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Tomato sauce cauliflower— Chinese food nutritious recipe

Tomato sauce cauliflower

Tomato sauce cauliflower



cucumber for decoration


tbsp tomato sauce

½ tbsp sugar salt

tbsp white vinegar

potato starch tbsp



Steps tomato sauce cauliflower:

Prepare the cauliflower and tomato sauce. Break the cauliflower into small
pieces with your fingers and wash the pieces.

Bring water to boil in a pan.

When the water boils, plunge the cauliflower and blanch for 2 minutes.

Remove the cauliflower and put it immediately in cold water for 10 seconds.

Remove, drain and put on a plate.

In a bowl: add the tomato sauce, 3 tbsp of cold water, 1 tbsp of potato starch,
1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp vignaigre white and mix well to form a sauce.

Heat the sunflower oil in the pan.

Add the sauce well mixed then fry until it changes color.

Add the cauliflower.

Fry until every piece of cauliflower is covered with the sauce. Serve.

Chinese food cauliflower for your natural health and cures:

1. Prevent and resist cancer: long-term consumption of cauliflower can reduce breast cancer morbidity rate, rectal cancer, gastric cancer and other cancers. According to a report from the American Cancer Society, cauliflower and cabbage have better anti-cancer effects from many fruits and vegetables.

2. Clean up the blood vessels: the flavonoid in cauliflower can prevent infection, and moreover, it is the best sanitation officer of blood vessels, which prevents the oxidation of cholesterol, prevents platelet clot, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

3. Complete vitamin K Body: The skin of some people become black and blue after collision and minor injury is due to lack of vitamin K in their bodies. The best supplement of Vitamin K is to eat cauliflower.

4. Detoxify the liver: the consumption of cauliflower can strengthen the vessel wall so that it is not easy to break. The large amount of vitamin C in cauliflower allows it to strengthen the capacity of the liver detoxification, thus improving the body’s immune system to prevent the occurrence of colds and scurvy.

5. Improve human immunity: the vitamin C content of cauliflower is very high, which not only promotes growth and development of people, and can also improve the body’s immune function, promote liver detoxification, improving fitness, increase resistance to disease and improve human immune function. The consumption of cauliflower has special effects for the prevention and treatment of gastric cancer and breast cancer. Studies have shown that the serum level obviously decreases upon reaching of gastric cancer, and that the concentration of vitamin C in gastric is much lower than the normal human. And cauliflower can not only give people a certain amount of selenium and vitamin C, but also provide abundant carotene, which plays a role in preventing cell formation to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors.

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