Prismcups can warn you either via your smartphone or through a light alert on the gourd directly.

So, if you have already reached your coffee or sugar cota (following a high dose of soda), the Prismcups will turn red to tell you it’s time to stop drinking or in any case drink what is in your bottle.

If the wireless connection between your smartphone and Prismcups is via Bluetooth, it’s not the only wireless technology. Indeed, the Prismcups battery recharges via induction.

Prismcups is compatible with Alexa and will be able to interact with some voice commands.

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